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HINT AQUALAND Beach swimming-pool Banská Bystrica

AQUALAND Beach swimming-pool

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Beach swimming-pool Aqualand Resort located in a quiet part of town Banska Bystrica is the right place for relaxation, sport and entertainment. It includes a lake, 8 pools (including 5 thermal pools), water slides, children's amusement park, playgrounds for beach volleyball and football, 18 hole mini golf, bowling lane, badminton hall, tennis tables and pedal boats . Natural lake surrounded by greenery, has an area of 2.5 hectares and offers swimming, boating and the use of water bikes possibilities. In the area there are also children's pools, even for the youngest children, which have water...

HINT Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world Donovaly

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world in Donovaly Resort consists of houses in the style of folk-imaginative architecture and provides an atmosphere for visitors of Slovak folk tales. The heroes of folk tales such as Bearskin, Loktibrada and others will take care of an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Fairytale village is an ideal place for organizing school trips or company parties. Multifunctional character of the whole area brings a lot of new ideas and creative solutions to organize truly original corporate events that will leave a remarkable experience and lasting memories for...

Čierny Hron Railway Čierny Balog

Čierny Hron Railway

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Ciernohronska (Black Hron) railway is a narrow-gauge forest railway in the Slovak Ore Mountains, which drives on the route Chvatimech - Hronec - Čierny Balog - Vydrovo. Railway was originally built to improve transport of harvested timber, since the capacity and quality of transport of wood in the traditional way - rafting failed to meet the needs of the growing industry of the country. It was necessary to ensure the quality and smooth transport of timber throughout the year. The construction of the main section from Hronec to Čierny Balog, 10.4 kilometers long, began in 1908. Forest Railway...

ĽUPČA Castle Slovenská Ľupča

ĽUPČA Castle

Slovenská Ľupča (area: Low Tatras, region: Upper Hron River )

The castle was founded before 1250 and was originally used by king's family as a hunting residence. Later the castle changed the owners who adjusted it into their needs. Many additional and rebuilt parts show the evidence of it. While amendment work in the 17th century the courtyard was supplemented by arcades and arches in the rooms were changed. At that period the castle was residence of Lupca nobility. The property was changed into an orphanage after the fire in 1860, and during the last regime there were nuns placed in the castle. Thanks to continuous use of the castle it has survived in quite...

Ski resort Selce - Čachovo Selce

Ski resort Selce - Čachovo

Selce (area: Selčianska Walley, region: Upper Hron River )

The ski resort of Čachovo-Selce is situated in the region of Central Slovakia SOUTH. The base altitude of the resort is 470 m and the highest point reaches up to 650 m, for a total vertical rise of 180 m. The best conditions in ski resort Čachovo/Selce are from December to March. Total length of the downhill runs is 1,5 km. At Čachovo-Selce there are 4 chair-lifts, with total capacity of 3300 people per hour. Parents with children have opportunities to use ski-school for children as well as ski-lift for children, which are situated within the ski resort. The ski resort also offers night skiing...

Ski Resort TÁLE Horná Lehota

Ski Resort TÁLE

Horná Lehota (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Well-liked ski resort with artificial snow conditions and maintained ski slopes lies in the heart of the Low Tatras, under Chopok hill (2024 metres over the sea level) and Dumbier hill (2043 metres over the sea level). Ski resort Tale features 6 lifts with a capacity of 4110 persons per hour, precisely maintained trails for demanding and less demanding skiers, snowboardcross track, slope reserved for beginners. The total length of artificial snow slopes is 2.77 km. Night skiing is on Fridays and Saturdays when there are 3 ski lifts and trails with a length of 1.5 km. Cross-country skiing...

Park Snow Donovaly Donovaly

Park Snow Donovaly

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Ski centre Park Snow Donovaly lies on southwest part of the Low Tatras and is one of the most visited ski parks in Slovakia. Ski runs offer excellent skiing conditions for all categories of skiers, from beginners up to adrenaline slope lovers. Lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding can use 10-kilometre long ski runs offering excellent skiing conditions for very demanding skiers as well as complete beginners. Total length of ski runs is 11 kilometres. Interesting crowd-pullers are night skiing, discos on snow, natural ice ring, and flights in tandem, dogsleds, and paragliding. International...

Ski resort Mýto pod Ďumbierom Mýto pod Ďumbierom

Ski resort Mýto pod Ďumbierom

Mýto pod Ďumbierom (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Situated in the southern part of the Low Tatras, 7 km from Podbrezova and 12 km from the town Brezno, the Ski resort Myto Pod Dumbierom meets the requirements of advanced skiers, but also does not forget those just starting out as well as children. Ski trails are located on slopes facing north. In addition to 4-chair lift, able to take 2,000 persons per hour to the top of a ski slope, the resort features further 3 lifts, and thus the total transport capacity of 3600 persons per hour. Snowmaking system all along the ski trails ensures enough snow on the slopes with a length of 2.5 km. The maintaining...

Ski resort Telgárt Telgárt

Ski resort Telgárt

Telgárt (area: Low Tatras, region: Upper Hron River )

Ski resort is located in the Horehronie region, in the village Telgárt, in the valley among the Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise and Slovak Ore Mountains, near the spring of the river Hron. The area lies directly at the foot of Kralova Hola. Telgárt Ski resort, which is at an altitude of 980 to 1300 meters, is suitable for a wide range of skiers, both downhill and cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. Beginners as well as experienced and advanced skiers come into their own. For them there is a ski trail with an elevation of 400 meters. Slopes are covered with snow. The resort features two...

Ski resort Čierny Balog Čierny Balog

Ski resort Čierny Balog

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Ski resort Cierny Balog is located in the popular tourist centre, 9 km from Brezno. A lot of good skiing can be enjoyed on 6 slopes that are suitable for families, advanced skier, beginner, snowboarder and cross country skiing. The ski slope is very well usable for fans of extreme sports such as paragliding. In the resort there are 2 ski lifts with a length of 1100 m and children's ski lift (250 m). Transport capacity of the lifts is 2500 persons per hour. The slopes are artificially snowed and tracks are daily maintained by snow vehicles. The resort comes also with ski services, ski rental,...

Ski Resort Kraliky Králiky

Ski Resort Kraliky

Králiky (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Kraliky ski resort is located in a beautiful mountain area Kremnica Mountains, at a distance of 10 km from the centre of Banska Bystrica. At the ski area there are prepared ski trails for downhill and cross country skiing. Ski slope with an elevation of 100 m is at an altitude of 829-929 metres AMSL. Four tracks have easy difficulty and a total length of 2330 m. On the slope you are taken by 4-chair lift with a length of 676 m, which at the point of entry and exit will slow down, so it is suited for beginners and children. There is also T-bar lift Doppelmayr with a length of 450 m suitable for...

Ski Krpáčovo Dolná Lehota

Ski Krpáčovo

Dolná Lehota (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Situated on the territory of the Low Tatras National Park, at an altitude of 768 m to 866 metres AMSL, you can find a ski resort Krpáčovo in the eponymous recreation area. You can reach it from Dolna Lehota or from the other side, from the resort Tále. Modest ski area belonging to the region Horehronie has 2 ski lifts, of which the longer lift has a length of 400 m and shorter lift has a length of 250 metres. The shorter slope with an elevation of 60 m is suitable for beginners or children. Long ski slope with an elevation of 80 m can be tried also better skiers. Ski Krpáčovo comes also...

Ski Resort Šachtičky Banská Bystrica

Ski Resort Šachtičky

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Sachticky Ski Resort is suitable for recreation but also for professional skiing. There are 7 tracks of varying difficulty with 4 lifts and one rope tow for our young skiers. Is just 11 km from the town of Banska Bystrica. Snowboarders for whom there is snowboard rental and service can also enjoy winter fun. Cross-country trails 14 km long offer a view of the unparalleled beauty of snowy mountains and valleys. The ski resort thinks also of lovers and sledging, and other pleasures of white sport. They have reserved space on the main hillside Panske Dielo. Amidst of picturesque nature all winter...

Anima Equus - Horse riding Banská Bystrica

Anima Equus - Horse riding

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

If you would like to learn to ride a horse or go into the countryside in a horse saddle, visit Anima Equus on the outskirts of Banska Bystrica. Here in the lap of nature with a beautiful view and amazing calm you can relax and recharge your energy. In addition, the resort offers you horse stables and camps for children where they can learn a lot new to work in the horse world. If you are interested in services, please contact Anima Equus at least 3 days in advance.

Bobsleigh track Donovaly Donovaly

Bobsleigh track Donovaly

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Track bobsleigh track in Donovaly Resort is located on the right side of Nova Hola ski slopes right at the chairlift station. It measures nearly 900 m. During the ride, you will experience a lot of adrenalin mainly thanks to 7 jumps and 11sharp turns (bends). The maximum speed that can be achieved in the fastest parts of the track is 45 km / h. 400 m long lift takes you on top of the track comfortably direct in the toboggan. It is forbidden to stop on the track during riding. In a toboggan maximum 2 persons can ride at once. Bob-run track is adjusted for the winter season, too. Prices Type...



Bystrá (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Situated on the southern side of the Low Tatras close to the tourism centres Tále and Mýto pod Ďumbierom. The cave have an abyss character with dominating flowstone curtains hanging on calcite crusts. Some parts of the Bystrianska Cave are used for speleotherapy since 1971. The cave is located in the ponor zone of the Bystrá-Valaská Karst in the Bystrá foothills of the Horehronské podolie, on the southern edge of the Bystrá village, nearby the recreational resort Tále and on the southern slope of the Low Tatras. Cave entrance is at 565 m elevation above the sea, on the foot of the NW...

Donovalkovo Donovaly


Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

The small town of Donovalkovo is a place where children can play as their parents played in childhood. No internet, no tablet, no phone, just TOYS. Toys with capital letters. And parents can also relax, do not have to constantly chase and run alongside their children. This entertaining little town is located in Donovaly, next to the Patty Ski. In the children's capital, there are 21 small houses ready to fit into the children's world. The interactive family resort in Donovaly offers space for a day full of fun and creativity. In Donovalkovo you will find a cinema, a hospital or a fairytale house. Little...

Wooden evangelical articular church in Hronsek Hronsek

Wooden evangelical articular church in Hronsek

Hronsek (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

5 evangelical articular churches have been preserved in Slovakia. One of these five churches is the wooden evangelical articular church in Hronsek. It is one of the unique wooden churches, which are an important part of the cultural heritage. They are built exclusively of wood without the use of a single nail and are characterized by a unique originality, as is the wooden church in the village of Hronsek, which was built in 1726 on the basis of the Sopron Assembly from 1681. It is the only one of its kind in Horehronie. Its capacity is 1100 seats. The church has 30 windows in the shape of a...

AJAX Farm Horná Lehota


Horná Lehota (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Ajax Farm is ideal for adults who will find riding horses, as well as children who are waiting for their favorite ponies. We recommend the visit of Ajax Farm, which is located in a beautiful natural environment, especially for families with children who enjoy horseback riding. In addition to riding horses and ponies on our farm, you will see mini zoo animals such as hens, faucets, chickens, sheep and wickets, goats, turkeys and turkeys, buns, bunnies, cows, calves and several pairs of pigeons. You can use the Ajax farm services daily: 10:00 - 16:00.

Golf Resort GRAY BEAR Tále Horná Lehota

Golf Resort GRAY BEAR Tále

Horná Lehota (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

The golf course GRAY BEAR is situated in the Tále recreational area, with well-established infrastructure, on the acreage of approx. 60 ha. The first 18 - hole championship golf course in Slovakia is located in the beautiful surroundings of Low Tatras National Park. The Tále golf club is the only domestic club on the Gray Bear golf playground that is the first master golf playground in Slovakia. The playground is 6 266 m long, par 71, holes with par 3 – 5, par 4 – 9, par 5 – 4, SSS is approx. 73,4. Gray Bear is the golf playground which will provide you unusual experience on every hole....

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