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Old City Hall in Bardejov

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Bardejov - area: Ondavská Highlands - region: Saris

Type of interest: Museums and technical monuments, National monuments

National  Cultural Monument,  this building  is unique in Slovakia, it combined  elements  of  the Early-Renaissance typical  for areas north of  Alps with the fading  out of  Late-Gothic artistic  and architectural  details.

The high stepped gables and pitched roofs, as well as the  staircase  oriels  are  unique  and  characterize  the two-storeyed block-like building of the former Town Hall located in the  middle of the square. It  was the headquarters of the town council, and also the centre of economic, social and cultural  life of the  local burghers.

The  construction was started as late 1505.  Master Alexander built the ground floor. Master Alexius made renaissance stone window chambranes  and the  oriel. The  town hall  was completed by master Jan. Within  a time span of  three centuries (1563-1905) the Town  Hall  underwent  several  repairs.

In  the years 1904 - 1905 the Town  Hall was adopted to serve  the needs of the newly-established Sharish Zhupa Museum (country museum). The most valuable members of  the building are architectural details: the  portals, sumptuously decorated  gables, entrance bay, staircase, wall-paintings, timber, ceiling in the Council Hall, painted signs, coats  of arms and various inscriptions  document the  interrelation of  the Late-Gothic forms with Early-Renaissance elements.

The  Town Hall is the first Renaissance edifice in Slovakia.

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Address Radničné námestie,
085 01 Bardejov
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GPS N49.29254°
Date of creation 19. 07. 2013
Date of last change 05. 08. 2016
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