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Komárno - area: Danubian Lowland, Zitny ostrov - region: Danubeland

Type of interest: Sightseeing Cruises

The sightseeing cruise brings Komárno closer to its visitors. Everything that is invisible from land becomes visible with its help, or it provides a new view of already known places.

The Pluto cruise ship is suitable for accommodating 40 people. In addition to a regular schedule, it is also suitable for school and other group trips.

From the end of May to the end of August, with the exception of Monday and Tuesday, the cruise ship expects its passengers daily from 3 pm to 7 pm. If you are interested in the sights of the city, we offer a trip combined with a city tour, nature lovers are offered a trip around Váh.

The city tour starts from the St. Borbála. During the journey of more than an hour, we will be introduced to northern Komárno and southern Komárno from a hitherto unknown site. We discover the beauty of both places and sights from the water. The trip ends at the Monostor Fortress, but for those who failed to see everything on the first try, they have a new opportunity on the way back. We also recommend a trip to the rock inhabitants of Komárno, because this city also hides surprises for them. Especially if we look at it from a different perspective. We can empathize with the skin of sailors who saw the tower of St. Andrew's Church from the Danube for the first time and, like Jókai, be inspired by the beauties of this city.

A trip around Váh offers interesting sights for those who would like to jump head in nature. Unfortunately, virgin areas are no longer here, but nature still proves who is the master.

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BELLA Restaurant & Pension
BELLA Restaurant & Pension Komárno
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Pension DUNA
Pension DUNA Komárno
Pension Duna is situated in the town Komárno, close to the border with Hungary, next to the Danube river....
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Hotel BANDERIUM Komárno
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Pension LITOVEL Komárno
Litovel Guesthouse is situated in the historical center of Komárno on the Danube riverbank, close to...
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Private accommodation Villa Centro
Private accommodation Villa Centro Komárno
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Pension LEHAR
Pension LEHAR Komárno
Pension Lehár is situated in the historic centre of Komárno, town on the south-western Slovakia, near...
1.92 km

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OLYMP Pension & Restaurant
OLYMP Pension & Restaurant Komárno
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Hotel BOW GARDEN Komárno
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Hotel PEKLO  Komárno
Hotel Peklo is situated in the historic town of Komarno, which is located in southern Slovakia. The hotel...
2.40 km

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Pension MARCIPAN  Komárno
The guest house is located on "Elisabeth Island", 500 meters from the historic center of Komarno,...
2.68 km

from 14.50 €
(person / night)
Pension DELTA
Pension DELTA Komárno
Pension Delta is located on the Elizabethan island of Komárno. The border crossing to Hungary is 500...
3.03 km

from 17.50 €
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Pension CSARDA APALI Komárno
Pension Apali with a stylish restaurant is located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Komárno...
3.44 km

from 12.50 €
(person / night)
Divá Kačica Restaurant & Pension
Divá Kačica Restaurant & Pension Komárno
Pension and Restaurant Divá Kačica is located in a quiet and romantic environment of the village Lándor,...
6.20 km

from 0.00 €
(person / night)
Address rieka Váh,
945 01 Komárno
Phone +421 907... Show contacts
Phone +421 907 16 15 14
GPS N47.76123°
Date of creation 19. 07. 2013
Date of last change 07. 05. 2020
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