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Smolenice - area: Little Carpathians - region: Lower Povazie

Type of interest: Caves

Driny Cave is the only show cave in the western Slovakia. It is located in the Smolenice karst in the Lesser Carpathians, to the southwest of Smolenice. The mysterious hole in the earth was known for the local people already in the 19-th century, but only in 1932 they dared to enter underground. Flowstone draperies with indented facing are typical for this cave.

It is the only show cave in the Western Slovakia. It is located in the Smolenice Karst in the Lesser Carpathians Mountains, south-westerly from Smolenice, in the Trnava district and near the recreation resort Jahodník. The cave lies in the territory of the Lesser Carpathians Protected Landscape Area. The entrance is situated on the western slope of the Driny Hill, which protrudes from the south-western hillside of Cejtach and lies 399 m above sea level.
The parking place is about 1 km away from the Smolenice village close to the recreational centre Jahodník, to the northwest from Trnava in the Lesser Carpathians. The distance from parking place to the cave is 1 km by a forest road with vertical distance of 100 m, the access lasts about 20 min. The end of access trail is a little steeper with 100 steps.

The show path is 450 m long with 10 m vertical distance and 151 steps. The visit in cave lasts 35 min. Cave temperature is from 7,1 to 7,8°C. 

Cave interior consists of narrow fissure passages (Collaborators’ Passage, Beňovský‘s Passage, Slovak Speleological Society Hall). A rich sinter fill decorates fissure underground spaces. Flowstone draperies with indented facing are typical for this cave. Flowstone waterfalls and flowstone structures, pagoda-like stalagmites and various forms of stalactites occur her. Also small flowstone pools, supplied with water by percolating rainfall water, can be found here.

Cave manager: Peter Zvonár
Address:  919 04 Smolenice
Phone:    +421/ (0)33/ 558 62 00

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Address Smolenice
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GPS N48.50057°
Date of last change 28. 07. 2020
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