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Levoca Mountains (Levočské vrchy), attractions and entertainment for children

Accommodation Levoca Mountains (Levočské vrchy)
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List of tourist attractions Levoca Mountains (Levočské vrchy)

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina Levoča

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina

Levoča (area: Levočská Walley, region: Spis)

Visit the first natural swimming-pool in the Spis region. The resort can be found in eastern Slovakia in a recreation area Levocska dolina near Levoca. There are three natural swimming pools, but you can bathe or swim just in one of them. One of the pools is used for the purification and filtration of water. The third natural pool – lake is designed for fishing. Here you can catch a trout, and if you want, you may grill the fish right on the spot. Lake for swimming is divided in three parts with different depths of water, so it suitable for children and adults. There's a beach with a slight...



Spišská Nová Ves (area: Levoca Mountains, region: Spis)

Zoo Spisska Nova Ves covers an area of 8 hectares in the south-eastern part of the city. It was founded in May 1989. It is the youngest among the big zoos in Slovakia (Kosice, Bratislava and Bojnice), but this does not detract from its beauty. The beautiful scenery of its garden area is complemented by a creek that flows through zoo. With many trees provide pleasant shade for animals and visitors. Lake, a significant element in the composition of the garden, creates conditions for the natural development ducks communities and other wild species, protects and keeps their habitat. Currently, the...

ALEX PARK Spišská Nová Ves


Spišská Nová Ves (area: Levoca Mountains, region: Spis)

One of the largest children's indoor parks in Slovakia, ALEX Park is located in Spišská Nová Ves. On an area of 1,200 m², children will find a number of attractions from water slides, trampolines, slides to racing tracks. Parents can sit with a good cup of coffee, Belgian chocolate or good food.

Nestville Park Hniezdne

Nestville Park

Hniezdne (area: Levoca Mountains, region: Spis)

Discover the home of the first Slovak Nestville Whiskey in the exposition of distilleries and traditional folk crafts Nestville Distillery, located in the region of northern Spiš, in the picturesque village of Hniezdno. The Nestville Distillery exhibition consists of three parts: Historical - demonstrations of folk crafts related to distillery. Modern - one of the most modern refineries for alcohol production in Europe. Traditional - Tasting room with hand-carved painting and whiskey maturation warehouses. It is in this part of the exhibition that the first Slovak Nestville Whiskey is...