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Horse Riding Club Zlatý Hucul

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Zlatná na Ostrove - area: Danubian Lowland, Zitny ostrov - region: Danubeland

Type of interest: Attractions and entertainment for children, Wandering and horseback riding

OZ Zlatý Hucul is engaged in breeding horses near the village of Zlatna on the island of the Great Island. These horses have a calm nature and resilience to withstand all adverse weather.

In addition to breeding, JK Zlatý hucul also teaches riding of children and adults on horseback and agrotourism. The magnificent setting of the Great Island allows an exceptional and unforgettable experience on the back of this amazing animal. The riding club offers you the opportunity to walk through the Danube "forest" on one of the horses and enjoy the original nature of the Danube region.

Horses are on the island freely from early spring to late autumn with uninterrupted access to grazing and water. Here they bring their offspring to the world without human help. During mare, the mother is protected by other mares from the herd. The foals also make very strong bonds with other herd members. During the winter and period of regular floods, the herd moves from the island to the prepared enclosure, where it will wait until spring.

JK Zlatý Hucul offers:

  • Horseback riding lessons for children and adults
  • Carriage of children on horses or donkey
  • Off-road (for single riders)
  • In addition to horses, there are other animals (cows, sheep, goats) on the island, which help to keep the island meadows in a favorable condition.

This place is also ideal for a family holiday with exploring the beauties of nature on the Great Island and its surroundings. Children will surely be interested in grazing herds of horses, cattle, sheep and goats.

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