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HINT Ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone Terchová

Ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone

Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

The entry location Stary Dvor to the Ski resort VRÁTNA offers 4 ski zones. The first is the popular Paseky with a 4-seat chairlift and children park KIDS ZONE which comes with great family skiing possibilities. Poludňový Grun has extended ski trail, artificial snow and higher altitudes. Sought-after with snowboarders, the Príslop resort features undisturbed surroundings and beautiful views. And finally sunny Tížinka resort for beginners and sledges.

SKI area GAVURKY Terchová


Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski lifts Gavurky is located near the centre of the village Terchová, in the district Biely Potok. The area offers easy ski slope with 2 ski lifts with length of 350 meters and a children's ski lift with a length of 100 meters. During the whole winter season, the slope is artificially snowed and every day groomed, which guarantees great skiing. The transport capacity of the ski lifts on Gavúrky is 450 persons per hour.



Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Find Ski resorts in the surrounding area of Terchová:

Distance: 13.86kmSNOW SUN Vadičov Horný Vadičov

SNOW SUN Vadičov

Horný Vadičov (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce, District: Kysucké Nové Mesto)

Ski area Snow SUN Vadičov located 11 km from Kysucke Nove Mesto offers a pleasant family skiing on regularly maintained slopes. There are two lifts for skiers and children, tubing run, where you will experience a lot of fun. In addition to daily skiing the skiers can enjoy night skiing. Cross-country skiing lovers have at their disposal maintained trails. The ski resort in Horny Vadicov has a parking lot with a capacity of 200 spaces. Opening hours Day skiing Monday - Sunday 9:00...

Distance: 15.02kmSki resort Malá Lučivná Párnica

Ski resort Malá Lučivná

Párnica (area: Little Fatra, region: Orava, District: Dolný Kubín)

Ski resort Malá Lučivná is situated in the valley of Mala Fatra National Park, near the village Párnica towards on the village Zázrivá. From the centre of Dolny Kubin it is 13 km away. The ski area is set in the beautiful natural environment by the stream Zázrivka. The resort offers ski slopes of different difficulty, so the area is suitable for demanding skiers as well as beginners. For advanced skiers there is a black trail, which is the steepest slope in Slovakia. For children there...

Distance: 16.59kmSki VARÍN Varín


Varín (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie, District: Žilina)

Distance: 16.73kmSki Resort Kozinec Zázrivá Zázrivá

Ski Resort Kozinec Zázrivá

Zázrivá (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Orava, District: Dolný Kubín)

Ski Resort Kozinec in Zázrivá is located in the settlement Havrania. The access to the area is 3 km from the village Zázrivá, parking is under the slope. Zázrivá is 40 km from Žilina Martin and Ružomberok, 20 km from Dolny Kubin and 10 km from Terchová. The ski area is located on the northern slope of the hill Kozinec at an altitude of 650-995 metres above sea level. Two lifts with a transport capacity of 1400 persons per hour will take you to the top of the hill. From here you can ski...

Distance: 20.59kmSki Straník Teplička nad Váhom

Ski Straník

Teplička nad Váhom (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Upper Povazie, District: Žilina)

Distance: 21.53kmSki area VEĽKÉ OSTRÉ Radoľa


Radoľa (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce, District: Kysucké Nové Mesto)

Distance: 23.45kmSKI Zabava Hrustin Hruštín

SKI Zabava Hrustin

Hruštín (region: Orava, District: Námestovo)

Ski Zabava Resort, Vasilovska hola is located in the north part of Slovakia near by well-known towns in Orava – Dolny Kubin and Namestovo. Ski Resort is placed about 900 - 1150 meters above the see level to the north of Vasilovská Hola. This location provides not only great snow conditions during the entire ski season but it enables to have an amazing skiing for visitors.

Distance: 23.53kmSKI PARK Kubínska hola Dolný Kubín

SKI PARK Kubínska hola

Dolný Kubín (area: Kubínska Hoľa, region: Orava, District: Dolný Kubín)

One of the most popular ski centres of the Slovak republic is Kubínska hoľa near Dolný Kubín town. Great ski terrains in the beautiful nature of Oravska Magura are guarantee of unforgiving experience from skiing. These terrains offers amazing look at the down and upper part of the Orava region, Low nad West Tatras, Chočské pohorie, Little and Big Fatra. In the ski centre there are available new fourseats chair lift and 6 ski tows (in the elevation 720 and 1396 m over see level) with total...

Distance: 24.46kmSKI ORAVA SNOW Oravská Lesná


Oravská Lesná (area: Orava Beskids, region: Orava, District: Námestovo)

Ski resort Orava Snow located in the Orava Beskids on the Polish-Slovak border, lies in the coldest Slovak valley in Oravska Lesna. The area comes with a rich selection of diverse, wide and well-groomed trails, where you can enjoy great arches and do not worry "crush" on the slope. The resort offers excellent conditions perfect for family skiing. There are 6 main, groomed daily, ski trails, which are on 2 hills (Kohutik, Lehotska) interconnected with modern 4-seat chairlift and 4 ski...

Distance: 26.22kmSNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača Oščadnica


Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce, District: Čadca)

The ski resort of SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača is situated in the regions of Javorníky Mountains / Kysuce, Orava / Western Tatras. The base altitude of the resort is 630 m and the highest point reaches up to 1050 m, for a total vertical rise of 420 m. Veľká Rača's ski season runs from November to April. Total length of the downhill runs is 14,0 km out of which 14,0 km could be artificially snowed. The longest downhill run is 3 km. More than 14 km of ski trails are available at the ski resort....

Distance: 26.55kmSKI Šerkov Ochodnica

SKI Šerkov

Ochodnica (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce, District: Kysucké Nové Mesto)

Distance: 27.51kmSKI Vyšné Krátke Ľubochňa

SKI Vyšné Krátke

Ľubochňa (area: Ľubochnianska walley, region: Liptov, District: Ružomberok)

Distance: 30.41kmSportcentrum Oscadnica Oščadnica

Sportcentrum Oscadnica

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce, District: Čadca)

Sports centre is a resort of entertainment for winter as well as summer activities during your vacation. It is located in the village Oscadnica at the Guesthouse Gajuz, which will, among other services, offers comfortable accommodation. For visitors there are prepared various adrenaline and fun attractions during summer and winter season. Ski resort, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, has two ski lifts. One of them is a children's ski lift with a length of about 120 m and...

Distance: 30.65kmSkiPark Racibor Oravský Podzámok

SkiPark Racibor

Oravský Podzámok (area: Orava reservoir, region: Orava, District: Dolný Kubín)

The ski area SkiPark RACIBOR near the village of Oravský Podzámok provides 7 km of slopes of varying difficulty with an elevation of 237 m, suitable for intermediate as well as professional skiers. In case of lack of snow, a fully automated snowmaking system is built in the area along the entire length of the track, which measures 1300 m. The tracks are groomed daily by the Ratrak. The new four-seater cable car has a length of 1050 m and its peak is located at an altitude of 759 m above sea level....

Distance: 31.67kmWinter Park Martinky Martin

Winter Park Martinky

Martin (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec, District: Martin)

Located directly above the town of Martin in the Martinské hole recreation area, Winter Park Ski Resort Martinky is one of the few city ski resorts in Slovakia. It is located in the Little Fatra Mountains at an altitude of 1150 - 1456 meters. The resort is known for its ski trails, beautiful forested countryside and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the town of Martin. Winter Park Martinky is characterized by plenty of natural snow, and until 2008 the resort had no need for...