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Štúrovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The recreation complex VADAŠ THERMAL ŠTÚROVO is well known even abroad. Thanks to its 10,000 person capacity, refurbished swimming pools of variable size, indoor swimming pool, rebuilt buffets and sporting facilities it provides ideal conditions for relaxation to all fans of sun and water. In the swimming complex you can find 7 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, including a massage pool (spa tub), external all-year sitting pool and a unique swimming pool with artificial waves, the only one in Slovakia, a Lagoon with an area of 3800 m2. The pools are supplied with thermal water from the depth...

HINT Aquapark Patince Patince

Aquapark Patince

Patince (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The area of Wellness Hotel Patince includes water and sauna world as well as outdoor summer pools. In some pools there is thermal water from private spring. Thermal springs in Patince have a long tradition that goes back to Roman times. The thermal water has a beneficial therapeutic effect on the musculoskeletal system. Water Park can be found in the swimming pool Patince in south western Slovakia, 15 km from the town of Komarno. Water World Indoor pool world consists of several pools. Large relaxation pool with a water depth of 1.2 meters and water attractions is the dominant of the indoor...

HINT Sunny Lakes Senec Senec

Sunny Lakes Senec

Senec (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Sunny Lakes Resort in Senec are among the most visited summer resorts in Slovakia. The area, which is divided into northern and southern bank of the lake, is located approximately 25 km from Bratislava. The lake is about 2,200 long, the average width is about 400 m and its area is 100 ha. Visitors will find great opportunities for accommodation, which is providing by hotels, pensions, various cottages, as well as campsites. For lovers of sport activities there in addition to swimming are available beach-volleyball court, tennis courts, sport equipment rental, playground, and football field with...

HINT Thermal swimming pool Komárno Komárno

Thermal swimming pool Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal spa in Komarno is built on an area of 2.5 hectares. Its mineral water has healing powers to joints, rheumatism and feminine diseases and is suitable for recreational and leisure purposes. The area has two active source (spring) of a water with a temperature of 42 °C and 30 °C. In the summer part of the area there are sports pool, two children's pools, a pool for non-swimmers and sitting pool. The resort comes with beach areas and playgrounds. In the all-year-round part there are two saunas with pool, sitting pool with thermal water, rehabilitation gym and fitness-centre with special...

HINT Thermal swimming pool PATINCE Patince

Thermal swimming pool PATINCE

Patince (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

This recreation centre is located 17 kilometres from Komarno in direction to Sturovo. It is also the most southern village in Slovakia. The spa is situated in the area of the longest sunshine and the highest air temperature recorded in Slovakia. The spa centre was built around a thermal spring spewing from the depth of 180-200 metres and it is 27°C. Apart from the rich and various vegetation the spa centre has sunbathing areas, sport and relaxation as well as children's swimming pool (200 sq. metres). An artificial lake 1.4 hectare large is used for water sports, boating and ride of water bicycles....

HINT Thermal Spa in Podhajska Podhájska

Thermal Spa in Podhajska

Podhájska (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

This popular thermal spa is called a small Slovak sea. Its thermal water is salty and has miraculous healthy effects to rheumatism, arthritis, back pains, joints diseases, vascular system, eczemas, diseases of bronchial tube and respiratory system. It contains sulphates, lithium, iodides, bromides, calcium compounds and beneficially affects to after-treatment procedures of fractures, reduces pains and stimulates thyroid gland. Spa resort in Podhajska is suitable for weekly stays, package tours, swimming courses or even regeneration stays for athletes. Join a number of tourists and vacationers...

HINT Thermal Nesvady Nesvady

Thermal Nesvady

Nesvady (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal Nesvady is located in Nesvady in the district of Komárno in the Danubian Lowland in southwestern Slovakia. Nové Zámky is 9 km from the thermal swimming pool, and Komárno is 23 km away. Geothermal water in Nesvady with its composition and properties have a positive effect on the human body, especially on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin and to strengthen the immune system. The thermal pool has 4 year-round pools and two more during the summer season.

HINT Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder Veľký Meder

Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder

Veľký Meder (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal spa Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder situated on 14.7 hectares of picturesque surroundings of grove offers possibilities for nice walks along maintained paths in the forest. The spa offers services in combined outdoor and indoor swimming pool all over the year. There are various swimming pools available in the centre, a large beach, solarium, children's playground, massage, two toboggans, mini-golf course and beach volleyball ground. Chemical content of geothermal water has beneficial effects on joint illnesses, back pains as well as muscle tiredness. It also has generally good affect on body...



Dunajská Streda (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

THERMALPARK in Dunajská Streda belongs among the most popular and the most visited recreational resorts of the Rye Island. The healing thermal water, a park, a lakelet, pools, a restaurant, buffets, a hotel, pension and a camp – this all is offered by it to its visitors who long for careless relax and fun. Mineralized thermal water swimming pool has excellent effects on musculoskeletal diseases. Visitors can look forward to new toboggan world with seven slides, a 211-meter slide surface, where not only children but also adults will experience a fantastic fun. The swimming pool area offers...

Aquapark SENEC Senec

Aquapark SENEC

Senec (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

The recreation-relaxation water world is situated in the well known summer resort of Sunny Lakes in Senec. Thanks to its destination and situation it offers all-year-round relief in the beautiful surroundings of the visited summer resort nearby important road strokes. Aquapark offers to its visitors warm water in 9 basins of various temperature and size all year round. The water world has indoor and outdoor part, what means functioning all year through. The indoor part that offers its services also in winter time, has two upper floors. In the basin hall there is a recreational basin with attractions...

Ava Thermalpark Diakovce Diakovce

Ava Thermalpark Diakovce

Diakovce (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie)

The newly renovated Ava Thermalpark Diakovce opened its doors on June 17, 2022. It has five pools with recirculation, two of which are relaxation pools equipped with jets, water jets and a bubble bath, a hot pool with gentle massage seats with a water temperature of 36° C, swimming pool 25 meters long with swimming lanes and starting blocks. One of the biggest attractions is a large children's pool with a huge water castle and attractions, 9-meter slides with a 100-meter slide and access. All pools and attractions are fully automated with the latest technology using geothermal water. You can...

Cachtice Castle Čachtice

Cachtice Castle

Čachtice (area: Little Carpathians, region: Stredne Povazie)

The Čachtice castle hill has been settled already in the prehistoric age. It is proved by findings of various objects that were excavated directly on the courtyards of the castle or nearby the walls. The castle perks on the dolomite hill above the village of Višňové. The first written reference about the castle has been preserved from 1276, when it belonged among the royal frontier fortresses. It was shortly owned also by Matthew Czak from Trenčín. In 1392, Ctibor from Ctiborice became its owner. After that the castle has changed its owners very frequently, until it has been gained by the...

MARINA - The Danube boat trips Patince

MARINA - The Danube boat trips

Patince (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

During the trip you would be able to see the beautiful nature surroundings with preserved remains of the forests, or you can see small islands with cormorant nests. There is a possibility to have some refreshing alcohol and non-alcohol drinks on the boat. PRICE: adult person 8,- € child up to 15 years 4,- € child up to 6 years free of charge To make a boat trip it is necessary to have at least 15 persons. For more information feel free to ask at the reception of the Wellness Hotel Patince: +421 35/790

Thermal Spa VINCOV LES Sládkovičovo

Thermal Spa VINCOV LES

Sládkovičovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie)

Thermal spa Vincov Les located in Sládkovičovo in western Slovakia, 7 km from Galanta and 18 km from the town of Senec, has thermal spring with water temperature 61 °C. Outdoor swimming pool complex offers two recreational pools, swimming pool, quiet pool, which is open even in winter weekends, and a children's pool. In the recreation pool there is held Aqua-aerobic that has a great popularity among the visitors. The depth of the water in these pools is 1.3 meters and the water temperature is 28 °C. The swimming pool is 50 x 20 m and its depth is from 1.7 m to 1.8 m, water temperature...

Adventure MINIGOLF Podhájska Podhájska

Adventure MINIGOLF Podhájska

Podhájska (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

The 9-hole Adventure Minigolf Podhájska course can be found on Senčianská Street 2/130 in Podhájska. The attraction is suitable for all ages - children, youth, adults and seniors. If you come on holiday to Podhájská, be sure to try this game and have fun in a pleasant environment.

Agrokomplex Nitra Nitra

Agrokomplex Nitra

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

Basilika in Esztergom Štúrovo

Basilika in Esztergom

Štúrovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The most famous monument of Esztergom is the world-famous basilica. The basilica is 118 m long and 40 m wide, the internal height of the dome is 71.6 m. Its front is decorated with eight 22 m high Corinthian columns. The present basilica, which dominates the city, was initiated in 1822 at the initiative of the Slovak Archbishop Alexander Rudnay. It was solemnly consecrated on August 31, 1856 and fully completed in 1869. It was built according to the model of St. Peter in Rome on the site of the former cathedral church, which was devastated in 1543. An important part of the complex are two side...

Biskupský palác Nitra

Biskupský palác

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

Diecézne múzeum nitrianskeho biskupstva Nitra

Diecézne múzeum nitrianskeho biskupstva

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

Andrej Bagar Theatre Nitra

Andrej Bagar Theatre

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra )

Andrej Bagar Theatre in Nitra has been operating since 1949; it is named since 1979 according to Andrej Bagar. Since 1992 it plays in one of the largest and most modern theatre buildings in Slovakia. The first Nitra's theatre was built in 1883 with a capacity of 360 seats. The building stood on the area of the current theatre of it served to the public until its destruction by air bomb in World War II. For theatrical purposes adapted area served since December 1949 - a full 43 years. At present, Old Theatre acts in this building acts. In 1979, the Nitra Regional Theatre was named after Andrej...