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HINT AQUALAND Beach swimming-pool Banská Bystrica

AQUALAND Beach swimming-pool

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Beach swimming-pool Aqualand Resort located in a quiet part of town Banska Bystrica is the right place for relaxation, sport and entertainment. It includes a lake, 8 pools (including 5 thermal pools), water slides, children's amusement park, playgrounds for beach volleyball and football, 18 hole mini golf, bowling lane, badminton hall, tennis tables and pedal boats . Natural lake surrounded by greenery, has an area of 2.5 hectares and offers swimming, boating and the use of water bikes possibilities. In the area there are also children's pools, even for the youngest children, which have water...

HINT Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world Donovaly

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world in Donovaly Resort consists of houses in the style of folk-imaginative architecture and provides an atmosphere for visitors of Slovak folk tales. The heroes of folk tales such as Bearskin, Loktibrada and others will take care of an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Fairytale village is an ideal place for organizing school trips or company parties. Multifunctional character of the whole area brings a lot of new ideas and creative solutions to organize truly original corporate events that will leave a remarkable experience and lasting memories for...

HINT Kingdom of Hrabovo Ružomberok

Kingdom of Hrabovo

Ružomberok (area: Hrabovo, region: Liptov)

Gothal Resort Liptovská Osada Liptovská Osada

Gothal Resort Liptovská Osada

Liptovská Osada (area: Donovaly , region: Liptov)

Gothal Recreational Resort is situated on the outskirts of a typical village Liptovska Osada towards Liptovska Luzna. It stands 13 km south from the town of Ruzomberok, under the mighty massif Prasiva in the Low Tatras. The resort is set in beautiful surroundings on the border of the Great Fatra and Low Tatra Mountains. The complex includes a year-round open Water World with indoor stainless 25-metre swimming pool, relaxation and children's pool, sauna world, fitness area with a climbing wall and golf simulator. The surrounding area is ideal for hiking, biking, mushroom picking, as well...

Ski resort Jasenská dolina Belá - Dulice

Ski resort Jasenská dolina

Belá - Dulice (area: Belianska valley , region: Turiec)

Jasenská Valley belonging to the most famous Great Fatras valleys is a year-round recreational resort. It is situated under the northern slopes of the hill Lysec (1381 m), 12 km southeast of Martin. It is in altitude 540 metres above sea level. It comes with 2 ski resorts Kašová and Lehota. Kašová resort is located in the lower part of Jasenská Valley. It is easily accessible on asphalt road from the village of Bela-Dulice (2.5 km away), which is maintained year round. The access from the village Turčianske Jaseno is more difficult. Large parking lot for cars and buses is in the immediate...

Park Snow Donovaly Donovaly

Park Snow Donovaly

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Ski centre Park Snow Donovaly lies on southwest part of the Low Tatras and is one of the most visited ski parks in Slovakia. Ski runs offer excellent skiing conditions for all categories of skiers, from beginners up to adrenaline slope lovers. Lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding can use 10-kilometre long ski runs offering excellent skiing conditions for very demanding skiers as well as complete beginners. Total length of ski runs is 11 kilometres. Interesting crowd-pullers are night skiing, discos on snow, natural ice ring, and flights in tandem, dogsleds, and paragliding. International...



Liptovské Revúce (area: Great Fatra , region: Liptov)

The ski resort SKI FUN Liptovské Revúce is right in the village of Liptovské Revúce in the Low Tatras only 40km north of Banská Bystrica and 20km south of Ružomberok. The main ski slope is 2km long and up to 200m wide. Overall height loss is 400m. There are 5 lifts available on the slope. In the evenings from 5:00pm – 8:00pm there is skiing on a beautiful 400m long slope under artificial lighting. The view of the northern curve of the Great Fatra mountain ridge from the upper ski lift station is breathtaking in its beauty. The resort, which is northern facing, is equipped with snow cannons...

SKI PARK Ružomberok Ružomberok

SKI PARK Ružomberok

Ružomberok (area: Hrabovo, region: Liptov)

The ski resort SKI PARK Ružomberok is situated on the hillsides of the Veľká Fatra over the town Ružomberok in the altitude between 545 to 1209 m above sea level. Ski Park Ružomberok is famous for its excellent geographical position because Ružomberok is situated in the main tourist direction Žilina – the High Tatras. Modern ski resort offers its visitors rich sports self realization mainly in winter season. It is a sought-after relax resort not only for domestic visitors but also for foreign tourist. It is one of the most modern resorts in Slovakia with a high standard of services,...

Ski Resort Šachtičky Banská Bystrica

Ski Resort Šachtičky

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Sachticky Ski Resort is suitable for recreation but also for professional skiing. There are 7 tracks of varying difficulty with 4 lifts and one rope tow for our young skiers. Is just 11 km from the town of Banska Bystrica. Snowboarders for whom there is snowboard rental and service can also enjoy winter fun. Cross-country trails 14 km long offer a view of the unparalleled beauty of snowy mountains and valleys. The ski resort thinks also of lovers and sledging, and other pleasures of white sport. They have reserved space on the main hillside Panske Dielo. Amidst of picturesque nature all winter...

Spa & Aquapark Turčianske Teplice Turčianske Teplice

Spa & Aquapark Turčianske Teplice

Turčianske Teplice (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec)

SPA & AQUAPARK lies at the border of the beautiful spa park, in the centre of Turčianske Teplice. It is in operation during the whole year thanks to unique mineral water that is not only thermal (at the springs 44-46°C), but with its content (content of mineral elements 1520 mg/l) also healing. It has significant healing effects particularly on locomotive and urinary organs. Mineral content in the water is up to 1520 mg per litre of water. Directly on the mineral springs the two pools were built – Ludovy (Folk) and Cerveny (Red) pool. Turčianske Teplice spa town is situated in the southern...

Anima Equus - Horse riding Banská Bystrica

Anima Equus - Horse riding

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

If you would like to learn to ride a horse or go into the countryside in a horse saddle, visit Anima Equus on the outskirts of Banska Bystrica. Here in the lap of nature with a beautiful view and amazing calm you can relax and recharge your energy. In addition, the resort offers you horse stables and camps for children where they can learn a lot new to work in the horse world. If you are interested in services, please contact Anima Equus at least 3 days in advance.

Blatnica Castle Blatnica

Blatnica Castle

Blatnica (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec)

Blatnica Castle is a Gothic castle whose ruins are situated near the village of Blatnica, on the foot of the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia. The castle was built in the 13th century to protect a major trade route running from Nitra to the north. Soon afterwards it became a royal castle but the kings lost their interest in the castle's development after a new route, through Mošovce and Martin was built. The new owners of Blatnica Castle, the Révay family were more generous and the castle was significantly extended in the second half of the 16th century. The last reconstruction dated from 1744....

Bobsleigh track Donovaly Donovaly

Bobsleigh track Donovaly

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Track bobsleigh track in Donovaly Resort is located on the right side of Nova Hola ski slopes right at the chairlift station. It measures nearly 900 m. During the ride, you will experience a lot of adrenalin mainly thanks to 7 jumps and 11sharp turns (bends). The maximum speed that can be achieved in the fastest parts of the track is 45 km / h. 400 m long lift takes you on top of the track comfortably direct in the toboggan. It is forbidden to stop on the track during riding. In a toboggan maximum 2 persons can ride at once. Bob-run track is adjusted for the winter season, too. Prices Type...

Donovalkovo Donovaly


Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

The small town of Donovalkovo is a place where children can play as their parents played in childhood. No internet, no tablet, no phone, just TOYS. Toys with capital letters. And parents can also relax, do not have to constantly chase and run alongside their children. This entertaining little town is located in Donovaly, next to the Patty Ski. In the children's capital, there are 21 small houses ready to fit into the children's world. The interactive family resort in Donovaly offers space for a day full of fun and creativity. In Donovalkovo you will find a cinema, a hospital or a fairytale house. Little...



Harmanec (area: Great Fatra , region: Upper Hron River )

A serpentine path leads from the state road in direction Banská Bystrica - Turčianske Teplice to the Harmanecká Cave. The entrance part called Izbica was known to local woodcutters and workers from long ago, however the cave was discovered only in 1932. White soft flowstone dominates the cave and it is one of the most important localities of bat occurrence in Slovakia. It is located in the valley of Harmanec to the northwest from Banská Bystrica, in the southern part of the Great Fatra Mts. Cave entrance is on the northern side of Kotolnica at elevation of 821 m, and 260 m above the bottom...

HORSE CLUB MUSTANG Ružomberok - Černová


Ružomberok - Černová (area: Great Fatra , region: Liptov)

HORSE CLUB MUSTANG offers: - Excursion through the village of Černová along the birth house of Andrej Hlinka to Čutkovská valley, one of the most beautiful valleys of the Great Fatra. The capacity of the car is 5 people, the ride takes about 40 min. Horse riding: Motel Ranč - Lipt. Salaš Krajinka and back Length 4 km, time 1 - 2 hours The route leads through Černová, continues through the Great Fatra plow, through the forest to the shed. There you can taste Liptov bryndza, resin, cheese, mugs, chips. Horse riding on the route: Motel Ranč - Černová - Čutkovská dolina...

Chateau in Turcianska Stiavnicka Sučany

Chateau in Turcianska Stiavnicka

Sučany (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec)

The Renaissance mansion in Turčianska Štiavnička was built in the second half of the 16th century, modified in the Baroque-Classicist style. At the beginning of the 1990s, extensive reconstruction began, but it has not yet been completed. At present, the manor house is not accessible to the public and is gradually deteriorating. The mansion also includes an extensive English park with a winter garden, lakes and rare trees. The park, which continuously grows into the surrounding forests, keeps the village and is open to the public. Visitors can see almost 400 tree species from all over the world....

Swimming pool ŠRZ Drienok - Mošovce Mošovce

Swimming pool ŠRZ Drienok - Mošovce

Mošovce (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec)

Sports and recreation resort Drienok in Mošovce is located in the Turiec region at the western edge of the Great Fatra Mountains. From Turčianske Teplice it is 6 km to the north. The resort can be reached by car in about 20 minutes from the centre of Martin. The area offers four pools: swimming, pool for non-swimmers with a maximum depth of 150 cm, a swimming pool with a slide (110 cm) and for children there is a children's pool. Swimming pool opening hours Monday - Friday 10:00 - 19:00 Saturday - Sunday 09:00 - 19:00 Evening swimming (Friday,...

Rope Centre Turčianske Teplice Turčianske Teplice

Rope Centre Turčianske Teplice

Turčianske Teplice (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec)

Climbing Rope Centre is located in Turčianske Teplice, in the area of Thermal swimming pool Vieska. Sports complex offers attractive programs for groups and individuals. It is a complex of rope obstacles that are placed in the height of 8 to 10 meters above the ground. Visitors of the ropes centre may look forward to short fun warm-up, practice fusing, sample handling with climbing accessories, climbing simulator, low rope obstacles, climbing the high ropes course. For the more adventurous there is a ride with a lift or adrenaline jump.

SKI Vyšné Krátke Ľubochňa

SKI Vyšné Krátke

Ľubochňa (area: Ľubochnianska walley, region: Liptov)

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