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HINT Sportcentrum Oscadnica Oščadnica

Sportcentrum Oscadnica

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Sports centre is a resort of entertainment for winter as well as summer activities during your vacation. It is located in the village Oscadnica at the Guesthouse Gajuz, which will, among other services, offers comfortable accommodation. For visitors there are prepared various adrenaline and fun attractions during summer and winter season. Ski resort, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, has two ski lifts. One of them is a children's ski lift with a length of about 120 m and is designed mainly for children, but it will also serve for adults who are beginners. The second lift...

SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača Oščadnica


Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

The ski resort of SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača is situated in the regions of Javorníky Mountains / Kysuce, Orava / Western Tatras. The base altitude of the resort is 630 m and the highest point reaches up to 1050 m, for a total vertical rise of 420 m. Veľká Rača's ski season runs from November to April. Total length of the downhill runs is 14,0 km out of which 14,0 km could be artificially snowed. The longest downhill run is 3 km. More than 14 km of ski trails are available at the ski resort. Almost all ski slopes are snow-covered and regularly groomed. Number of ski runs: 15, of which 7...

Toboggan Run VEĽKÁ RAČA Oščadnica

Toboggan Run VEĽKÁ RAČA

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Do not miss the main attraction of summer in the resort Velka Raca, the toboggan run. The starting point of the track is at the top station of the chairlift in Dedovka. Its length is 1300 m, maximum speed 40 km / h, the number of curves 15, the number of hops 12 and the length of the lift is 420 m. The track extends from the top station Dedovka below the Chalet Koliba, along a few zigzags between the chairlift and ski slope No.2, where it passes through the forest, and finally through the beautiful serpentine and jumps gets on the slope range in Grúnik. You can regulate the speed of the...