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Tesárske Mlyňany (area: Tribec, region: Lower Nitra )

The arboretum Mlyňany is an always green park - a botanical garden in the neighbourhood of Zlaté Moravce, in the cadaster of villages Tesárske Mlyňany and Vieska nad Žitavou. It keeps the biggest collection of wood species in Slovakia. The arboretum was established in the year 1892 by the Ugrian lord Dr.Štefan Ambrózy-Migazzi. After the wedding with Antonia Migazzi he got a manor in Mlyňany, later he purchased woods in Vieska nad Žitavou, he made a castle and a tower to be built here. As a motive to establish the arboretum served his often trips and stay in the middle of the rich vegetation...

Breznica Castle Ruins Tekovská Breznica

Breznica Castle Ruins

Tekovská Breznica (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

Breznica Castle ruins are located on the Hill Hrádok, southeast of the village Tekovská Breznica. It is bounded with Chválenska valley from the north and Priesilska Valley from the south. Location allowed viewing of the historic "Slovak Gate" the Abbey in Hronský Beňadik and on the 7 km distant Nová Baňa.



Velčice (area: Tekov, region: Lower Nitra )



Jelenec (area: Tribec, region: Lower Nitra )

Gýmeš is a castle ruin on the southern slope of the Tribeč Mountains, approximately 5 km north of the village of Jelenec (Gýmeš). It is one of the family castles of the Forgách family - along with the Galicia Castle. The castle was built in the years 1253-1270 on the site of the old fort. In the 15th century was carried out extensive construction, they were built new palaces and vast fortification. Work on defense facilities continued in the 16th century, when the entrance to the castle built a large tower trapezoidal ground plan and cylindrical tower. Increased labor, fees and taxes resulted...

Observatory Partizánske Partizánske

Observatory Partizánske

Partizánske (area: Tribec, region: Upper Neutra)

Horse riding center SEDLO  Veľké Pole

Horse riding center SEDLO

Veľké Pole (area: Tribec, region: Pohronie)

Sedlo (Saddle) Equestrian and Riding centre surrounded by nature is situated at an altitude of 600 m asl, in the middle of Veľké Pole mountain pass, between the towns Partizánske and Žarnovica. In summer you get a sight of it from afar thanks to a huge herd of grazing horses. Services include horseback riding and walks in the surroundings, riding on carriage or directly on horseback. For beginners as well as for advanced riders there are lessons with a driving instructor, guiding the horse riding for children or adults. The horses of Slovak sport pony breed which are bred here are a big...

Topoľčianky Manor House and Castle Topoľčianky

Topoľčianky Manor House and Castle

Topoľčianky (area: Tekov, region: Lower Nitra )

The village of Topoľčianky, which is located north of the western Slovak town of Zlaté Moravce at the foothill of the Tribeč Mountains, boasts an extensive English garden, which features a picturesque Classicist-style manor house that forms the southern wing of an old castle. The area originally featured a Gothic-style water castle and later a Renaissance fortress. At the outset of the 19th century, the then owner of the castle Count Ján Keglevich pulled down the southern Renaissance tract of the castle built and replaced it with a Classicist one, which is considered one of the purest and...

SAINT GEORGE'S SMALL CHURCH Kostoľany pod Tribečom


Kostoľany pod Tribečom (area: Tekov, region: Lower Nitra )

Summer swimming pool Dúha Partizánske

Summer swimming pool Dúha

Partizánske (area: Tribec, region: Upper Neutra)

Summer Swimming Pool Dúha (Rainbow) is located in Partizanske under the forest, near the sports hall and ice rink. The swimming pool resort offers: a large swimming pool, children's wading pool, relaxing sitting pool, pool with attractions – water slides, beach volleyball court and sandpits. Swimming pool was declared as the best regional swimming pool in Slovakia in 2004. Pools characteristic Pools Depth Temperature swimming 120 - 180 cm 26 - 31 °C relaxing 100 cm 28 - 31 °C children's 0 - 25 cm 28...

Appony Castle Oponice

Appony Castle

Oponice (area: Tribec, region: Lower Nitra )

Oponice Castle is a ruin of a castle dating from the 13th century. The castle gradually belonged to Matúš Čák, Mikuláš Gutkeled, Dezider Kaplay and Mikuláš Ewrs. In 1430 the castle was conquered and damaged by Hussite troops, but it was repaired immediately. It gradually fell into the hands of increasingly poor owners, who restored it during the 16th and early 17th centuries as part of the anti-Turkish defense, but with great financial difficulties. Thanks to these adjustments, he resisted the Turkish onslaught. Disputes over the Apponyi's property between the two brothers contributed to...

Ranch Y Solčany

Ranch Y

Solčany (area: Tribec, region: Upper Neutra)

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