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HINT Bojnice Castle Bojnice

Bojnice Castle

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Bojnice Castle belongs to the most beautiful and the most visited castles in Central Europe. It is sought after by many visitors from all around the world. The castle is towering at the foot of Strazov Uplands on a travertine hill above the town Bojnice. It is one of the oldest and the most important castles in Slovakia. The first written note of its existence comes back to 1113, it was found in a document of Zobor abbey. Bojnice Castle is a national culture heritage and a residence of museum. There are culture and social events held in the area of the castle, e.g. concerts of classical music...

HINT Mysterium Bojnice Bojnice

Mysterium Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Mysterium Bojnice offers fun puzzle games for a wide range of people of different age groups. These games are called escape room games.You can expect puzzles, keys, fun riddles and interesting stories. Mysterium was the first who brought these games to our region a few years ago and thus it´s quality is not only tested by time but also proven by thousands of satisfied visitors. Mystical, cryptic and fun environments await you together with your new unsual experience! The selection of games is divided into indoor escape rooms and outdoor escape rooms Indoor escape room This type of game...

Museum of Prehistory - Prepoštská jaskyňa Cave Bojnice

Museum of Prehistory - Prepoštská jaskyňa Cave

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Bojnice is considered a jewel of the primeval history, the most valuable Neanderthal prehistoric man site in Slovakia. Museum of prehistory located on the original site inhabited with Neanderthals in prehistoric times (area of the travertine Prepost cave), in an interesting form elucidates their life: which stone tools they were able to produce, what they ate, how they hunted animals, what they wore, how they your shared work in prehistoric gang in order to survive ... Archeologists consider Bojnice as the richest Paleolithic site of Slovak history. Amount of chipped stone tools were discovered...

Ski resort Fačkovské sedlo Kľačno

Ski resort Fačkovské sedlo

Kľačno (area: Fačkovské sedlo, region: Upper Neutra)

Ski resort Skiarena Fačkovské Sedlo - Kľak is a major tourist centre of the Upper Nitra Basin. It is located in the mountain massif of Malá Fatra, about 26 km from Prievidza on the road connecting the south and north of Slovakia. The resort offers excellent conditions for hiking, downhill and cross country skiing. There are 4 ski lifts with total capacity of 1600 persons per hour. Two children's ski lifts have a length of 300 m. The lower slopes are equipped with artificial snowing technology. These are especially suitable for children, beginners and ski courses. The resort has a large free...

Zoo Bojnice Bojnice

Zoo Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

The oldest zoo garden in Slovakia is situated next to dominant Bojnice Castle in beautiful nature. It covers area of 42 hectares and it was established in 1955. Hundreds of thousand guests visit it and look over its expositions every year. On the grounds of Zoo Bojnice you can see about 270 species of bred animals and over 2 600 individuals from the smallest fish in aquarium up to the largest African elephants in their pavilion. Many wild freely living species of birds and small mammals are very interesting. The Zoo in Bojnice opens daily all over the year. From the beginning up to the present...

Arakovo Bojnice Bojnice

Arakovo Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Bencovje homestead Bojnice

Bencovje homestead

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Bojnice Castle Cave Bojnice

Bojnice Castle Cave

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Bojnice Castle Cave is a natural travertine cave with a diameter of 22 m and a height of 6 m, located 26 meters below the level of the fourth courtyard of the Bojnice Castle. The cave was formed by effects of atmospheric precipitation of water that flowed in here through craters and outside cracks in the middle of the travertine. In the cave there are two ponds, which are probably linked to others in other underground areas which this travertine heap is rich in. foto:

Escape room Bojnice - The mystery of the pink panther Bojnice

Escape room Bojnice - The mystery of the pink panther

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

The escape game in Bojnice offers great fun, suspense and adventure for families, friends or colleagues of all ages. The most famous and rarest diamond in the world - the pink panther stored in the Bojnice Museum has been looted! All the tracks lead to the world-famous art hunter - Al Tornado, who is already responsible for several successful thefts around the world. Your task will be to help Inspector Clus investigate the case, solve all the tasks, deal with the traps and escape from Tornado's residence with the found diamond. You will have to do all this within 60 minutes. Our escape...

Agama Golf club Koš

Agama Golf club

Koš (region: Upper Neutra)

The Agama golf area is situated 3 km from Prievidza and Bojnice in the village of Koš. It is situated in silent surroundings. Directly from the terrace, there is a wonderful view on the Bojnický castle. It offers 19 driving ranges; out of this four are indoor. You can train here long drives (unlimited length), short drives on various targets (barrels, flags, net). Further, a green and a bunker are at disposal, training circle for improving one´s swing out. What is advantageous about our driving is that one can play here any time that suits you, as we have a ball automat. It is enough if you...

Golf Club Bojnice Sebedražie

Golf Club Bojnice

Sebedražie (area: Vtáčnik, region: Upper Neutra)

The 9-hole course GOLF CLUB BOJNICE was opened on 2 September 2015. It is located in the Upper Nitra region, in Sebedražie, 6 km from Prievidza and 8 km from Bojnice. Together with the golf training center, it creates the conditions for independent play and uninterrupted training at the same time. The course can be found in a pleasant foothill environment at the foot of the Vtáčnik mountain range. It offers a golf training center with a 6-hole academy, chipping and putting green, a large shaped 18-hole High Tatra putting green and a new 9-hole mountain golf course with Scottish golf elements....

Gumi Land Bojnice Bojnice

Gumi Land Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Gumi land in Bojnice is a small amusement park full of inflatable attractions, which offers a lot of fun for children. Here you will find various inflatable bouncy castles, slides, boat or a small inflatable pond for the little ones. The attractions are covered, so you can visit the playground even in bad weather. There is also a buffet with a terrace. Entry to the amusement park is for a fee.

Hornonitriansky banský skanzen Sebedražie

Hornonitriansky banský skanzen

Sebedražie (area: Vtáčnik, region: Upper Neutra)

Sivý Kameň Castle Lehota pod Vtáčnikom

Sivý Kameň Castle

Lehota pod Vtáčnikom (area: Vtáčnik, region: Upper Neutra)

Uhrovec Castle Uhrovec

Uhrovec Castle

Uhrovec (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Uhrovec Castle ruins, towering at a height of 590 metres above sea level, on the side ridge of Nitricka Hills, located near the village Uhrovské Podhradie. The castle probably dates from the 13th century. It can be assumed that Matus Cak was involved in the construction development of the castle. In 1389 Emperor Sigismund donated the castle and vast possessions to Ctibor from Ctiborice, the richest tycoon of Western Slovakia, which extended the castle. In the 15th and 16th centuries the proprietary disputes were led and the castle frequently changed owners until it was gained by noble family...

Observatory Partizánske Partizánske

Observatory Partizánske

Partizánske (area: Tribec, region: Upper Neutra)

Certova Pec (Cave) Radošina

Certova Pec (Cave)

Radošina (area: Považský Inovec, region: Upper Neutra)

Certova Pec (Devil furnace) is a small karsts cave in the mountains Považský Inovec. Signs of the oldest cave settlements in Slovakia were found right in this cave. It was created by karstic alterations of dolomite limestone. The cave is 27 meters long and mutually interconnecting. It represents a precious archaeological and paleontological site with evidence of multiple Paleolithic settlements. The cave is situated in the cadastral territory of the village Radosina, at the foot of the hill Nad Lipovcom, about 8 km from the town of Piestany on the road to Topoľčany, at altitude of 253 m...

Mitani Horse Riding Club - Kocurany Kocurany

Mitani Horse Riding Club - Kocurany

Kocurany (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)

Riding club Mitani is located in beautiful countryside in the village Kocurany, near the historical town of Bojnice. Club offers riding courses for beginners under the guidance of experienced instructors, horse riding for advanced as well as for children and adults or even walking and walking horseback riding in the nature of Upper Nitra and the surrounding area of Bojnice. The area of the club is a great place for families to spend a nice afternoon in beautiful countryside with horse riding opportunities.



Prievidza (region: Upper Neutra)

Summer swimming pool Dúha Partizánske

Summer swimming pool Dúha

Partizánske (area: Tribec, region: Upper Neutra)

Summer Swimming Pool Dúha (Rainbow) is located in Partizanske under the forest, near the sports hall and ice rink. The swimming pool resort offers: a large swimming pool, children's wading pool, relaxing sitting pool, pool with attractions – water slides, beach volleyball court and sandpits. Swimming pool was declared as the best regional swimming pool in Slovakia in 2004. Pools characteristic Pools Depth Temperature swimming 120 - 180 cm 26 - 31 °C relaxing 100 cm 28 - 31 °C children's 0 - 25 cm 28...

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