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Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder

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Veľký Meder - area: Danubian Lowland, Thermal bath Velky Meder, Zitny ostrov - region: Danubeland

Type of interest: Aquaparks & Thermal swimming pools, Summer outdoor swimming pools

Thermal spa Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder situated on 14.7 hectares of picturesque surroundings of grove offers possibilities for nice walks along maintained paths in the forest. The spa offers services in combined outdoor and indoor swimming pool all over the year. There are various swimming pools available in the centre, a large beach, solarium, children's playground, massage, two toboggans, mini-golf course and beach volleyball ground. Chemical content of geothermal water has beneficial effects on joint illnesses, back pains as well as muscle tiredness. It also has generally good affect on body regeneration.

The year-long open swimming pool area features 9 pools with thermal water, which has positive effects on muscle and movement disorders and has a regenerative effect. The temperature of thermal water in the pools is 25-37 degrees Celsius. Thermal swimming pool in Velky Meder in addition to swimming in pools offers a wide range of services and sports activities for children and adults throughout the year. You and your children can have fun with the animation programs.

Stays: Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder
  • Pre-season and post-season relax stay with access to the thermal swimming pool
    Pre-season and post-season relax stay with access to the thermal swimming pool

    2 - 7 nights - 80.50 €/per/night
    Apr 28. – Jun 20.2024, Sep 08. – Sep 29.2024
    all inclusive
    thermal water

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Map of the area in Velky Meder

  1. Family pool with interactive water play
  2. Recreational pool with hydromassage
  3. Tiny Island
  4. Turtle castle
  5. Summer water slides and an Italian pool
  6. Outdoor children's pool with gaming elements and water slide Snake
  7. Swimming pool
  8. Beach soccer
  9. Castle of sea eagle
  11. Beach volleyball
  12. Year-round water slides
  13. Indoor swimming pool
  14. Whirlpool bath
  15. Indoor children's pool with gaming elements
  16. Half-covered sitting pool

Outdoor area of swimming pool complex

In the outdoor area, which is open during the summer season, there is a swimming pool, an Italian pool and an outdoor children's pool, where children can have fun and take beautiful memories. Other attractions of the external area include water slides climbing wall. For children there are playgrounds - Turtle Castle, Castle of Sea Eagle and Tiny Island, where a lot of fun and unforgettable moments are waiting for them.

Indoor recreation complex - water park

The new indoor leisure complex, open all year round daily 9:00 to 21:00 hours, features an indoor swimming pool, half-covered sitting pool, whirlpool and children’s pool, family pool and leisure pool with hydro massage and waterfalls. The indoor swimming pool with an area of 300m2, which is used for families as a small water park, offers the opportunity to swim or relax. In the middle of the pool there is whirlpool and children's pool. Then there are water slides, showers and rest rooms, too. For refreshment you can find her a bar and restaurant. Half-covered sitting pool has higher temperatures and offers excellent conditions for rest and relaxing. Apart from the pools the inner area comes with a wellness section, with further services as saunas (infrared, steam, herbal, Finnish), magnetic therapy, acupressure massage bed, sea bath, massage salon, salt cave. For children there is all-year-round-open playground in the entry hall.

Stays and accommodation in Velky Meder

If you are going to Velky Meder for a longer stay, you will find different types accommodation properties near the thermal spa. It is easy to choose your accommodation by price, by distance from the swimming pool, or the services provided. Holiday and stay in Velky Meder can be spent by exploring the surrounding area, whether visiting interesting places on Rye Island or you can take a trip to Hungary

Search for other accommodations near Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder
Villa SOLAR Velky Meder
Apartment house VILLA SOLAR *** located just 50 meters from the famous thermal spa Thermal Corvinus Velky...
0.13 km

from 24.50 €
(person / night)
Vila ANNA Velky Meder
Villa Anna is situated only 40 meters from the thermal swimming pool in Velky Meder. The famous spa town...
0.18 km

from 19.00 €
(person / night)
Pension TARA
Pension TARA Velky Meder
Tara Pension is 50 meters from the Thermal Corvinus Thermal Spa in Veľký Meder. It offers comfortable...
0.19 km

from 32.00 €
(person / night)
HB Apartments
HB Apartments Velky Meder
Apartment house HB Apartments is situated on the edge of Velky Meder by the Thermal Corvinus (only 50...
0.19 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel Elenka
Hotel Elenka Velky Meder
Hotel Elenka is located close to thermal bath in Velky Meder. The hotel complex has fencing, each room...
0.20 km

from 57.00 €
(person / night)
EVICKA Pension
EVICKA Pension Velky Meder
Pension Evička is only 250 meters from Thermal Corvinus Spa in Velky Meder. It offers accommodation...
0.24 km

from 16.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel AQUA
Hotel AQUA Velky Meder
New Aqua Hotel is located at the resort Thermal Corvinus in Velky Meder, so during your stay you will...
0.24 km

from 45.00 €
(person / night)
Pension BARTAL
Pension BARTAL Velky Meder
The pension Bartal is situated in the spa town of Veľký Meder, 80-100 metres from the thermal swimming...
0.24 km

from 17.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel THERMAL VARGA Velky Meder
The 3-star Hotel Thermal Varga is located on the Promenade Street at the thermal swimming pool in Veľký...
0.25 km

from 42.50 €
(person / night)
Apartments SOLAR PARK
Apartments SOLAR PARK Velky Meder
The apartment house Solar Park offers quality accommodation in a pleasant environment of the Velky Meder,...
0.26 km

from 20.00 €
(person / night)
Pension RUBIN - apartments
Pension RUBIN - apartments Velky Meder
Pension RUBIN ** is located in the spa town of Velky Meder, only 100 m from the thermal baths Thermal...
0.26 km

from 17.00 €
(person / night)
Apartments ELBA
Apartments ELBA Velky Meder
Elba Apartments stand near the entrance to the thermal swimming pool Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder. Town...
0.27 km

from 16.00 €
(person / night)
Apartments SILVER
Apartments SILVER Velky Meder
Apartment house Silver is located only 100 m from the entrance to the thermal swimming pool in Velky...
0.27 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Apartments TOSKANA
Apartments TOSKANA Velky Meder
This accommodation in Velky Meder is only a 4-minute walk from the entrance to the Thermal Corvinus thermal...
0.27 km

from 29.00 €
(person / night)
Apartment FOLDES
Apartment FOLDES Velky Meder
Accommodation all year round in a new building in silent surroundings 50 m from the thermal swimming...
0.29 km

from 17.00 €
(person / night)
Address Promenádna 3221/20,
932 01 Velky Meder
Phone +421 917... Show contacts
Phone +421 917 22 03 04
+421 907 635 389
GPS N47.84634°
Date of last change 12. 05. 2023
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