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HINT Thermal swimming pool Komárno Komárno

Thermal swimming pool Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal spa in Komarno is built on an area of 2.5 hectares. Its mineral water has healing powers to joints, rheumatism and feminine diseases and is suitable for recreational and leisure purposes. The area has two active source (spring) of a water with a temperature of 42 °C and 30 °C. In the summer part of the area there are sports pool, two children's pools, a pool for non-swimmers and sitting pool. The resort comes with beach areas and playgrounds. In the all-year-round part there are two saunas with pool, sitting pool with thermal water, rehabilitation gym and fitness-centre with...

HINT Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder Veľký Meder

Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder

Veľký Meder (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal spa Thermal Corvinus Velky Meder situated on 14.7 hectares of picturesque surroundings of grove offers possibilities for nice walks along maintained paths in the forest. The spa offers services in combined outdoor and indoor swimming pool all over the year. There are various swimming pools available in the centre, a large beach, solarium, children's playground, massage, two toboggans, mini-golf course and beach volleyball ground. Chemical content of geothermal water has beneficial effects on joint illnesses, back pains as well as muscle tiredness. It also has generally good affect on...



Dunajská Streda (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

THERMALPARK in Dunajská Streda belongs among the most popular and the most visited recreational resorts of the Rye Island. The healing thermal water, a park, a lakelet, pools, a restaurant, buffets, a hotel, pension and a camp – this all is offered by it to its visitors who long for careless relax and fun. Mineralized thermal water swimming pool has excellent effects on musculoskeletal diseases. Visitors can look forward to new toboggan world with seven slides, a 211-meter slide surface, where not only children but also adults will experience a fantastic fun. The swimming pool area offers...

Ferdinand gate Komárno

Ferdinand gate

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

National monument - Old Fort, which is the provisional list of World Heritage Site welcomes its guests newly renovated Ferdinandova gate. You can see there a memorial plaque on the facade with the coat of arms and the inscription Ferdinand I Roman Emperor. In 2011, the reconstruction of the entire entrance to the Old Fort was completed. The construction of the fortress was ordered in 1541 by the Roman-German Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg, therefore the gate was named after him. It was the first bastion fortress built outside Italy. Construction began in 1546 and finished it in 1557. The fortress...

Golf Club Welten Báč

Golf Club Welten

Báč (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Golf club Welten at Báč offers to the players an 18-hole master playground and a 300-metres driving range. It is situated only 30 kilometers from Bratislava, in direction to Dunajská Streda. The playground is visible directly from the main road. You can find here also a 3-hole chipping academy, patting greens and artificial lighting for playing during the night. In the premises of the newly reconstructed castle there is also a GCW club room. Driving range Driving range or the training meadow serves as a training area on which the players can train. The Driving Range GC Welten is the only...

Golf resort Jelka Jelka

Golf resort Jelka

Jelka (area: Zitny ostrov, region: Lower Povazie)

Golf area Jelka situated approximately 25 km east of Bratislava features a driving range with 30 spacious places for batting with generous pads, 300 m driving range with well marked distances, finely shaped grassy Putting Green, chipping greens, sand bunker with an area of over 200 m2. It comes also with several grassy bunkers and ridges for practising games on the slope, area for short game that allows you to close in on chipping greens from distance of nearly 100 m. You can observe sunset with coffee or mineral from the stylish clubhouse. Small family members can try playgrounds, swings...

HOLDAS Ranch Komárno


Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Holdas ranch in the town of Komarno it is suitable for rest and recreation. It is also a great place to organize events. The environment offers the possibility of combining the silence and tranquility of the surrounding countryside, hiking, trips, horseback riding with getting to know the nearby town and its cultural programs. Throughout the year, we are happy to welcome children and adults who are interested in getting the basics of safe horse riding. In addition to organizing camps, we also think of cultivating traditions such as. archery and handicrafts. Camps are transnational in nature,...

Horse Riding Club Zlatý Hucul Zlatná na Ostrove

Horse Riding Club Zlatý Hucul

Zlatná na Ostrove (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

OZ Zlatý Hucul is engaged in breeding horses near the village of Zlatna on the island of the Great Island. These horses have a calm nature and resilience to withstand all adverse weather. In addition to breeding, JK Zlatý hucul also teaches riding of children and adults on horseback and agrotourism. The magnificent setting of the Great Island allows an exceptional and unforgettable experience on the back of this amazing animal. The riding club offers you the opportunity to walk through the Danube "forest" on one of the horses and enjoy the original nature of the Danube region. Horses...

St. Andrew Church Komárno

St. Andrew Church

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Laser arena Komárno Komárno

Laser arena Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Laser arena - an action game full of adrenaline for children from 9 to 99 years old is waiting for you in Komárno, in the Komárno Shopping Center building. The game is intended for a maximum of 12 players. Of course, smaller teams are also welcome, but in any case, the bigger the group, the more fun! You can book a game in the Laser Arena online, but we recommend that you choose more games so that you can try more game modes. Whether you choose to fight in teams (it doesn't have to be just two teams) or the game Everyone for himself is up to you. In addition, you can bring the evil eye...

The Townhall Komárno Komárno

The Townhall Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The building is located at 1 Klapka Square. It is the most characteristic  neo-classicist building. The original townhall was built as a one-storey building in 1718-19. It  was reconstructed in 1725 but the earthquake in 1763 damaged it completely and it was in ruins. It was rebuilt in 1766. Its tower covered with copper was completed in 1767 and on top of it the symbol of the Habsburg Monarchy was placed: a huge two-headed eagle. Unfortunately, the great fire in 1848 damaged the building again so it was restored in 1875 as a two-storey building according to the plans of architects, Gorstenbergen...

European Court Komárno

European Court

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Major tourist attraction in Komarno is the European Court situated nearby General Klapka Square. European Court is the single square with the symbol of whole Europe. It is the complex of buildings with the typical architecture features of the 45 countries and regions. There is a musical pavilion, sculptures of European patrons, 33-metre-high view tower and catacombs under ground that are made into a nice exhibition space.



Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The fortification system in Komárom is a unique military complex, its significance spreading over the borders of Hungary and Slovakia. In the 19th century it was the most powerful and the biggest construction of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Its invincibility is commemorated by the statue of the “Stone Virgin“ decorating the Western Bastion of the New Fortress and the sign undrneath which says: NEC ARTE NEC MARTE – neither by trick nor force. These words characterise precisely the whole fortification system which was perfect and impregnable in its time. The history of building the...

Museum of Hungarian culture and Danube region Komárno

Museum of Hungarian culture and Danube region

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

In 1886, the Historical and archaeological association of Komárno territorial unit and town of Komárno was established. The documents serving as basis for writing the monography of this territorial unit, various archaeological and historical memories were collected by it. The collection of this association was the basis of the museum established later. In 1900, the association got a new name, Museum association of the Komárno territorial unit and the town of Komárno. Instead of actual collection of antiquities, the Museum association created four sections: historical, archaeological, natural...

TARZANIA Velky Meder Veľký Meder

TARZANIA Velky Meder

Veľký Meder (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Thermal swimming pool TOPOĽNÍKY Topoľníky

Thermal swimming pool TOPOĽNÍKY

Topoľníky (area: Zitny ostrov, region: Danubeland)

The swimming pool is situated in village Topolniky in nice surroundings, at the distributary arm of Small Danube. It offers bathing in three pools. The thermal mineral water has beneficial effects on diseases of locomotive organs. Also a children playground, fitness, sauna, water therapy is at the visitors´ disposal. In the area and in its surroundings there are accommodation and catering possibilities. Opening hours: May, September – 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. June, July, August – 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Statue of Holy Trinity Komárno

Statue of Holy Trinity

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Watermill DUNAJSKÝ KLÁTOV Dunajský Klátov


Dunajský Klátov (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

The water mill in Dunajská Klátov - it is the only cultural and technical monument in the Dunajská Streda district - is the last example of water mills that worked on Žitný ostrov. This mill has several specific properties. The first is that it is not located directly on the flow of the Little Danube, but on its arm - Klátovsky. Unlike the others, only the wheel and the drive part are located in a wooden outbuilding, the mill itself is brick. The mill was built in 1920 by Ján Csefalvay and was in operation until 1942. During the II. World War II was badly damaged and after the war it was...



Jelka (area: Zitny ostrov, region: Lower Povazie)

The water mill in Jelka is located in a beautiful corner on the bank of the Little Danube. The restored mill, which originally belonged to Jozef Németh, is currently open to the public. A remarkable technical monument in southwestern Slovakia is accessible by a dirt road (1 km) from the road from the village towards Dunajská Streda. The oldest proof of the mill comes from 1894. The mill originally consisted of two ships built in the middle, connected by a massive mill wheel. The dominant part of the mill consists of a mill. milk. Since 1983 the mill has been registered in the State List of Real...



Kolárovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland)

Natural camp has already been predestined for its location for the most various activities. It is situated in the closeness of the town Kolárovo /ap. 500 meters ../ on the east border of „Rie island„. Natural camp lies on the foreland, which borders are formed by Small Danube and Váh from one side and by dried arm of Small Danube from other side. Since a half of the 15 th century belongs to the unthinkable part of the territory a Castle of peace its rummage /ground wall/ has been well –preserved untill today.Its history is concluded on the 3 signboards. Composition of flora and fauna...