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Health Spa SLIAC Sliač

Health Spa SLIAC

Sliač (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Pohronie, District: Zvolen)

Spa Sliač focuses on the treatment of so-called lifestyle diseases, especially chronic disorders of the circulatory system. Patients with diseases of high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, post-rheumatic inflammation of the heart muscle and valve, the heart and vascular operations are treated in the spa. Very satisfactory results are achieved in treatment of ischemic heart disease, of angina pectoris, diseases of the arteries, of lower extremities and in treatment of patients...

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Distance: 4.23kmHotel & SPA Resort Kaskady Sliač

Hotel & SPA Resort Kaskady

Sliač (area: Kremnica Mountains, region: Pohronie, District: Banská Bystrica)

The biggest wealth of Hotel Kaskády is thermal water with unique composition and beneficial effects. It is a calcium-magnesium and sulphate-bicarbonate mineral thermal water with a temperature of 32.3 ° C. It rises directly from the bowels of the earth and carries within it exceptional minerals. They remain in it even after a special treatment that is gentle on the skin.

Distance: 31.00kmThermal Spa Sklene Teplice Sklené Teplice

Thermal Spa Sklene Teplice

Sklené Teplice (area: Stiavnica Mountains, region: Pohronie, District: Žiar nad Hronom)

Spa Sklené Teplice with unique thermal cave steam bath is suited especially for those who suffer from musculoskeletal disorders. Healing thermal water in the spa has beneficial effect on their treatment. Other indications include diseases of the nervous system and also occupational diseases, especially diseases of the limbs caused by long-term excessive unilateral overload and diseases of the nervous system caused by noise or toxic substances, are treated here. Area of the spa can be found in...

Distance: 36.24kmHealth Spa Brusno Brusno

Health Spa Brusno

Brusno (area: Low Tatras, region: Upper Hron River , District: Banská Bystrica)

Brusno village is located northeast from the town of Banska Bystrica, near the geometric centre of Slovakia, on the border of the Low Tatras and the Slovak Ore Mountains. The river Hron flows through the village in the length of 2 km. Except valley of the river, the surroundings of Brusno is mainly mountainous Here you can see meadows, pastures and forests in particular. Unique location of Spa Brusno in wooded valley of the region Horehronie offers quietness, clean air and unforgettable environment...

Distance: 46.84kmSpa Turčianske Teplice Turčianske Teplice

Spa Turčianske Teplice

Turčianske Teplice (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec, District: Turčianske Teplice)

Spa Turcianske Teplice located in central Slovakia, in the south-western foothills of the Great Fatra, in the southern part of Turiec Region. It is the only spa in Slovakia focusing on treating kidney and urinary tract. Other indications of treatment at the spa include musculoskeletal and digestive disorders, occupational, neurological, gynaecological and oncological diseases. Thermal water in Turcianske Teplice has a high mineral content which makes it one of the most mineralized healing waters...

Distance: 62.29kmSPA Bojnice Bojnice

SPA Bojnice

Bojnice (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Neutra, District: Prievidza)

Bojnice Spa is located in the attractive town of Bojnice with a historic ambience, which is one of the major tourist centres of the region Upper Nitra. It is located in central Slovakia, in the eastern edge of the mountain range Strážovské Hills. Quiet environment of spa area consists of romantic spa park with a pleasant atmosphere. Healing thermal water - acratotherme, which works to improve the metabolic and immunological reactions in human body, forms the basis of therapeutic procedures....