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HINT Sunny Lakes Senec Senec

Sunny Lakes Senec

Senec (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Sunny Lakes Resort in Senec are among the most visited summer resorts in Slovakia. The area, which is divided into northern and southern bank of the lake, is located approximately 25 km from Bratislava. The lake is about 2,200 long, the average width is about 400 m and its area is 100 ha. Visitors will find great opportunities for accommodation, which is providing by hotels, pensions, various cottages, as well as campsites. For lovers of sport activities there in addition to swimming are available beach-volleyball court, tennis courts, sport equipment rental, playground, and football field with...

HINT Zemplinska Sirava Kaluža

Zemplinska Sirava

Kaluža (area: Klokočov - Zemplínska Širava, region: Lower Zemplin)

In the northern part of the lowland Východoslovenská nížina, the water reservoir attracts in summer season. Due to its very favourable local climate, it is widely used for recreation. It was constructed in the 1960s and it is situated on the bottom of a large depression. In the past, the locality was called the “mud of Vihorlat”. The water reservoir is comparatively shallow, its depth reaches only the maximum of 3.5 metres and the area of its surface is between 22 and 35 square kilometres. Accommodation and catering facilities are situated mostly on the northern waterside. Among the...

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina Levoča

Natural Bio swimming pool Levočská dolina

Levoča (area: Levočská Walley, region: Spis)

Visit the first natural swimming-pool in the Spis region. The resort can be found in eastern Slovakia in a recreation area Levocska dolina near Levoca. There are three natural swimming pools, but you can bathe or swim just in one of them. One of the pools is used for the purification and filtration of water. The third natural pool – lake is designed for fishing. Here you can catch a trout, and if you want, you may grill the fish right on the spot. Lake for swimming is divided in three parts with different depths of water, so it suitable for children and adults. There's a beach with a slight...

Bio Natural swimming pool Snina Snina

Bio Natural swimming pool Snina

Snina (area: Poloniny National Park, region: Upper Zemplin)

One of the newest tourist attractions in Snina, new natural swimming-pool was built in 2010 in the recreational area Snina ponds, by reconstruction of the original 3 pools. Filtration of water takes place in the biological zone by water plants. Pool has a capacity of 1200 persons; while up to 560 guests can swim at the same time. The water is purely cleaned by natural way - without chemicals. It is pumped from the pool into the adjancent cleaning tank, where ten kinds of aquatic plants are planted. Plants eliminate contaminants that are leached from the human body - feed on them. The more people...

LIPTOVSKÁ MARA  Liptovský Trnovec


Liptovský Trnovec (area: Liptovská Mara reservoir, region: Liptov)

LIPTOVSKÁ MARA – it is the largest dam in Slovakia. There are the sightseeing tours on the boat available in here. From the board of these boats you can see the beautiful scenery on Liptovská Mara surroundings. They offer the excellent conditions for relax, family holiday as well as active holiday. On the North of the dam there is the most leisure centre called Liptovský Trnovec located. It has excellent conditions for camping, tenting as well as accommodation in wooden cottages. The swimming is possible in the beach pool. The most attractive feature of holiday in Liptovská Mara is folklore,...

Reservoir Orava Námestovo

Reservoir Orava

Námestovo (area: Orava reservoir, region: Orava)

Orava dam is the most popular tourist centre on the river Orava. Slanícka osada and Prístav are two most important summer leisure and sport centres located in the South and the South-East of the dam around the main road. Orava dam has excellent conditions for windsurfing, yachting, diving and other water sports lovers. For others there are water bicycles, boats and motorboats available here. You should not miss sightseeing boat ride to Slanicky island - the leftover of one of the sunken villages called Slanice. There is the Church of St. Cross situated on the island with the museum of folk sculpture...

Domaša - water reservoir Holčíkovce

Domaša - water reservoir

Holčíkovce (area: Domaša, region: Upper Zemplin)

Domaša is a dam situated in the mountains surrounding The Low Beskids, in the north of the town Vranov nad Topľou, in Eastern Slovakia. The lake, surrounded by rolling hills, offers wide possibilities of recreation and water sports. The right bank of the lake is covered by forests, and on the opposite side woods alternate with meadows. The area is highly suitable for mushroom-pickers, hunters and lovers of long hikes in the country. There are five holiday destinations: Dobrá, Poľany, Holčíkovce, Nová Kelča and Valkov. Its western bank is accessible from Prešov through Hanušovce nad Topľou...

Kolpašské large lake Banský Studenec

Kolpašské large lake

Banský Studenec (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

Kolpašské large lake, colloquially called Bansky Studenec, according to the municipality in whose territory is situated, surrounded by a beautiful countryside of the Pohronie region and Štiavnické Hills. If you seek quiet, not crowded natural swimming pool, this site is to cut out. It is 6 km east of Banska Stiavnica. It is an artificial reservoir - tajch, which was built for the needs of mining in the 18th century. In Bansky Studenec there are two side by side lying Kolpašské (Studenské) lakes. At present, the smaller of the two is used mainly for fishing. Larger lake is also designed...



Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

The Area of Zlate Piesky (Golden sands) is the largest recreational and sporting resort in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. It is located on the north-eastern outskirts of the city, near the main highway to Zilina. The Bratislava region has very good climatic conditions for summer recreation. In addition to recreational and sporting facilities, this location offers a wide range of possibilities for social and cultural activities. Zlate Piesky is a lake that is used as a natural swimming pool in Bratislava, city district II Ruzinov. It has a width of about 400 meters and a depth of about 30...

Hodruša Lake Hodruša-Hámre

Hodruša Lake

Hodruša-Hámre (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)



Kazimír (region: Lower Zemplin)

Jazero Zbrojníky Zbrojníky

Jazero Zbrojníky

Zbrojníky (region: Pohronie)



Jezersko (area: Bachledova walley, region: High Tatras)

MORSKÉ OKO LAKE Zemplínske Hámre


Zemplínske Hámre (area: Vihorlat Mountains, region: Upper Zemplin)

Morské oko (called Veľké Vihorlatské jazero in the past; literally Sea Eye) is a lake in the Vihorlat Mountains in east Slovakia. It is at 618 m, covers 0.13 km² with a maximum depth of 25.1 m. It is a national nature reserve (covering 1.08 km²) since 1984 and part of the Vihorlat Protected Landscape Area. Among the many fish are trout.

NITRIANSKE RUDNO - RESERVOIR Nitrianske Rudno - Kostolná Ves


Nitrianske Rudno - Kostolná Ves (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra)



Smolenice (region: Lower Povazie)

Palcmanská Maša Reservoir Dedinky

Palcmanská Maša Reservoir

Dedinky (area: Palcmanska Masa, region: Spis)

Palcmanská Maša is the largest water reservoir in the Slovak Paradise National Park, created on the upper course of the Hnilec River, in a basin-like extension of the valley below the southern rocky slopes of the Geráv. The construction of the water reservoir was completed in 1956. The area is approximately 85 ha. On its shores there are accommodation, sports and recreational facilities. Fishing facilities are located directly on the lake. On the banks of the Palcmanská Maša reservoir, the village of Dedinky was established in 1933 by merging the villages of Imrichovce and Štefánovce. Find...

Počúvadlo Reservoir Počúvadlo

Počúvadlo Reservoir

Počúvadlo (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie)

Lake Počúvadlo with the surrounding recreation center is located near Banská Štiavnica between the hills of the Štiavnica Mountains. This artificially created lake near the village of Počúvadlo is a popular place for recreation during summer as well as winter. It belongs to the system of water reservoirs, so-called secrets, which were used in mining work. Počúvadlo is visited by tourists who are heading to the Sitno hill, to the highest peak of the Štiavnica Mountains, rising above the lake. In the recreation area at Počúvadlianský lake there are various cottages, guesthouses and...

Ružiná - reservoir Ružiná

Ružiná - reservoir

Ružiná (region: Novohrad)

Ružiná is considered one of the warmest dams in Slovakia due to its excellent climatic conditions and location in the south of Central Slovakia. The water reservoir provides sports activities for vacationers. They can swim, surf and practice other water sports here. Fishing is very interesting in Ružina. The water area with the surrounding recreation center is located near the village Ružiná 18 km north of the town Lučenec towards Zvolen. As the reservoir is surrounded by forests, lovers of hiking and mushroom picking will also enjoy themselves. In addition to the mentioned activities, visitors...



Košická Belá (area: Ruzinska priehrada, region: Kosice and surroundings)