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Ski Park Rajecká Lesná

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Rajecká Lesná - area: Little Fatra, Rajecka dolina, Strazov Mountains - region: Upper Povazie

Type of interest: Ski resorts

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Chalet ZIAR and Cottages
0.59 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Guesthouse U HROMADOV
Guesthouse U HROMADOV Rajecka Lesna
Pension U Hromadov is located in the village of Rajecká Lesná, situated in the southern part of Rajecká...
5.06 km

from 17.50 €
(person / night)
Pension RODUS
Pension RODUS Rajecka Lesna
Pension Rodus is located in Rajecká Lesná. It offers accommodation in 15 rooms, training and celebrations,...
6.14 km

from 18.00 €
(person / night)
Holiday house BÔRKA
Holiday house BÔRKA Fackov
The Bôrka Holiday House is built in a traditional architectural style. It is located in the village...
8.33 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Pension DUBOVA
Pension DUBOVA Rajec
Pension Dubova is situated in the historical center of Rajec and offers cozy accommodation in the premises...
10.77 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Pension & Restaurant KLEOPATRA
Pension & Restaurant KLEOPATRA Kamenna Poruba
Pension and restaurant Kleopatra is located in the village of Kamenná Poruba, less than 4 km from Rajecké...
10.90 km

from 12.50 €
(person / night)
Mountain hotel Klak
Mountain hotel Klak Klacno
The Kľak Mountain Hotel offers comfortable accommodation in 50 acres of natural surroundings. There...
11.63 km

from 20.00 €
(person / night)
Private accommodation KUNERAD
12.02 km

from 8.00 €
(person / night)
Pension KUNERAD Rajecke Teplice
At a distance of 4 km from the town of Rajecké Teplice in the village Kunerad on the edge of forests...
12.49 km

from 20.00 €
(person / night)
Chalet Devena
Chalet Devena Valca
The wooden chalet Chata Devena is in the village of Valča, right in the Snowland Ski Park in the Valčianská...
12.62 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Hotel PARADISE Kunerad
The Hotel Paradise is located in the beautiful mountainous area of Mala Fatra on the outskirts of Kunerad....
12.67 km

from 7.50 €
(person / night)
Hotel IMPOZANT Valca
Amidst the picturesque nature of Mala Fatra in the Region Turiec, four-star Hotel Impozant situated in...
12.98 km

from 49.50 €
(person / night)
Hostel U YETIHO Valca
Hostel u Yetiho is located at the slopes of the Snowland Valcianska Valley and a golf course. The hostel...
13.11 km

from 15.00 €
(person / night)
Pension JAGER
Pension JAGER Rajecke Teplice
Pension Jager can be found in the village of Konská near to the baths in Rajecké Teplice.  It offers...
13.52 km

from 12.00 €
(person / night)
Vila VIKTORIA Rajecke Teplice
Vila Viktória is situated in a quiet area of spa Rajecké Teplice. The house offers beautiful views...
15.21 km

from 18.00 €
(person / night)
Address 013 15 Rajecka Lesna
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GPS N49.02474°
Date of creation 19. 07. 2013
Date of last change 10. 11. 2015
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