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Klokočov - Zemplínska Šírava, dams and Lakes

Accommodation Klokočov - Zemplínska Šírava
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List of tourist attractions Klokočov - Zemplínska Šírava

HINT Zemplinska Sirava Kaluža

Zemplinska Sirava

Kaluža (area: Klokočov - Zemplínska Širava, region: Lower Zemplin)

In the northern part of the lowland Východoslovenská nížina, the water reservoir attracts in summer season. Due to its very favourable local climate, it is widely used for recreation. It was constructed in the 1960s and it is situated on the bottom of a large depression. In the past, the locality was called the “mud of Vihorlat”. The water reservoir is comparatively shallow, its depth reaches only the maximum of 3.5 metres and the area of its surface is between 22 and 35 square kilometres. Accommodation and catering facilities are situated mostly on the northern waterside. Among the...