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Spa for joint diseases, Liptov

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Health Spa LUCKY Lúčky

Health Spa LUCKY

Lúčky (area: Choč Mountains, region: Liptov, District: Ružomberok)

Medical Spa Lucky is located in the region Liptov, 12 km northeast from the town of Ruzomberok, in a beautiful valley among forests of Choc Mountains. Mountain area will be appreciated by all who want to rest and relax undisturbed. Spa comes with a variety of medical stays and weight reducing, senior or weekend stays and the offer also includes hiking and skiing stay packages. Healing water in the spa is used to treat gynaecological diseases, neurological diseases, occupational...

Occupational diseasesNerve diseasesOncological diseasesjoint diseasesGynecological diseases

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