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Cachtice Castle

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Čachtice - area: Little Carpathians, Danubian Lowland - region: Stredne Povazie

Type of interest: Castles, chateaus, Ruins of castles and forts

The Čachtice castle hill has been settled already in the prehistoric age. It is proved by findings of various objects that were excavated directly on the courtyards of the castle or nearby the walls. The castle perks on the dolomite hill above the village of Višňové. The first written reference about the castle has been preserved from 1276, when it belonged among the royal frontier fortresses. It was shortly owned also by Matthew Czak from Trenčín. In 1392, Ctibor from Ctiborice became its owner. After that the castle has changed its owners very frequently, until it has been gained by the Nádasdys.

On the Čachtický castle the biggest mass killer of our times lived /based on some sources even of the whole world/ Elisabeth Báthory (1560 - 1614), the wife of district administrator and chief captain of the Ugrian army, Ferenc Nádasdy. During more than a quarter of a century - since 1585 to 1610 – she killed on her property, mainly on Čachtický castle more than 600 young girls. Based on the legend, she used to bath in the blood of young girls in order that she preserves her beauty and youth. Everything was known about her acts from the beginning, her husband not only hided her crimes, but he himself watched his own sister to be tortured. The mass killings have lead to protest of the lieges and due to this, King Matthew II ordered to the Palatine George Thurzo to solve the crimes in 1610. Thurzo has caught Elisabeth Báthory at the act and she has been sentenced for perpetual jail on the Čachtický castle, where she died after 4 years. Some of the legends say that Elisabeth Báthory is walled up somewhere in the walls of the Čachtický castle, others say that she is buried under the Čachtický temple. However, there are also such legends which say that the Čachtic lady appears to the visitors of the castle to lead them to the snake with a golden key that will lead them to hidden treasures.

One can get under the castle by car or by bike on an asphalt road from the Main square of Čachtice (3 km) and continue on foot (5 min) or on foot directly from the village of Višňové (30 min).

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Address 916 21 Čachtice
Phone +421 32... Show contacts
Phone +421 32 74 010 17
GPS N48.72508°
Date of last change 04. 02. 2016
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