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Štúrovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The recreation complex VADAŠ THERMAL ŠTÚROVO is well known even abroad. Thanks to its 10,000 person capacity, refurbished swimming pools of variable size, indoor swimming pool, rebuilt buffets and sporting facilities it provides ideal conditions for relaxation to all fans of sun and water. In the swimming complex you can find 7 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, including a massage pool (spa tub), external all-year sitting pool and a unique swimming pool with artificial waves, the only one in Slovakia, a Lagoon with an area of 3800 m2. The pools are supplied with thermal water from the depth...

HINT Animal Park - Moose farm Žarnovica

Animal Park - Moose farm

Žarnovica (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

Animal Park is a place where nature is as beautiful as a fairy tale ... where peace and charming pets are ... gurgling waterfall ... lake full of fish ... meadow perfect for a picnic ... Animal Park is a place where we except of the animals offer further leisure possibilities in nature with your loved ones. Come and join us to have fun on the playground, jump on trampolines, to pet our lambs and cuddly small goats and bunnies. Give your children a great experience in the form of fishing, grilling or camping in nature. Come back with us to your childhood and show your children how well can...



Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Bratislava Zoo – A peek into the secrets of nature… Zoo in the capital city Bratislava is an ideal place to spend a pleasant day in the "acompanied" by animals, whether you came here with kids or as a couple. The complex located in the Mlynska Dolina (Mill Valley) in addition to rare animals offers also unique DinoPark with 3D cinema appealing to all ages, children's complexes with brightly coloured climbing frames and zoo shop. Zoological garden features about 185 species. You can visit the primates or carnivores pavilions, where you can see leopards, jaguars, tigers and lions...

HINT Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world Donovaly

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Habakuky - Dobsinsky fairytale world in Donovaly Resort consists of houses in the style of folk-imaginative architecture and provides an atmosphere for visitors of Slovak folk tales. The heroes of folk tales such as Bearskin, Loktibrada and others will take care of an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Fairytale village is an ideal place for organizing school trips or company parties. Multifunctional character of the whole area brings a lot of new ideas and creative solutions to organize truly original corporate events that will leave a remarkable experience and lasting memories for...

HINT Kingdom of Hrabovo Ružomberok

Kingdom of Hrabovo

Ružomberok (area: Hrabovo, region: Liptov)

HINT MiniFARM Lubina Lubina

MiniFARM Lubina

Lubina (region: Stredne Povazie)

MiniFARM is located in the village of Lubina and is inhabited by more than 100 different friendly animals, which are unique in their mini or maxi size. You will find farm and forest animals here, as well as tiny kittens, guinea pigs and chickens. Many of them have pass-through paddocks, so you can feed and pet them. A smooth zoo corner or horseback riding will surely please the youngest visitors to our farm. All activities are safely performed under the supervision of our great animators. In addition to animals, you will also find a water or forest playground, fairy-tale houses on the MiniFARM,...

HINT Mysterium Bojnice Bojnice

Mysterium Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Mysterium Bojnice offers fun puzzle games for a wide range of people of different age groups. These games are called escape room games.You can expect puzzles, keys, fun riddles and interesting stories. Mysterium was the first who brought these games to our region a few years ago and thus it´s quality is not only tested by time but also proven by thousands of satisfied visitors. Mystical, cryptic and fun environments await you together with your new unsual experience! The selection of games is divided into indoor escape rooms and outdoor escape rooms Indoor escape room This type of game...

HINT Pedal Planet - Gallery of pedal cars Nová Polianka

Pedal Planet - Gallery of pedal cars

Nová Polianka (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

Pedal Planet in Nová Polianka is one of the largest private collections of pedal cars in Europe. More than 110 exhibits from the total of 300 pieces are divided into six main groups in the Tatra Gallery. The gallery can be found in the High Tatras in Nová Polianka, between the tourist resorts of Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso. Unique cars are divided by country of origin. A large part of the collection consists of favorite and rare Formula 1 cars and Indianapolis leading brands. There are models of Porsche, Mercedes or Jaguar. Fans of Formula 1 will be delighted with a corner dedicated...

HINT Sportcentrum Oscadnica Oščadnica

Sportcentrum Oscadnica

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Sports centre is a resort of entertainment for winter as well as summer activities during your vacation. It is located in the village Oscadnica at the Guesthouse Gajuz, which will, among other services, offers comfortable accommodation. For visitors there are prepared various adrenaline and fun attractions during summer and winter season. Ski resort, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, has two ski lifts. One of them is a children's ski lift with a length of about 120 m and is designed mainly for children, but it will also serve for adults who are beginners. The second lift...

HINT Thermal Nesvady Nesvady

Thermal Nesvady

Nesvady (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal Nesvady is located in Nesvady in the district of Komárno in the Danubian Lowland in southwestern Slovakia. Nové Zámky is 9 km from the thermal swimming pool, and Komárno is 23 km away. Geothermal water in Nesvady with its composition and properties have a positive effect on the human body, especially on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin and to strengthen the immune system. The thermal pool has 4 year-round pools and two more during the summer season.

HINT Water Park Besenova Bešeňová

Water Park Besenova

Bešeňová (area: Choč Mountains, region: Liptov)

Water park Besenova is a well-known and favourite health and leisure centre located in picturesque surroundings of massifs of Chocske Vrchy, Low Tatras and Velka Fatra, about 12 kilometres from Ruzomberok. The centre is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Slovakia. Thermal spa in Besenova is open all over the year. It was established based on its hot healing springs spewing from a depth of 1987 metres. Depending on season water in pools is 36°C to 40°C hot. Water in there is cooled down to be comfortable and fresh and to have profitable effects to a body. Thermal water is especially...

AQUApark Lipany Lipany

AQUApark Lipany

Lipany (area: Čergov, region: Saris)

AQUApark Lipany is a new water paradise in eastern Slovakia, where families with children, seniors, young people and tourists can indulge in endless relaxation in swimming pools with many attractions and thermal water, which is a natural wealth of the picturesque town of Lipany. The aquapark with thermal water is located on the outskirts of the town of Lipany in the Sabinov district, between the Šariš Highlands and the Čergov Mountains. Geothermal mineral water from Lipian spring has beneficial relaxing effects. In the area of ​​the aquapark there are water slides, relaxation and children's...

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina Levoča

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina

Levoča (area: Levočská Walley, region: Spis)

Visit the first natural swimming-pool in the Spis region. The resort can be found in eastern Slovakia in a recreation area Levocska dolina near Levoca. There are three natural swimming pools, but you can bathe or swim just in one of them. One of the pools is used for the purification and filtration of water. The third natural pool – lake is designed for fishing. Here you can catch a trout, and if you want, you may grill the fish right on the spot. Lake for swimming is divided in three parts with different depths of water, so it suitable for children and adults. There's a beach with a slight...

Treetop walk Bachledka  Ždiar

Treetop walk Bachledka

Ždiar (area: Bachledova walley, region: High Tatras)

The Treetop walk Bachledka islocated in Bachledova Valley in Zdiar. It offers views of the Belianske Tatras from the 32 meter high tower and the unique scenery of Pieniny and Zamaguria. The walkway is 1.8 km long with an elevation of 300 m. A route with a length of more than 600 m will lead you through the species-rich forest, where you can expect various surprises and lessons. Here you will find a wealth of information boards, from which you will find interesting information about the fauna, flora and life of local forests, their protection and the devastating power of the weather. During the...

Košice children historic railway Košice

Košice children historic railway

Košice (region: Kosice and surroundings)

The Košice children's single-track historical railway with a length of 4.2 km located in the Čermeľ Valley near Košice. The railway was built in the years 1955 - 1956 as the Pioneer Railway, and it was the first recreational railway in the then Czechoslovakia. Children's railway is in fact a historical museum railway. Currently, the children's railway runs until the end of October regularly from Čermeľ to Alpinka, as well as back. Enjoy a ride through the autumn Čermeľ Valley and enjoy historic train sets. The children's railway ends at the railway station. Alpinka (formerly Pionier)...

Lanoland Koliba - Rope Park Bratislava

Lanoland Koliba - Rope Park

Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

A climbing resort can be found in Bratislava, Koliba - Kamzík, just next to the bobsled. Lanoland is for those who like to look for new challenges or just want to have fun. Climbing park can be attend by children over 130 cm. Rope park has a total length of 423 meters. Rope centre consists of 5 circuits of rope obstacles Land - for the youngest children (low rope obstacles, swings and climbing wall) Blue - light circuit is recommended especially for children under 15 years and the "warm-up" for adults; it is of 4 to 6 meters (15 barriers and 1 lift) Red - moderately difficult,...

Marmots at Pleso Štrbské Pleso

Marmots at Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (region: High Tatras)

The 6th annual event Marmots at Pleso - Family adventure competition will be held in the High Tatras in Strbske Pleso on penultimate holiday weekend 27-28.august 2016. Sports - education competition is particularly suitable for children aged 6-12 years. There are 20 competing disciplines prepared for them. Every child who completes at least 10 stations receives gifts and each child who completed all 20 stations, acquires SKIPAS in December 2016. For at least 10 completed stations - the opportunity to participate in the raffle.

Zoo Bojnice Bojnice

Zoo Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

The oldest zoo garden in Slovakia is situated next to dominant Bojnice Castle in beautiful nature. It covers area of 42 hectares and it was established in 1955. Hundreds of thousand guests visit it and look over its expositions every year. On the grounds of Zoo Bojnice you can see about 270 species of bred animals and over 2 600 individuals from the smallest fish in aquarium up to the largest African elephants in their pavilion. Many wild freely living species of birds and small mammals are very interesting. The Zoo in Bojnice opens daily all over the year. From the beginning up to the present...

ZOO Kontakt Liptovský Mikuláš

ZOO Kontakt

Liptovský Mikuláš (area: Liptovská Mara reservoir, region: Liptov)

Zoo Kontakt is located near Liptovsky Mikulas, close to Aquapark Tatralandia and the bank of Liptovska Mara. The visit of the zoo park can be connected with a family holiday in Liptov. In its area the adult visitors have a unique opportunity to pet a lion cub directly in the paddock. Feeding animals is allowed only with a food bought in the ticket office and always under the supervision of an animal carer. Each visitor can try pony rides (up to 40kg) or horse ride (under 80 kg). In low season (from 1 October), the service is only on weekends. Contact with animals gives the children a positive...



Košice (region: Kosice and surroundings)

In beautiful nature accessible by public transport, app 200 metres from the town centre in a part called Kavecany there has been a modern ZOO since 1979. It is mainly specialised on European and Asian fauna. The area of 292 hectares makes this ZOO one of three biggest ZOOs in Europe. Oak forest grows 228 hectares out of the whole area. About 100 hectares of ZOO are accessible to visitors. The rest of the area is used for breeding 'Hucul' horses, maintenance area, back-up area for quarantine buildings, hospital, and first aid rooms as well as the space for breeding rare and protected races of...