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Thermal bath Oravice (Termálne kúpalisko Oravice), tourist attractions

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HINT Meander Thermal Park Oravice Oravice

Meander Thermal Park Oravice

Oravice (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Meander Oravice Thermal Park is situated in the north of Slovakia in the Orava region on the north-western outskirts of the Western Tatras. It is located 6 km from the centre of the village Vitanova and 13 km from the Polish border. Water Park, where you can enjoy swimming pools with natural thermal water is open all year. Highly mineralized water rises from a depth of 1,611 meters. Vacationers can anytime of the year till late hours dive in sulphurous-calcium-magnesium water with high iron content. From swimming pools as well as from all over the swimming pool, it is a beautiful view of the...

Meander Ski Park Oravice Oravice

Meander Ski Park Oravice

Oravice (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Modern Meander Skipark Resort offers a unique combination of skiing and relaxing in pools with geothermal water. In the beautiful surroundings of the Western Tatras, in Oravice, on the northern Slovakia, visitors can fully enjoy the ride on perfectly prepared ski trails, and after skiing go into the wardrobe, to wear a bathing suit and relax in the swimming pool filled with hot thermal water. The most modern cable cars and ski lifts, wide and very well-groomed, artificially snow-covered trails, with varying degrees of difficulty will satisfy all skiers and snowboarders. There is a fast chair...

Orava Village Museum Zuberec

Orava Village Museum

Zuberec (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Orava Village Museum in Zuberec located in beautiful natural surroundings of Rohace Mountains tries to illustrate a living of people in Orava region in the past. Visitors can see more than 50 houses and several other buildings of folk architecture. Houses are decorated and there are kept pets here and in the summer typical crops are grown here, too. The museum is divided into five parts, which the form of settlements and villages are presented in. Towering above the whole village, the wooden Gothic church from the early 15th century is a real gem of the open-air museum. Orava Village Museum...

Ski area Resort ZUBEREC - JANOVKY Zuberec

Ski area Resort ZUBEREC - JANOVKY

Zuberec (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

The ski resort is located in the village Zuberec in Janovky site. It is designed for all skiers and offers ideal conditions for family skiing. Slopes areas are without vegetation and the artificial snow allows skiing even in periods when there is not enough snow. Next to the ski lift there is a parking lot with a capacity of 130 spaces. Due to the location of the ski resort, guests, staying in Zuberec, have a great advantage - the possibility to access on foot.

Ski resort Zverovka - Spálená Zuberec

Ski resort Zverovka - Spálená

Zuberec (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Ski Resort Rohace - Spalena located in Zuberec can be found in the Orava region in northern Slovakia. The ski area offers optimal conditions for all skiers and snowboarders. Shorter lifts (400 m and 850 m) are designed for beginners and children, 1490 m long chair lift will satisfy even very demanding winter sports enthusiasts. Two ski lifts long 250 and 400 m starts from the centre of the complex. More advanced skiers can use the longer lift which takes them to the higher part with chairlift. Top station is situated at an altitude of 1460 m. In the lower third of the ski area, one branch...

Ski resort VITANOVÁ Vitanová

Ski resort VITANOVÁ

Vitanová (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

Ski resort VITANOVÁ features perfectly groomed ski slopes. The new technology in the form of lifts and chair lift guarantees that you will not waste your time waiting in line. Of course there are artificial snow ski slopes which are maintained daily. The total transport capacity of the lifts is 3600 persons per hour. Vitanová Ski resort is situated at an altitude of 725 m - 968 m AMSL. Trails offer three levels of difficulty to satisfy every skier. They can admire the beautiful nature of Orava and Western Tatras. Ski Vitanová Vrchdolinky is 10 km from the border crossing Sucha Hora, 15 km...

Rope park Tarzanka Zuberec

Rope park Tarzanka

Zuberec (area: Rohace, region: Orava)

The Tarzanka rope park is located in Zuberec pod Roháčmi, opposite the Orava Village Museum. Come and try the rope course with various obstacles that await you in the trees, and test their strength and skill, if you reach your destination. The track is ready for small children. For safety reasons, persons less than 150 cm may move along the track with 2 adults. The rope center area is just the right place for corporate events in the form of teambuilding as for school trips. For a larger group, it is advisable to inform the Rope Center in advance in order to ensure a sufficient number of...

Roháčsky vodopád Oravice

Roháčsky vodopád

Oravice (area: Rohace, region: Orava)