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Demänovská Ice Cave

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Demänovská Dolina - area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, Jasná - Chopok, Low Tatras - region: Liptov

Type of interest: Caves

The cave entrance is located in the cliff Bašta on the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts., only two kilometers northerly from the Demänovská Cave of Liberty. Ice fill has been formed in the cave for the last 500 years and in combination with calcite decoration the cave offers a very interesting tour.

It is located on the right side of the Demänovská Valley and the northern side of the Low Tatras Mts., in the national nature reserve Demänovská Valley and in the territory of the Low Tatras National Park. The entrance is in the cliff Bašta at elevation of 840 m, about 90 m above the valley bottom.
The cave is located 10 km southerly from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš, in the Low Tatras Mts., on the right side of the Demänovská Valley, several kilometers below the known skiing resort Jasná. The entrance building is visible from the parking place some 90 m above the bottom of the valley. A serpent path leads upwards, past the Kamenná chata restaurant by a forest road (600 m) with boards of the educational trail with two resting places. The ascent to cave takes approximately 20 min.

The show path is 650 m long with vertical span of 48 m. The entrance and exit are at the same elevation, only  40 m away one from the other. The stay in cave lasts about 45 min. The temperature during summer months fluctuates between +0,4°C and +3°C. 

The show path goes through mighty river passages interconnected by steep sections. The first part of the tour leads through cave spaces with flowstone decoration and the second part is in the iced spaces of the cave.

The combination of flowstone and ice decoration offers a very interesting tour for visitors, where they can learn on forming cave spaces, cave decoration and conditions for glaciation and also on the influence of ice on original calcite fill. The cave spaces consist of oval, river modelled passages and domes reshaped by collapses and frost weathering.

Vertical distance and temperature differences between outside and inside environment can cause a specific load on organism. It is necessary to take a rest before entering the cave for easier acclimatization. Warmer clothes and firm boots are recommended.

Cave manager: Jozef Knap
Address: 031 01 Liptovský Mikuláš
Phone:   +421/ (0)44/ 554 81 70

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Address 032 51 Demänovská Dolina
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GPS N49.01607°
Date of last change 19. 02. 2014
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