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Ava Thermalpark Diakovce Diakovce

Ava Thermalpark Diakovce

Diakovce (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie)

The newly renovated Ava Thermalpark Diakovce opened its doors on June 17, 2022. It has five pools with recirculation, two of which are relaxation pools equipped with jets, water jets and a bubble bath, a hot pool with gentle massage seats with a water temperature of 36° C, swimming pool 25 meters long with swimming lanes and starting blocks. One of the biggest attractions is a large children's pool with a huge water castle and attractions, 9-meter slides with a 100-meter slide and access. All pools and attractions are fully automated with the latest technology using geothermal water. You can...

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Distance: 6.16kmThermal Tour HORNÉ SALIBY Horné Saliby


Horné Saliby (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

The thermal swimming pool is situated in the plain, southern part of Slovakia, between Galanta and Šaľa regional towns. The originally unified area has been separated since 2001 to two separate thermal swimming pools. The area of the Horné Saliby swimming pool has been continuously developed and modernized in every field. For the lovers of warm thermal water three pools are at disposal: - Italian pool - 33x15 m, depth 1-1,5m, 28 ºC - Pool for the youth - 16x14m, depth 0,4-0,9m, 30ºC -...

Distance: 13.99kmKráľová Reservoir Šoporňa

Kráľová Reservoir

Šoporňa (region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

The Kráľová water dam, built on the Váh river, provides opportunities for windsurfing, yachting and water skiing, as well as recreational fishing. The Kráľová waterworks, also called Cascades, is located between Sereď and Šaľa on the river kilometer 44.2–78.6. The work was completed in 1985 for the purpose of energy use of Váh, flood protection of the adjacent area, for the extraction of gravel, as a reservoir of irrigation water, for navigating the section of Váh, for fish farming...

Distance: 16.15kmRanch na Striebornom jazere Galanta

Ranch na Striebornom jazere

Galanta (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

At Galanta you will find a well-equipped area for training and stables for horses. The ranch on Silver Lake deals with the breeding of American horse breeds, which are characterized by balanced nature, character and also beauty. Here you can see horses of different ages, from foals through school to sport horses. You can try horse riding lessons, suitable for beginners and advanced, all year round. What makes this ranch different from other ranches in Slovakia, the herd of cattle is intended for...

Distance: 20.57kmThermal Spa VINCOV LES Sládkovičovo

Thermal Spa VINCOV LES

Sládkovičovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

Thermal spa Vincov Les located in Sládkovičovo in western Slovakia, 7 km from Galanta and 18 km from the town of Senec, has thermal spring with water temperature 61 °C. Outdoor swimming pool complex offers two recreational pools, swimming pool, quiet pool, which is open even in winter weekends, and a children's pool. In the recreation pool there is held Aqua-aerobic that has a great popularity among the visitors. The depth of the water in these pools is 1.3 meters and the water temperature...

Distance: 21.40kmWatermill DUNAJSKÝ KLÁTOV Dunajský Klátov


Dunajský Klátov (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Dunajská Streda)

The water mill in Dunajská Klátov - it is the only cultural and technical monument in the Dunajská Streda district - is the last example of water mills that worked on Žitný ostrov. This mill has several specific properties. The first is that it is not located directly on the flow of the Little Danube, but on its arm - Klátovsky. Unlike the others, only the wheel and the drive part are located in a wooden outbuilding, the mill itself is brick. The mill was built in 1920 by Ján Csefalvay and...

Distance: 22.99kmThermalPark Nitrava Poľný Kesov

ThermalPark Nitrava

Poľný Kesov (region: Lower Nitra , District: Nitra)

Open all year round Thermalpark Nitrava is located near the city of Nitra in the village of Polny Kesov. Pleasant environment area full of trees and greenery is waiting for visitors. Beneficial thermal water is a few chlorinated. Its often-replacement guarantees minimum contamination. The water has a beneficial effect on the locomotor’s system, central nervous system, the regeneration of joints, rheumatism and post-traumatic conditions. Modern swimming pool hall offers several types of pools: Adventure...

Distance: 24.13kmTermálne kúpalisko TVRDOŠOVCE Tvrdošovce

Termálne kúpalisko TVRDOŠOVCE

Tvrdošovce (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

You can also find the thermal swimming pool in the village of Tvrdošovce, which is situated in the south of Western Slovakia. Since the village is located in the Danubian lowlands, its surroundings are flat. It is located 12 km north of the district town of Nové Zámky, towards the town of Šaľa. The area of the Tvrdošovce thermal swimming pool offers two pools - one swimming pool and one children's pool. There is a possibility of refreshments, you can rent a deck chair, but also wardrobes....

Distance: 24.65kmThermal swimming pool TOPOĽNÍKY Topoľníky

Thermal swimming pool TOPOĽNÍKY

Topoľníky (area: Zitny ostrov, region: Danubeland, District: Dunajská Streda)

The swimming pool is situated in village Topolniky in nice surroundings, at the distributary arm of Small Danube. It offers bathing in three pools. The thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on diseases of locomotive organs. Also a children playground, fitness, sauna, water therapy is at the visitors´ disposal. In the area and in its surroundings there are accommodation and catering possibilities. Opening hours: May, September – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. June, July, August –...

Distance: 26.30kmSedin Golf Resort Veľké Úľany

Sedin Golf Resort

Veľké Úľany (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Galanta)

18 hole golf course surrounded by forests Sedin Little Danube is situated in the Danube basin in the district of Galanta, near the village of Great Úľany. The resort offers a playground with a two-hole academy and training areas. The course includes water areas and forested parts. The resort is ideal for corporate events as well as amateur and professional golf tournaments. Playground with higher difficulty will offer you the opportunity to test your skills. For beginners, there is a training...

Distance: 27.26kmEkopark Relax Sládkovičovo

Ekopark Relax

Sládkovičovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

Distance: 28.67kmAirport Golf Club Šurany

Airport Golf Club

Šurany (area: Thermal bath Podhajska, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

Airport golf academy was built near Šurany on an area of 8 hectares. It is the first golf club in the Nitra region. The golf resort features a full 9-hole course, par 35 with a length of 2,500 metres, the new covered and lighted driving range with a length of 220 m, chipping area and putting green. Each season on the field several golf events and tournaments are held here. So do not miss the best golf experience. After a game of golf, you can relax in the comfort of a newly renovated clubhouse...

Distance: 28.89kmWhiteCrow Ranch Dunajská Streda

WhiteCrow Ranch

Dunajská Streda (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Dunajská Streda)

Distance: 30.27kmSLOVAKIA RING Orechová Potôň


Orechová Potôň (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Dunajská Streda)

Distance: 31.37kmMalkia Zoo Park Orechová Potôň

Malkia Zoo Park

Orechová Potôň (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Dunajská Streda)

Zoo Malkia Park is where you will find lots of interesting and rare animals and where you can relax and the whole family may have a great time. You can find it in southwestern Slovakia on Danubian Plain near the village of Orechová Potôň, next to the Slovakia Ring. It is located 9 km from Dunajska Streda and about 32 km from Podunajské Biskupice - city district of Bratislava. The overriding aim of the zoo park is the preservation of circus animals. The zoo tries to create friendly conditions...

Distance: 31.72kmTARZANIA VLCKOVCE Zavar


Zavar (region: Lower Povazie, District: Trnava)

The rope park TARZANIA VLČKOVCE can be found near the town of Trnava (towards Nitra) in Vlčkovce in the area of the ESO motorest. Adrenaline fun awaits you in the former manor garden and you will be surprised that a few hundred meters from the highway is literally a miraculous piece of nature. The rope center is built of 11 obstacles at a height of approximately 4 to 8 m above the ground and includes a route for the smallest climbing of lusty Tarzaneks with a 25-meter cable car. Before entering...