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Ondavská Highlands (Ondavská vrchovina), dams and Lakes

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Domaša - water reservoir Holčíkovce

Domaša - water reservoir

Holčíkovce (area: Domaša, region: Upper Zemplin)

Domaša is a dam situated in the mountains surrounding The Low Beskids, in the north of the town Vranov nad Topľou, in Eastern Slovakia. The lake, surrounded by rolling hills, offers wide possibilities of recreation and water sports. The right bank of the lake is covered by forests, and on the opposite side woods alternate with meadows. The area is highly suitable for mushroom-pickers, hunters and lovers of long hikes in the country. There are five holiday destinations: Dobrá, Poľany, Holčíkovce, Nová Kelča and Valkov. Its western bank is accessible from Prešov through Hanušovce nad Topľou...