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SKI ZAPAČ Liptovská Porúbka

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Liptovský Hrádok - area: Low Tatras - region: Liptov

Type of interest: Ski resorts

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Hotel SMREK Liptovsky Hradok
Hotel Smrek in Liptovsky Hradok offers standard furnished single and double rooms with private bathroom...
0.99 km

from 16.00 €
(person / night)
Liptovia Resort
Liptovia Resort Liptovsky Hradok
Recreation center Liptovia Resort is located at the end of the village Liptovská Porúbka and offers...
1.10 km

from 35.00 €
(person / night)
Holiday house HRADOK
Holiday house HRADOK Liptovsky Hradok
1.17 km

from 13.00 €
(person / night)
Apartment Pri Hrade
Apartment Pri Hrade Liptovsky Hradok
The apartment is located in a quiet street in Liptovský Hrádok, near the Hrádok arboretum. It is a...
1.19 km

from 25.00 €
(person / night)
F TEAM Hotel
F TEAM Hotel Liptovsky Hradok
F-TEAM Hotel *** in Liptovsky Hradok in the region of Liptov offers accommodation in modern double and...
1.65 km

from 24.50 €
(person / night)
Pension POD SKALOU Liptovsky Hradok
Pension Pod Skalou can be found on Liptov in Liptovsky Hradok. It is close to the castle, and pond, 3km...
2.00 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Cottage BASKA
Cottage BASKA Liptovsky Hradok
2 km from Liptovsky Hradok in a small village Liptovská Porúbka Cottage Baška provides tourist accommodation...
2.14 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
GrandCastle Boutique Hotel
GrandCastle Boutique Hotel Liptovsky Hradok
Unique and timeless style of Castle and Manor house Liptovsky Hradok in the region of Liptov takes you...
2.29 km

from 54.00 €
(person / night)
Cottages BOROVÁ SIHOŤ Liptovsky Hradok
Borová Sihoť wit its territory of 40000 m2 is an area of a hotel and of a car camp with chalets. The...
2.31 km

from 8.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel BOROVA SIHOT Liptovsky Hradok
Hotel Borová Sihoť situated in the beautifull surroundings of Liptov on the shores of river Váh offers...
2.34 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Ubytovanie PRI HRADE
Ubytovanie PRI HRADE Liptovsky Hradok
Private Accommodation pri Hrade is located in Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia, with comfortable accommodation...
2.43 km

from 14.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel AVENA Liptovsky Jan
Relax Hotel *** Avena offers rehabilitation procedures on the outskirts of Liptovský Ján, at the entrance...
4.79 km

from 50.00 €
(person / night)
Cottage Havran
Cottage Havran Liptovsky Jan
Luxuriously furnished cottage Havran is situated in the Low Tatras in the picturesque Jánska valley...
4.85 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Cottage STEFAN
Cottage STEFAN Liptovsky Jan
Cottage Stefan (Stephen) is located in the outskirts of the village Liptovsky Jan at the mouth of Janska...
5.03 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel SOREA DUMBIER Liptovsky Jan
Hotel SOREA Dumbier is situated at the mouth of Jánska valley near the village of Liptovsky Jan, an...
5.04 km

from 25.00 €
(person / night)
Address Vyšné Fabriky 731, Liptovská Porúbka,
033 01 Liptovsky Hradok
Phone +421 944... Show contacts
Phone +421 944 273 292
GPS N49.03167°
Date of last change 07. 10. 2015
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