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Horse Riding area Salaš Žiar Žiar

Horse Riding area Salaš Žiar

Žiar (area: Western Tatras, region: Liptov)

Do you need to relax a little or make your leisure time more interesting during your vacation in Liptov Region below the Western Tatras? The riding area in Salaš Žiar at Žiarska valley offers horseback riding in by beautiful nature. Horse riding is suitable for beginners as well as advanced, for children as well as for adults. One of the most beautiful and most visited valleys of Liptov gives you a fabulous view of nature from horseback while riding of walking around. Your children will certainly enjoy the contact with horses, on which they can take a ride.

Ski area DOLINKY Žiar

Ski area DOLINKY

Žiar (area: Western Tatras, region: Liptov)

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