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Bojnice Castle

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Bojnice - area: Strazov Mountains - region: Horna Nitra

Type of interest: Castles, chateaus, National monuments

Bojnice Castle belongs to the most beautiful and the most visited castles in Central Europe. It is sought after by many visitors from all around the world.

The castle is towering at the foot of Strazov Uplands on a travertine hill above the town Bojnice. It is one of the oldest and the most important castles in Slovakia. The first written note of its existence comes back to 1113, it was found in a document of Zobor abbey.

Bojnice Castle is a national culture heritage and a residence of museum. There are culture and social events held in the area of the castle, e.g. concerts of classical music in Hunady's hall, performance of historical fencing group, wedding ceremonies in Golden hall. Bojnice Castle is the place where a traditional festival of ghosts and haunting takes place. The area is attractive for its large park with a famous historical King's Matej Korvin's lime tree. A legend says that Matus Cak Trenciansky seeded the tree in1301 when the last king of the Arpads family Ondrej III died. The lime tree grew up into a magnificent tree. In its best time it had diameter approx. 36 metres, main branches were reaching 28 metres and its perimeter was 12 metres. There used to be all kinds of picnics organised under this tree. King Matej Korvin (1458 - 1490), famous for the fact he loved staying in Bojnice, used to hold big feasts and meetings under the lime tree.

There is an interesting place at the castle hill - a cave with diameter of 22 metres and height of 6 metres. It is located 26 metres under the level of the 4th courtyard in a travertine hill on which the whole castle stands. There are 2 lakes in the cave. They are probably a part of a cave system continuing in further space. Some archaeological findings in the cave prove the settlement of the castle hill already in the Old Stone Age.

The whole area is also attractive for famous spa and outstanding ZOO. The object is a centre of culture and social life where receptions, balls, weddings, business meetings and other attractive events are organised. Interior of Bojnice Castle is also a residence of museum specialised on Neo-styles. Visitors to the museum will be attracted by artistic and historical expositions representing significant works of European art. However, it is just a small part of what the last owner of the Palffys collected. His wish to keep the collection for the purposes of museum never came through as his family ordered to sell almost all exhibits right after he had died.

Expositions in museum: Life and habitual culture of nobility, Art and history collections from Gothic till Neo-styles.

Open daily except Monday
In high season: May - September: from 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.
October - April: from 10:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.
In June, July, August and September it is open daily (incl. Monday)

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Address Zámok a okolie 1,
972 01 Bojnice
Phone +421 46... Show contacts
Phone +421 46 543 06 24
GPS N48.78007°
Date of creation 19. 07. 2013
Date of last change 07. 02. 2020
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