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HINT Kingdom of Hrabovo Ružomberok

Kingdom of Hrabovo

Ružomberok (area: Hrabovo, region: Liptov)

HINT Sightseeing by Boat Mara Liptovský Trnovec

Sightseeing by Boat Mara

Liptovský Trnovec (area: Aquapark Tatralandia, region: Liptov)

Discover the beauty of the region of Liptov from the surface of Liptovska Mara during a sightseeing trip by boat. Mara Boat offers during the summer months of July and August regular cruises. In June, they are only available on weekends. During the week in June and during the months of May and September the cruises are possible on request only. During summer holidays boat runs daily at regular intervals of 1 hour and 15 minutes. Cruise itself lasts one hour. The ship is sailing the route: Liptovsky Trnovec, Dechtare, Marsky Church, Havranok and back. Cruises are suitable for all ages and especially...

HINT Water Park Besenova Bešeňová

Water Park Besenova

Bešeňová (area: Choč Mountains, region: Liptov)

Water park Besenova is a well-known and favourite health and leisure centre located in picturesque surroundings of massifs of Chocske Vrchy, Low Tatras and Velka Fatra, about 12 kilometres from Ruzomberok. The centre is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Slovakia. Thermal spa in Besenova is open all over the year. It was established based on its hot healing springs spewing from a depth of 1987 metres. Depending on season water in pools is 36°C to 40°C hot. Water in there is cooled down to be comfortable and fresh and to have profitable effects to a body. Thermal water is especially...

Aqua-Vital Park Lúčky Lúčky

Aqua-Vital Park Lúčky

Lúčky (area: Choč Mountains, region: Liptov)

Aqua - Vital Park can be found in the Spa Lucky, lying in Liptov region under Choc Mountains. Open all year round swimming pool offers outdoor pools, some also with thermal water, outdoor and indoor vital world. The outdoor pools includes sitting pool with healing mineralized water at 36 °C to 38 °C and recreation pool with water attractions (28 °C - 33 °C). At the outdoor pools there is a playground for volleyball. Children can have fun on the trampoline, swings and climbing frames. The sauna world features Finnish sauna, steam bath, Kneipp bath. In the indoor part you can relax in mineral...



Liptovský Mikuláš (area: Aquapark Tatralandia, region: Liptov)

Aquapark Tatralandia is the biggest water park in Slovakia with all-year-round opening thanks to thermal water that comes from ancient times - nearly 40 million years ago. The resort lies in the region of Liptov, nearby Liptovský Mikuláš, right in the middle of the beautiful scenery of Western Tatras on the northern bench of water reservoir Liptovská Mara. Liptov belongs to regions mostly visited by tourists all year long. In aquapark there are many attractions, from which most have whole-year character. The area offers 6 basins, 6 tobogans from which two have the attribute „THE MOST"...

Gothal Resort Liptovská Osada Liptovská Osada

Gothal Resort Liptovská Osada

Liptovská Osada (area: Donovaly , region: Liptov)

Gothal Recreational Resort is situated on the outskirts of a typical village Liptovska Osada towards Liptovska Luzna. It stands 13 km south from the town of Ruzomberok, under the mighty massif Prasiva in the Low Tatras. The resort is set in beautiful surroundings on the border of the Great Fatra and Low Tatra Mountains. The complex includes a year-round open Water World with indoor stainless 25-metre swimming pool, relaxation and children's pool, sauna world, fitness area with a climbing wall and golf simulator. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, biking, mushroom picking, as well...

LIPTOVSKÁ MARA  Liptovský Trnovec


Liptovský Trnovec (area: Liptovská Mara reservoir, region: Liptov)

LIPTOVSKÁ MARA – it is the largest dam in Slovakia. There are the sightseeing tours on the boat available in here. From the board of these boats you can see the beautiful scenery on Liptovská Mara surroundings. They offer the excellent conditions for relax, family holiday as well as active holiday. On the North of the dam there is the most leisure centre called Liptovský Trnovec located. It has excellent conditions for camping, tenting as well as accommodation in wooden cottages. The swimming is possible in the beach pool. The most attractive feature of holiday in Liptovská Mara is folklore,...

Liptov Village Museum Pribylina

Liptov Village Museum

Pribylina (area: Račková Walley, region: Liptov)

Museum of Liptov Village in Pribylina, the youngest museum in Slovakia was opened in 1991. The open-air museum differs from other museums in Slovakia by the fact that in addition to objects of wooden folk architecture, there are built homes of higher social classes of the this region in the past. The settlement structure is similar to larger Liptov municipalities with town privileges and prerogatives. In the middle of the village there is a large open space called rínok where residents gathered and where the markets and fairs were held. The open-air museum features Gothic-Renaissance mansion...

Ski Resort Bacova Roven Vyšná Boca

Ski Resort Bacova Roven

Vyšná Boca (area: Čertovica, region: Liptov)

Ski Resort Bacova Roven is located in the Low Tatras in the village Vysna Boca, next to Hotel Barbora. Its area offers a well-maintained ski slopes. The resort has slopes with a total length of 1.96 km, 3 lifts with lengths of 900, 900, 160 metres (baby lift) with a capacity of 1800 persons / hour. Trails are technically snowed and daily maintained. Skiers can take advantage of night skiing.

Ski resort ČERTOVICA Vyšná Boca

Ski resort ČERTOVICA

Vyšná Boca (area: Čertovica, region: Liptov)

This popular ski resort lies 18 km south from Liptovský Hrádok, the airport in Poprad is 65 km from it. The ski slopes range on the boundary of middle and eastern part the Low Tatras National Park. An important road communication through the main mountain range of the Low Tatras goes through Čertovica saddleback. The ski season lasts 120 days in average and lasts from the 15th December to the 15th April. Except possibilities for classic skiing there are conditions also for track skiing and ski tourism. Wide range of services is secured by accommodation and catering facilities, also a ski...

Ski resort ŽIARCE Pavčina Lehota

Ski resort ŽIARCE

Pavčina Lehota (area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, region: Liptov)

Ski resort Ziarce is located in Liptov near the village Pavčina Lehota at the entrance to Demänovská Valley. The altitude of slopes is 760 m to 907 m. North facing north creates conditions for maintaining snow cover until early spring. Ski resort 8 km from the centre of Liptovsky Mikulas has very good conditions and is particularly suitable for family skiing with children.



Liptovské Revúce (area: Great Fatra , region: Liptov)

The ski resort SKI FUN Liptovské Revúce is right in the village of Liptovské Revúce in the Low Tatras only 40km north of Banská Bystrica and 20km south of Ružomberok. The main ski slope is 2km long and up to 200m wide. Overall height loss is 400m. There are 5 lifts available on the slope. In the evenings from 5:00pm – 8:00pm there is skiing on a beautiful 400m long slope under artificial lighting. The view of the northern curve of the Great Fatra mountain ridge from the upper ski lift station is breathtaking in its beauty. The resort, which is northern facing, is equipped with snow cannons...

SKI JASNA Low Tatras Demänovská Dolina

SKI JASNA Low Tatras

Demänovská Dolina (area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, region: Liptov)

The Jasná Low Tatras resort is ranked in the highest category of centres of tourism with international importance and among the Slovak centres of tourism it holds the first rank. It is situated in beautiful mountainous surroundings, on northern and southern slopes of Chopok, in the Low Tatras National Park. The Jasná Low Tatras ski resort is the largest resort with the best natural conditions for skiing in Slovakia. Those keen on snowboarding, ski-alpining, freeride and track skiing will surely find what they are looking for. The resort offers a lot of fun by means of sport&fun attractions...

SKI centre OPALISKO Závažná Poruba


Závažná Poruba (area: Low Tatras, region: Liptov)

Ski resort Opalisko is situated in Liptov in the northern park of Low Tatras, an altitude of 640 m asl. The resort is located above the village Zavazna Poruba – at the foot of the hill Poludnica (rising up to a height of 1 030 m asl), 5 km from the centre of the town Liptovsky Mikulas. Ski Opalisko offers regularly maintained ski slopes, designated for experienced skiers and beginners as well as children. Five ski runs with artificial snow, four lifts and the chairlift will ensure a comfortable skiing without long waiting lines at the lift. The resort comes also with a children's area, track...

SKI PARK Ružomberok Ružomberok

SKI PARK Ružomberok

Ružomberok (area: Hrabovo, region: Liptov)

The ski resort SKI PARK Ružomberok is situated on the hillsides of the Veľká Fatra over the town Ružomberok in the altitude between 545 to 1209 m above sea level. Ski Park Ružomberok is famous for its excellent geographical position because Ružomberok is situated in the main tourist direction Žilina – the High Tatras. Modern ski resort offers its visitors rich sports self realization mainly in winter season. It is a sought-after relax resort not only for domestic visitors but also for foreign tourist. It is one of the most modern resorts in Slovakia with a high standard of services,...

Thermal swimming pool SOREA LIPTOVSKÝ JÁN Liptovský Ján

Thermal swimming pool SOREA LIPTOVSKÝ JÁN

Liptovský Ján (area: Jánska valley, region: Liptov)

The springs of the thermal swimming pool are filled with water from the Rudolf spring. The water has healing effects on rheumatic diseases, diseases of female organs, various diseases of the skin and diseases of the locomotive organs. In the area of the thermal swimming pool one can find a swimming, relax-resting, children pool and a pool with a small fountain. Opening hours: June – September, Tue – Sun 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. July – August, Tue – Sun 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.

ZOO Kontakt Liptovský Mikuláš

ZOO Kontakt

Liptovský Mikuláš (area: Liptovská Mara reservoir, region: Liptov)

Zoo Kontakt is located near Liptovsky Mikulas, close to Aquapark Tatralandia and the bank of Liptovska Mara. The visit of the zoo park can be connected with a family holiday in Liptov. In its area the adult visitors have a unique opportunity to pet a lion cub directly in the paddock. Feeding animals is allowed only with a food bought in the ticket office and always under the supervision of an animal carer. Each visitor can try pony rides (up to 40kg) or horse ride (under 80 kg). In low season (from 1 October), the service is only on weekends. Contact with animals gives the children a positive...

Adrenaline center Liptovský Mikuláš Liptovský Mikuláš

Adrenaline center Liptovský Mikuláš

Liptovský Mikuláš (area: Liptovská Mara reservoir, region: Liptov)

You are looking for adrenaline adventure during your holiday in Liptov? Adrenalin Centre in Liptovsky Mikulas is the place where you can experience it. You carried away not only a lot of unforgettable experiences, but pleasantly spent time in various sports. Adrenaline Center can be found in water slalom area at the river Vah. The rich offer of sporting activities nincludes water sports as well as activities on the ground or in the air. Try white water rafting, play your favorite paintball with friends or colleagues or fly in a paragliding school. You can drive a quad in the area or go on...

Demänovská cave of Liberty Demänovská Dolina

Demänovská cave of Liberty

Demänovská Dolina (area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, region: Liptov)

The cave is located 13 km southerly from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš, in the Low Tatras Mts., on the right side of the Demänovská Valley, several kilometers below the known skiing resort Jasná. A serpent path from the parking place to the cave is 400 m long with elevation span of 67m. The ascent to cave takes 10 - 15 min and serves as an educational trail at the same time. Traditional tour is 1,150 m long with vertical span of 86 m. There are 913 steps on the path. Exclusive (long) tour is 2,150 m long and the same elevation span and 1,118  steps. The length of traditional tour is 60...

Demänovská Ice Cave Demänovská Dolina

Demänovská Ice Cave

Demänovská Dolina (area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, region: Liptov)

The cave entrance is located in the cliff Bašta on the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts., only two kilometers northerly from the Demänovská Cave of Liberty. Ice fill has been formed in the cave for the last 500 years and in combination with calcite decoration the cave offers a very interesting tour. It is located on the right side of the Demänovská Valley and the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts., in the national nature reserve Demänovská Valley and in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. The entrance is in the cliff Bašta at elevation of 840 m, about 90 m above the valley...

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