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Mysterium Bojnice

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Bojnice - area: Strazov Mountains - region: Upper Neutra

Type of interest: Adrenalin entertainment and sport, Attractions and entertainment for children

Mysterium Bojnice offers fun puzzle games for a wide range of people of different age groups. These games are called escape room games.You can expect puzzles, keys, fun riddles and interesting stories.
Mysterium was the first who brought these games to our region a few years ago and thus it´s quality is not only tested by time but also proven by thousands of satisfied visitors. Mystical, cryptic and fun environments await you together with your new unsual experience!
The selection of games is divided into indoor escape rooms and outdoor escape rooms

Indoor escape room

This type of game is in an indoor area. There is a thematically furnished room with puzzles and secret stashes that game participants gradually find and deal with. For cracking the mystery rooms they have one hour. Discovering keys to secret cabinets, understanding symbols and having courage in determining are conditions for the opening of the exit, and thus winning the game. It is a verified source of nice memories.


Reveal the mystery of the Bojnice alchemist, you have 60 minutes!
This game has variations for: 1) 3-6 players, 2) 2 players 3) kids‘ groups. The location of the game is at Bojnice main square called Hurbanovo námestie, just 5 minutes walk from the famous Bojnice Castle.

Order Of The Blue Rose

Something serious is happening and a secret order is calling for help. Would you lend a hand and succeed? You have 60 minutes!
This game is to be played after the game Alchemist, as it is a continuation of the story. This game is for 3-6 players. The location of the game is at Bojnice main square called Hurbanovo námestie, just 5 minutes walk from the famous Bojnice Castle.


It looks like someone cannot leave this salon. Would you help him? You have 60 minutes, then the precarious moments start again…
This game is for  2-5 players. This game is located at a different address than previous games, in Hviezdoslavova street, just 7 minutes walk from the famous Bojnice Castle.

Outdoor escape games

Your guide through these games is a mobile application, thus in this type of game you won´t meet any facilitator.  You can expect an unusual walk through Bojnice; enlivened by logic riddles, questions and interesting historical facts. It is a great way of getting to know our little town in a bit of a different way while being active.

William Brown

The traveller Mr. Brown is currently in Bojnice and is looking for more people to  join his further expeditions through the Hungarian kingdom. Would he choose you? Go and meet him in the spa…
This game is for 3- 5 advanced and demanding players and takes around 3.5 hours. The route starts in Bojnice spa and takes you to Bojnice center. Unfortunately, the game is now available only in Slovak (Czech).

Fortune teller of Bojnice

Finally you made it! You are in Bojnice! You made an agreement to meet with her in these days and  you need a bit of help. What´s left is to find her. Will you make it?
This game is suitable for 2-5 players and the route takes you through an area close to Bojnice center. The game takes around 1 hour and is of simple and fun character for a wide range of players. This game is available in Slovak (Czech) and in English.

Opening hours

During the school year we are open from Friday to Sunday, other days based on agreement.
During the summer holidays and bank holidays we are open all day long.
Just choose and book your preferred dates through the reservation system on the website
You don´t need to book your time slot for outdoor games.


Games as a gift
For all games there is the possibility to buy gift voucher – either online or in our indoor games locations.
Games as a teambuilding
All games are perfect for any type of teambuilding.


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Address Hurbanovo námestie 49/40,
972 01 Bojnice
Phone +421 904... Show contacts
Phone +421 904 323 399
+421 904 817 424 (English)
GPS N48.77858°
Date of creation 14. 04. 2016
Date of last change 01. 06. 2020
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