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Kolárovo - area: Danubian Lowland, Zitny ostrov - region: Danubeland

Type of interest: Museums and technical monuments, Walking into the nature

Natural camp has already been predestined for its location for the most various activities. It is situated in the closeness of the town Kolárovo /ap. 500 meters ../ on the east border of „Rie island„.

Natural camp lies on the foreland, which borders are formed by Small Danube and Váh from one side and by dried arm of Small Danube from other side.

Since a half of the 15 th century belongs to the unthinkable part of the territory a Castle of peace its rummage /ground wall/ has been well –preserved untill today.Its history is concluded on the 3 signboards. Composition of flora and fauna is typical for ecosystem of the foodplan forest what has been good a starting point at realization of project „Ecological schooling of children and jouth„. This project is being realized by form of one-day or more –days science-educational stayings, which are organized for school categories. The participants are becoming more familiar with ecosystem of the foodplan forest directly in terrain, they start knowing a terminology and practical usage of renewable sources of energy. One of renewable sections is being also national architecture /including technologies of water mill/ where is put emphasis especially for high symbiosis of our ancestors to nature. Diverseness of staying are „ecogames„ for small age categories.Sailing as well belongs to the unthinkable part of program.The project has been realized from year 1991 and has been visited by many schools from Slovakia and from abroad. We register the applications forms in the course of whole of school year /especially autumn and spring schedules/

Camps are organized with fixation for ecology ,national handicrafts, meditative or waterman´s but also camps for children which native of poor families. The summer touristic season beginns 1 st of May by whole daily cultural program, which continues in the course of whole of summer. There is a enough place for various music and art styles, but the greatest emphasis is put on the national folk and folk traditions. Vast spaces with 2 children´s playgrounds, beach volley –ball, adjacent water surfaces, with sailing and fishing possibilities, create an ideal conditions for family picnics, at which visitors can make good time with preparation of their own meals on the fireplace, or on grills facilities which are to the disposal. A good mood is created also an offer of tradicional „Pub by the water mill„ with excellent offer of draught and bottle beer, with wide assortment of wines and an unique of „gifts of nature„ – huge selection of herbaceous liquers. The offer is affected by gifts articles, postcards and children´s goods. An internal interior of the object with gallery for 100 seating rooms is an ideal place for miscellaneous family celebrations, school appointments, company parties and other events during all year.

An external spaces of the natural camp with capacity above 400 seating rooms /with expansion possibilities/ and with a stage are favourite places for organizing of the sport – cultural days also for bigger companies and organizations. Romantic souls who are shoot up by „cupid´s dart„ can find here a place for their „yes“. Beauty of newly married couple is surely painted by lovely scenery of water mill diversified with horse carriage and a transportation of newly married couple on the boat. Not only for beginners can be ensured waterman´s camp with final sluice of Small Danube. For lovers of winters sports are to the disposal a huge natural Surfaces at the ideal winter weather /dead river channel and affected lakes/ and for skiers a ski long distance running.

Natural camp is open all year for visitors. The all camp is secured with newly built up information system – large information boards in 4 languages. For advance advised visits is being ensured a skilled comment.

Opening hours of the museum are:

  • summer touristic season (1.5. – 15.10.) : 9.00 – 22.00
  • winter touristic season (16.10. – 30.04.) : 12.00 – 22.00


With corn growing the mainkind started a new labour operations including granulating and grinding. The oldest manual mills of corn originated from 13 th century. Gradually have been manual grinding changed for grinding with rotational movement. In the middle ages were expanding the manual mills over all Europe and they were part almost of each household. Initially were driven a small mill stones in antique by a force of animals, later with help of natural energy – by water already in the 7th century before our era and by air /in China already in the 7th century/ The first water mills have been very simple mechanisms, which were consisting of collector of water energy /four –shovel system of mill-wheel/ terminated by blasket –splint /barelled equipment from wood/ where were placed 2 mill stones.

However a historical and civilization´s development brought with alongs constantly improvement of water mills their most perfect form – floating water mills. The perfection of that mechanism has been bound by free flow on the river surface and possibilities of the most effective energy of the river.The floating water mills were not dependant on the level of river and on the water bilance in contrast to other water mills. Those water mills have got the byzantine origin and have been used mainly in Balkan. In the 15 –16 th century started permeation on the territory of middle Europe, where achieved the greatest expansion in the 18–19 th century, but largely were working also in the first middle of the 20th century. Another world did not use this technology, if yes only in solitary cases. That reality has also contributed to fast downfall of these exceptional technical jewels in the course of 20 th century. The greatest impact on the downfall of water mills did have a human – beings, with unlimited cynicism ,liquidating law /Czechoslovak power stations´s law in year 1938.../ political and social changes in some countries /for communist regimes have been such facilities a feudal and burgeois/ and as well an unreasonable civil war in former Jugoslavia have been destroyed the last floating water mills. Fortunately a wisdom and the skills of our ancestors can be admired by current generation thanks of a few fans, who have made replicas of water mills. One of most admired, known and frequent has become the floating water mill in Kolárovo except of this water mill do exist 2 newer replicas on the territory of Austria.

Floating water mill in Kolárovo

That mill is being a reconstruction of the original Radvan ´s water mill, which has been working on the Danube river in village Radvaň above Danube not far from Komárno.

An initial mill was built –up around year 1920 and the owner was Mr.Szivanyó Béla. Water mill did exist untill the year 1945, when it burned down under mysterious circumstances. That downfall at all has been also the downfall of the last existing floating water mill on the all flow of the Danube.

Moreover of that reason arose an idea of reconstruction of the authentic Radvan´s water mill in 70th years of the 20th century. Basic document to making a project documentation were a contemporary photography which have been recorded and mainly the authentic model which has been made in service yard by former employee Suhaji Lajos. This idea was realized at the turn of the 70 th and 80 th years of the 20 th century in Slovak shipyard in Komárno. The construction of water mill has been finished in year 1982. Technical perfection of that composition was obscured by unhatched and incomplete ideas of its usage untill end. Partial attempts for its usage /for example as a restaurant facility/ failed immediately at the beginning, so the most often home of water mill were port waters of the Slovak shipyards. Initiative for its saving started protectionists from Kolárovo who have arranged the transportation of water mill which has been moved by towing boat from Komárno to Kolárovo on the arm of the Small Danube. 25 th of May has become a property of local protectors and at the moment already as a National cultural monument, it is available for general public. It is a part of natural camp which has been constructing by Kolárovo´s protectors from year 1995.

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