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Slanický Island of Art

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Námestovo - area: Orava reservoir, Orava Beskids, Slanicka Osada - region: Orava

Type of interest: Galleries, Museums

In the beautiful natural scenery of the Slanice Island of Art in the middle of the Orava Reservoir, there are permanent exhibitions of folk art from the collections of the Orava Gallery. Of the five settlements that disappeared forever under the water of the dam in 1953, only the hill with a Baroque church and Calvary, which once formed the dominant feature of the village of Slanica, has been preserved as an island. In a few years, the idea arose to create permanent exhibitions of the Orava Gallery, which were opened in the years 1971 - 1973.

In the interior of the Baroque-Classicist church there is an exposition "Traditional folk sculpture and painting" and in the exterior of the island a lapidary of "Orava stonemasonry of the 18th and 19th centuries" was created. In the former tomb there is an innovated exposition of the history of flooded villages and the construction of the Orava dam. The expositions, open seasonally from 15 May to 15 September, have become one of the most visited cultural places in Orava due to their uniqueness.

We also recommend looking at the permanent exhibitions of folk art and the collection of traditional folk art in the County House in Dolný Kubín.

The ship of the Orava Gallery "Slanica" from the port no. 2 at Slanická Osada daily during the season (from 15 May to 15 September). The first voyage at 9.00 am and the last voyage at 16.00 (later voyage to the island is possible only after agreement with the captain). The cruise to the island and back, including a tour of the expositions on the island, takes about 80 minutes. The tour of the expositions on the island is group or individual. The minimum number of people required to make a cruise is 15. Seating capacity is 80, indoor covered deck (55 seats), sun deck (25 seats).

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Address Oravská priehrada,
029 01 Namestovo
Phone +421 43... Show contacts
Phone +421 43 58 632 12
GPS N49.40718°
Date of last change 07. 05. 2020
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