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Uhrovec Castle

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Uhrovec - area: Strazov Mountains - region: Upper Neutra

Type of interest: Ruins of castles and forts

Uhrovec Castle ruins, towering at a height of 590 metres above sea level, on the side ridge of Nitricka Hills, located near the village Uhrovské Podhradie.

The castle probably dates from the 13th century. It can be assumed that Matus Cak was involved in the construction development of the castle. In 1389 Emperor Sigismund donated the castle and vast possessions to Ctibor from Ctiborice, the richest tycoon of Western Slovakia, which extended the castle.

In the 15th and 16th centuries the proprietary disputes were led and the castle frequently changed owners until it was gained by noble family Zay. In the Renaissance the castle stood aside from the centres of major hostilities. Castle avoided Turkish conquests as well as internal unrests that severely affected the surrounding territory. Zay Family focused their life in a comfortable and monumentally laid mansion in Uhrovec and they keep only the guard and farm buildings in the castle. It was gradually turned into a ruin. In the 18th century, the castle slowly lost importance, as the owners did not dwelt there.

In 2004 a part of the masonry disturbed with erosion that changed storied building towering front of the gate had fallen. Today, the Foundation for Cultural Heritage Preservation is interested in rescuing the ruins of the castle.

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Address Uhrovské Podhradie,
956 41 Uhrovec
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GPS N48.7543°
Date of last change 07. 05. 2020
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