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HINT Ski Tatranská Lomnica Tatranská Lomnica

Ski Tatranská Lomnica

Tatranská Lomnica (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

You can enjoy a great skiing on the slopes of Lomnicky Peak in Tatranska Lomnica down in the highest and best equipped ski resorts of Slovak Republic. Ski Resort Tatranska Lomnica in the heart of the High Tatras offers the longest ski slope in Slovakia. If you let yourself taken with lift to the top of the ski resort, you will have more than 5 km of slopes and elevation 1300 m to the bottom station in front of you. The trails for skiers are ranging up to almost 2200 metres, in the part of Lomnica Saddle (Lomnicke sedlo). The total length of ski slopes in Tatranská Lomnica is almost 12 km....

HINT Pedal Planet - Gallery of pedal cars Nová Polianka

Pedal Planet - Gallery of pedal cars

Nová Polianka (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

Pedal Planet in Nová Polianka is one of the largest private collections of pedal cars in Europe. More than 110 exhibits from the total of 300 pieces are divided into six main groups in the Tatra Gallery. The gallery can be found in the High Tatras in Nová Polianka, between the tourist resorts of Starý Smokovec and Štrbské Pleso. Unique cars are divided by country of origin. A large part of the collection consists of favorite and rare Formula 1 cars and Indianapolis leading brands. There are models of Porsche, Mercedes or Jaguar. Fans of Formula 1 will be delighted with a corner dedicated...

AQUACITY POPRAD Poprad - Spišská Sobota


Poprad - Spišská Sobota (region: High Tatras)

Aquacity Poprad is a modern area of relaxation-sportive type, where crystal clear geothermal water with whole-year activity and unique sight on High Tatras dominates. Direct entrance to pool through pass-on corridor allows bathing in every weather condition. Vitalcentrum plays dominant role in segment of relaxation and spa services, that is able to offer relaxation services as well as medical and rehabilition services. Accommodation will be secured in hotel and Apartman houses. Thermal water that springs from the depth of earth is cooled down to 36-28 °C. Among services of Aquacity belong -...

Treetop walk Bachledka  Ždiar

Treetop walk Bachledka

Ždiar (area: Bachledova walley, region: High Tatras)

The Treetop walk Bachledka islocated in Bachledova Valley in Zdiar. It offers views of the Belianske Tatras from the 32 meter high tower and the unique scenery of Pieniny and Zamaguria. The walkway is 1.8 km long with an elevation of 300 m. A route with a length of more than 600 m will lead you through the species-rich forest, where you can expect various surprises and lessons. Here you will find a wealth of information boards, from which you will find interesting information about the fauna, flora and life of local forests, their protection and the devastating power of the weather. During the...

Kiting Kite Ride Veľká Lomnica

Kiting Kite Ride

Veľká Lomnica (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

Poprad-Tatry Airport Poprad

Poprad-Tatry Airport

Poprad (region: High Tatras)

Poprad-Tatry international airport (718 metres above sea level) is all year round visited by private and business flights, mainly from Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, as well as aeroclubs and flight training schools. Thanks to the geographical location Poprad-Tatry airport has got excellent weather conditions, it is often above fog layer and therefore utilized by diverting planes formerly heading to Košice, Sliač, Žilina or even to Bratislava as an alternate airport. The airport is surrounded by beautiful nature (four National Parks are in the vicinity), mountain creeks and lakes, caves,...

Liptov Village Museum Pribylina

Liptov Village Museum

Pribylina (area: Račková Walley, region: Liptov)

Museum of Liptov Village in Pribylina, the youngest museum in Slovakia was opened in 1991. The open-air museum differs from other museums in Slovakia by the fact that in addition to objects of wooden folk architecture, there are built homes of higher social classes of the this region in the past. The settlement structure is similar to larger Liptov municipalities with town privileges and prerogatives. In the middle of the village there is a large open space called rínok where residents gathered and where the markets and fairs were held. The open-air museum features Gothic-Renaissance mansion...

PARK SNOW Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso

PARK SNOW Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (region: High Tatras)

This Tatra resort that is, from skiing point of view, located highest, is situated above Tatranská Lomnica,  on the western foot of the Lomnický peak (2653 m). With its superelevation, area and quality of ski tracks it belongs among the best ski resorts with international importance. Two "black" marked slopes can be found here out of which it is particularly the extreme track No.4, called also the French mulda that offers a unique riding experience also to the most experienced skiers. The resort is connected with Tatranská Lomnica by cableway and by middle difficulty ski track in total...

Ski centrum Strednica Ždiar Ždiar

Ski centrum Strednica Ždiar

Ždiar (area: Belianske Tatras, region: High Tatras)

Ski resort Strednica has a total of 9 lifts with capacity of 6,080 persons per hour. Slopes have artificial lighting for night skiing. Winter landscape of Spisska Magura offers an ideal hiking on skis. The resort is suitable for families with children. Anyone interested in a good skiing you will surely enjoy its ski trails. The ski area is situated 39 km from Poprad. It is easily accessible by car or public transport. Parking lot is directly at the resort. Surely every motorist will be pleased that parking at the resort is free. Ski resort Ždiar STREDNICA is in terms of transport capacity...

SKI Lopusna valley Svit

SKI Lopusna valley

Svit (area: Lopušná Walley, region: High Tatras)

The Lopusna valley is, thanks to its great location in the neighbourhood of the Low Tatras, only 2 km from Svit and 11 km from Poprad and thanks to great ski conditions, sought for by skiers as well as tourists from Slovakia and from abroad. The skiers will find in Lopušná valley a winter resort that is equipped very well, with great slopes, ski-lifts and with total capacity of approx. 2000 skiers per hour and also with quality services. ski-lift P 10 with capacity of 400 persons/hour. ski-lift 12 with capacity of 700 persons/hour. children transportable ski-lift No.1 with capacity...

Ski resort Snowpark Lucivna Lučivná

Ski resort Snowpark Lucivna

Lučivná (area: Lopušná Walley, region: High Tatras)

Ski resort Snowpark Lučivná is situated in the immediate vicinity of the village Lučivná. The area offers 4 ski lifts, including one child’s ski lift, ski and snowmobile rental and 5km long downhill ski tracks. Visitors can try snow tubing attraction - riding on inflated inner tube. Night skiing can be enjoyed on Fridays and Saturdays from 17:30 to 20:30. The resort comes also with ski school, organizing races and competitions for ski trips and companies, or the possibility of reserving a lift and slope for tours or schools.

Marmots at Pleso Štrbské Pleso

Marmots at Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (region: High Tatras)

The 6th annual event Marmots at Pleso - Family adventure competition will be held in the High Tatras in Strbske Pleso on penultimate holiday weekend 27-28.august 2016. Sports - education competition is particularly suitable for children aged 6-12 years. There are 20 competing disciplines prepared for them. Every child who completes at least 10 stations receives gifts and each child who completed all 20 stations, acquires SKIPAS in December 2016. For at least 10 completed stations - the opportunity to participate in the raffle.

Thermal park VRBOV Vrbov

Thermal park VRBOV

Vrbov (area: Levoca Mountains, region: Spis)

The thermal spa complex in Vrbov is located below the High Tatras, 7 km from Kežmarok and 13 km from Poprad. The thermal water in the pools of Thermlapark Vrbov is said to be the most healing in Central Europe, because it has a beneficial effect on the treatment of up to 12 diseases and is also suitable for drinking. It has a beneficial effect on diseases of joint rheumatism and inflammation, heart diseases, post-infarction conditions, vascular diseases and asthma. Geothermal water contains minerals important for the human body. The Vrbov thermal swimming pool provides the possibility of swimming...

Aplend Adventure Golf Veľký Slavkov

Aplend Adventure Golf

Veľký Slavkov (region: High Tatras)

Aplend Adventure Golf is located in Velky Slavkov under the High Tatras. The golf course is part of the APLEND Tatry Holiday Resort. Adventure Golf is basically normal golf only in a smaller area. It is played on artificial golf grass with golf clubs for wandering or mini golf hammers and a golf ball. The golf course in Veľký Slavkov consists of 18 holes. The golf course in Veľký Slavkov consists of 18 holes. Adventure golf can be played by individuals or groups of players. The game develops concentration, patience, motor skills, but also promotes competition. You will experience the...

Bachledka Ski&Sun Ždiar

Bachledka Ski&Sun

Ždiar (area: Belianske Tatras, region: High Tatras)

Bachledka Ski & Sun is located on the ridge of Spisska Magura from where you have a wonderful panoramic view of Belian Tatras, just 30 km north of Poprad. It lies within the territory of three municipalities - Zdiar, Jezersko and Mala Frankova, and access to the resort is possible from of all of them. Family Ski Resort Bachledova is unique in Slovakia, as it offers the opportunity to ski in three different valleys from all directions, and a fantastic family skiing as well as season-long snow guarantee. Covered with artificial snow, altogether there is 9.5 kilometres of ski slopes. The resort...

Belianska Cave Tatranská Kotlina

Belianska Cave

Tatranská Kotlina (area: Belianske Tatras, region: High Tatras)

The Belianska Cave, known by gold seekers as early as the first half of the 18th century, is located in an attractive environment of the Tatra National Park, in the eastern part of the national nature reserve Belianske Tatry. Pagoda stalagmites and flowstone waterfalls more than 50 m long dominate the show path. The cave is located on the northern slope of the Kobylí Hill in the eastern part of the Belianske Tatras Mts. It lies in the national nature reserve Belianske Tatras within the territory of the Tatra National Park. Forest road to the Belianska Cave leads from the Tatranská Kotlina...

Botanical Garden - Exposition Of Tatra Nature Tatranská Lomnica

Botanical Garden - Exposition Of Tatra Nature

Tatranská Lomnica (region: High Tatras)

Botanical garden is situated on the northern-eastern boundary of Tatranská Lomnica in High Tatras, next to the Hotel Sorea Titris. It is located on the territory of 3,2 ha. The visitor can see here 270 types of Tatra plants growing on various biotopes, some of them are possible to be purchased in form of seedlings or seeds. In the Exposition of Tatra nature also a small geological area can be found and a memorial place devoted to those who enforced and realized the idea of Tatra National Park. Open hours 2019 (open daily): 03.05.2019 – 31.08.2019 09:00 – 17:00 01.09.2019...

Bungee Jumping Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso

Bungee Jumping Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (region: High Tatras)

Boating on Štrbské Pleso Štrbské Pleso

Boating on Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso (area: High Tatras mountains, region: High Tatras)

Boating at Štrbské pleso was renewed in 2008 after 30 years. Boat rental is available daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm during the summer. For clients there are 7 wooden stylish boats, which are built at the pier. There is also the possibility of using the services of a private rower.

Dinopark Tatry Dolný Smokovec

Dinopark Tatry

Dolný Smokovec (area: Smokovec, region: High Tatras)