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Čierny Hron Railway Čierny Balog

Čierny Hron Railway

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Ciernohronska (Black Hron) railway is a narrow-gauge forest railway in the Slovak Ore Mountains, which drives on the route Chvatimech - Hronec - Čierny Balog - Vydrovo. Railway was originally built to improve transport of harvested timber, since the capacity and quality of transport of wood in the traditional way - rafting failed to meet the needs of the growing industry of the country. It was necessary to ensure the quality and smooth transport of timber throughout the year. The construction of the main section from Hronec to Čierny Balog, 10.4 kilometers long, began in 1908. Forest Railway...

Horehronské Museum Brezno Brezno

Horehronské Museum Brezno

Brezno (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Museum SNP Banská Bystrica

Museum SNP

Banská Bystrica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )