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Slovakia is very popular not only among domestic but also foreign skiers. Countless opportunities await our visitors across the country. Once you have found the ideal ski resort, all you have to do is choose the ideal ski accommodation and book it. If you want to spend your winter vacation skiing, the best solution is to book accommodation at the skilift. Hotels, guesthouses and private accommodation await their guests right on the slopes. Slovakia and its ski resorts are very popular, it is definitely recommended to book your accommodation in time.

Or are you looking for a vacation package in which, in addition to an overnight stay in the hotel, other services are also included, such as access to the wellness center, meals, and possibly a ski pass? In that case, we recommend our ski packages at popular ski resorts in Slovakia.

List of tourist attractions in Slovakia

HINT Ski Tatranská Lomnica Tatranská Lomnica

Ski Tatranská Lomnica

Tatranská Lomnica (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

You can enjoy a great skiing on the slopes of Lomnicky Peak in Tatranska Lomnica down in the highest and best equipped ski resorts of Slovak Republic. Ski Resort Tatranska Lomnica in the heart of the High Tatras offers the longest ski slope in Slovakia. If you let yourself taken with lift to the top of the ski resort, you will have more than 5 km of slopes and elevation 1300 m to the bottom station in front of you. The trails for skiers are ranging up to almost 2200 metres, in the part of Lomnica Saddle (Lomnicke sedlo). The total length of ski slopes in Tatranská Lomnica is almost 12 km....

HINT Park Snow Donovaly Donovaly

Park Snow Donovaly

Donovaly (area: Donovaly , region: Upper Hron River )

Ski centre Park Snow Donovaly lies on southwest part of the Low Tatras and is one of the most visited ski parks in Slovakia. Ski runs offer excellent skiing conditions for all categories of skiers, from beginners up to adrenaline slope lovers. Lovers of downhill skiing and snowboarding can use 10-kilometre long ski runs offering excellent skiing conditions for very demanding skiers as well as complete beginners. Total length of ski runs is 11 kilometres. Interesting crowd-pullers are night skiing, discos on snow, natural ice ring, and flights in tandem, dogsleds, and paragliding. International...

HINT SKI JASNA Low Tatras Demänovská Dolina

SKI JASNA Low Tatras

Demänovská Dolina (area: Demanovska Valley and surroundings, region: Liptov)

The Jasná Low Tatras resort is ranked in the highest category of centres of tourism with international importance and among the Slovak centres of tourism it holds the first rank. It is situated in beautiful mountainous surroundings, on northern and southern slopes of Chopok, in the Low Tatras National Park. The Jasná Low Tatras ski resort is the largest resort with the best natural conditions for skiing in Slovakia. Those keen on snowboarding, ski-alpining, freeride and track skiing will surely find what they are looking for. The resort offers a lot of fun by means of sport&fun attractions...



Oravská Lesná (area: Orava Beskids, region: Orava)

Ski resort Orava Snow located in the Orava Beskids on the Polish-Slovak border, lies in the coldest Slovak valley in Oravska Lesna. The area comes with a rich selection of diverse, wide and well-groomed trails, where you can enjoy great arches and do not worry "crush" on the slope. The resort offers excellent conditions perfect for family skiing. There are 6 main, groomed daily, ski trails, which are on 2 hills (Kohutik, Lehotska) interconnected with modern 4-seat chairlift and 4 ski lifts. 3 ski slopes are artificially snowed. In the resort you will find accommodation that allows...

HINT SKI PARK Kubínska hola Dolný Kubín

SKI PARK Kubínska hola

Dolný Kubín (area: Kubínska Hoľa, region: Orava)

One of the most popular ski centres of the Slovak republic is Kubínska hoľa near Dolný Kubín town. Great ski terrains in the beautiful nature of Oravska Magura are guarantee of unforgiving experience from skiing. These terrains offers amazing look at the down and upper part of the Orava region, Low nad West Tatras, Chočské pohorie, Little and Big Fatra. In the ski centre there are available new fourseats chair lift and 6 ski tows (in the elevation 720 and 1396 m over see level) with total length of 8 470 m and with transfer capacity of 6 980 skiers per hour. Ski lanes are improved by the...

HINT Sportcentrum Oscadnica Oščadnica

Sportcentrum Oscadnica

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Sports centre is a resort of entertainment for winter as well as summer activities during your vacation. It is located in the village Oscadnica at the Guesthouse Gajuz, which will, among other services, offers comfortable accommodation. For visitors there are prepared various adrenaline and fun attractions during summer and winter season. Ski resort, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, has two ski lifts. One of them is a children's ski lift with a length of about 120 m and is designed mainly for children, but it will also serve for adults who are beginners. The second lift...

Ski resort Jasenská dolina Belá - Dulice

Ski resort Jasenská dolina

Belá - Dulice (area: Belianska valley , region: Turiec)

Jasenská Valley belonging to the most famous Great Fatras valleys is a year-round recreational resort. It is situated under the northern slopes of the hill Lysec (1381 m), 12 km southeast of Martin. It is in altitude 540 metres above sea level. It comes with 2 ski resorts Kašová and Lehota. Kašová resort is located in the lower part of Jasenská Valley. It is easily accessible on asphalt road from the village of Bela-Dulice (2.5 km away), which is maintained year round. The access from the village Turčianske Jaseno is more difficult. Large parking lot for cars and buses is in the immediate...

SKI RESORT Pezinská Baba Pezinok

SKI RESORT Pezinská Baba

Pezinok (area: Kučišdorfská Walley, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

The ski resort of Pezinská Baba is situated in the region of Západné Slovensko. The base altitude of the resort is 403 m and the highest point reaches up to 595 m, for a total vertical rise of 192 m. Pezinská Baba's ski season runs from December thru April. Total length of the downhill runs is 2,9 km out of which 2,4 km could be artificially snowed. Difficulty of downhill runs at the resort is as followed: Beginner routes: 2 Intermediate routes: 3 At Pezinská Baba there are 7 chair-lifts, with total capacity of 4090 people per hour. Combination of easy and semi-difficult downhill runs...

Ski Relax Center Plejsy Krompachy

Ski Relax Center Plejsy

Krompachy (area: Plejsy, region: Spis)

Relax Center Plejsy ski resort is situated at an altitude of 470 - 912 m. The most demanding skiers, beginners and children find it interesting. There are 9 downhill tracks of various difficulty, a restaurant, ski service, ski rental shop, children"s corner and other services for skiers. Since the entire area is conditioned with artificial snow the season is prolonged until spring months even when the majority of ski resorts already closed their operations. All the tracks are conditioned with artificial snow what guarantees excellent snow conditions until spring months even when the majority...

Ski resort Selce - Čachovo Selce

Ski resort Selce - Čachovo

Selce (area: Selčianska Walley, region: Upper Hron River )

The ski resort of Čachovo-Selce is situated in the region of Central Slovakia SOUTH. The base altitude of the resort is 470 m and the highest point reaches up to 650 m, for a total vertical rise of 180 m. The best conditions in ski resort Čachovo/Selce are from December to March. Total length of the downhill runs is 1,5 km. At Čachovo-Selce there are 4 chair-lifts, with total capacity of 3300 people per hour. Parents with children have opportunities to use ski-school for children as well as ski-lift for children, which are situated within the ski resort. The ski resort also offers night skiing...

Ski resort Skalka Arena - Kremnica Kremnica

Ski resort Skalka Arena - Kremnica

Kremnica (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

Recreation resort Skalka near the town of Kremnica, ideal place for lovers of skiing and winter sports, lies in the heart of Slovakia, at a distance of 56 km from Banska Bystrica and 42 km from Zvolen. The ski area is located on the slopes of the Great Fatra and Kremnica Hills at an altitude of 1252 meters above sea level. Free parking is close to the lifts. The resort features many attractions and accommodation properties. The area offers more than 5 km of ski slopes, which include two blue, four red and two black. The centre is an excellent choice for beginners and advanced skiers. In addition...

Ski Resort TÁLE Horná Lehota

Ski Resort TÁLE

Horná Lehota (area: Chopok south, region: Upper Hron River )

Well-liked ski resort with artificial snow conditions and maintained ski slopes lies in the heart of the Low Tatras, under Chopok hill (2024 metres over the sea level) and Dumbier hill (2043 metres over the sea level). Ski resort Tale features 6 lifts with a capacity of 4110 persons per hour, precisely maintained trails for demanding and less demanding skiers, snowboardcross track, slope reserved for beginners. The total length of artificial snow slopes is 2.77 km. Night skiing is on Fridays and Saturdays when there are 3 ski lifts and trails with a length of 1.5 km. Cross-country skiing...

Meander Ski Park Oravice Oravice

Meander Ski Park Oravice

Oravice (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Modern Meander Skipark Resort offers a unique combination of skiing and relaxing in pools with geothermal water. In the beautiful surroundings of the Western Tatras, in Oravice, on the northern Slovakia, visitors can fully enjoy the ride on perfectly prepared ski trails, and after skiing go into the wardrobe, to wear a bathing suit and relax in the swimming pool filled with hot thermal water. The most modern cable cars and ski lifts, wide and very well-groomed, artificially snow-covered trails, with varying degrees of difficulty will satisfy all skiers and snowboarders. There is a fast chair...

PARK SNOW Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso

PARK SNOW Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (region: High Tatras)

This Tatra resort that is, from skiing point of view, located highest, is situated above Tatranská Lomnica,  on the western foot of the Lomnický peak (2653 m). With its superelevation, area and quality of ski tracks it belongs among the best ski resorts with international importance. Two "black" marked slopes can be found here out of which it is particularly the extreme track No.4, called also the French mulda that offers a unique riding experience also to the most experienced skiers. The resort is connected with Tatranská Lomnica by cableway and by middle difficulty ski track in total...

Salamandra Ski Resort Banská Štiavnica

Salamandra Ski Resort

Banská Štiavnica (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

The newly opened Ski Salamandra Resort is situated in the middle of the unique nature of Štiavnické Hills near the historical town of Banská Štiavnica. Modern and technically high-quality resort in the village Hodruša-Hámre provides skiers ideal possibilities for sports activities on moderate slope in the beautiful environment with an exceptional historical heritage. Salamandra resort is the second southernmost resort in Slovakia. This makes it the closest ski resort with affordable lift for skiers from the western and southern Slovakia. Thanks to the northwest slope orientation it is...

Ski Resort Bacova Roven Vyšná Boca

Ski Resort Bacova Roven

Vyšná Boca (area: Čertovica, region: Liptov)

Ski Resort Bacova Roven is located in the Low Tatras in the village Vysna Boca, next to Hotel Barbora. Its area offers a well-maintained ski slopes. The resort has slopes with a total length of 1.96 km, 3 lifts with lengths of 900, 900, 160 metres (baby lift) with a capacity of 1800 persons / hour. Trails are technically snowed and daily maintained. Skiers can take advantage of night skiing.

Ski resort ČERTOVICA Vyšná Boca

Ski resort ČERTOVICA

Vyšná Boca (area: Čertovica, region: Liptov)

This popular ski resort lies 18 km south from Liptovský Hrádok, the airport in Poprad is 65 km from it. The ski slopes range on the boundary of middle and eastern part the Low Tatras National Park. An important road communication through the main mountain range of the Low Tatras goes through Čertovica saddleback. The ski season lasts 120 days in average and lasts from the 15th December to the 15th April. Except possibilities for classic skiing there are conditions also for track skiing and ski tourism. Wide range of services is secured by accommodation and catering facilities, also a ski...

Ski resort Gugel Mlynky

Ski resort Gugel

Mlynky (area: Palcmanska Masa, region: Spis)

SKI Gugel Centre is the largest ski resort in the Slovak Paradise with artificial snow. It offers a beautiful view of the surrounding scenery. You will find here 3 ski slopes, 3 lifts, as well as 11 km of cross-country trails. The resort is located in the village Mlynky, on the northern slopes of the peak Kruhova. You can use an advantage of a night skiing possibility. Total transport capacity of the lifts is 1350 persons per hour. Resort comes with 6 groomed slopes of which 2460 metres of length are covered with artificial snow. Beyond the ski trails, the Ski resort Gugel offers ski service,...



Košická Belá (area: Ruzinska priehrada, region: Kosice and surroundings)

Ski area Resort ZUBEREC - JANOVKY Zuberec

Ski area Resort ZUBEREC - JANOVKY

Zuberec (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

The ski resort is located in the village Zuberec in Janovky site. It is designed for all skiers and offers ideal conditions for family skiing. Slopes areas are without vegetation and the artificial snow allows skiing even in periods when there is not enough snow. Next to the ski lift there is a parking lot with a capacity of 130 spaces. Due to the location of the ski resort, guests, staying in Zuberec, have a great advantage - the possibility to access on foot.