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HINT Sportcentrum Oscadnica Oščadnica

Sportcentrum Oscadnica

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Sports centre is a resort of entertainment for winter as well as summer activities during your vacation. It is located in the village Oscadnica at the Guesthouse Gajuz, which will, among other services, offers comfortable accommodation. For visitors there are prepared various adrenaline and fun attractions during summer and winter season. Ski resort, which is suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, has two ski lifts. One of them is a children's ski lift with a length of about 120 m and is designed mainly for children, but it will also serve for adults who are beginners. The second lift...

Kysuce-Orava Historical Forest Back Swath Railway Nová Bystrica (Čadca)

Kysuce-Orava Historical Forest Back Swath Railway

Nová Bystrica (Čadca) (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

Historical logging back swath railway (HLÚŽ) is preserved and functionally restored part of the former Kysuce-Orava Logging Railway (KOLŽ), which was established in 1926 and joined the forestry railway built between 1915-1918, the Kysuce part - from Oščadnica to Chmúra (Nová Bystrica, part Vychylovka ) and Orava part - from Lokca to Erdútka (currently Oravská Lesná). Traffic on KOLŽ was ceased at the end of 1971 due to its cancellation and except the 8 km long section Chmura - Tanečník where was the whole valuable back swath system other tracks has been dismantled. In 1974, the...

Kysuce Village Museum Nová Bystrica (Čadca)

Kysuce Village Museum

Nová Bystrica (Čadca) (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

Kysuce Village Museum is located near the village of Nova Bystrica, part Vychylovka in the valley of Chmúra, which is part of the Kysuce Protected Landscape Area. Open-air museum was established October 11, 1974, while one of the main reasons for its creation was to save the most valuable monuments of folk architecture of the villages Riečnica and Harvelka which were extinguished due to the construction of water reservoir Nová Bystrica. By 1981, when the first part of the exhibition was made available to public, 22 of a total 69 planned objects were built. Ethnographic exhibition strives...

SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača Oščadnica


Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

The ski resort of SNOW PARADISE Veľká Rača is situated in the regions of Javorníky Mountains / Kysuce, Orava / Western Tatras. The base altitude of the resort is 630 m and the highest point reaches up to 1050 m, for a total vertical rise of 420 m. Veľká Rača's ski season runs from November to April. Total length of the downhill runs is 14,0 km out of which 14,0 km could be artificially snowed. The longest downhill run is 3 km. More than 14 km of ski trails are available at the ski resort. Almost all ski slopes are snow-covered and regularly groomed. Number of ski runs: 15, of which 7...

SNOW SUN Vadičov Horný Vadičov

SNOW SUN Vadičov

Horný Vadičov (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

Ski area Snow SUN Vadičov located 11 km from Kysucke Nove Mesto offers a pleasant family skiing on regularly maintained slopes. There are two lifts for skiers and children, tubing run, where you will experience a lot of fun. In addition to daily skiing the skiers can enjoy night skiing. Cross-country skiing lovers have at their disposal maintained trails. The ski resort in Horny Vadicov has a parking lot with a capacity of 200 spaces. Opening hours Day skiing Monday - Sunday 9:00 - 16:00 Night skiing Friday 17:00 - 20:00

Toboggan Run VEĽKÁ RAČA Oščadnica

Toboggan Run VEĽKÁ RAČA

Oščadnica (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Do not miss the main attraction of summer in the resort Velka Raca, the toboggan run. The starting point of the track is at the top station of the chairlift in Dedovka. Its length is 1300 m, maximum speed 40 km / h, the number of curves 15, the number of hops 12 and the length of the lift is 420 m. The track extends from the top station Dedovka below the Chalet Koliba, along a few zigzags between the chairlift and ski slope No.2, where it passes through the forest, and finally through the beautiful serpentine and jumps gets on the slope range in Grúnik. You can regulate the speed of the...

Kysuce Museum in Čadca Čadca

Kysuce Museum in Čadca

Čadca (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce)

Kysuce Museum in Čadca is specialized regional cultural institution for the museum documentation on the development of nature and society, science and technology, culture and art in the territory of Kysuce, from the earliest traces of settlement until the present day. It comes with a permanent exhibition documenting the history and nature of the region Kysuce, as well as temporary exhibitions. It is also a specialized museum with a nationwide scope in the field of documenting the development of forest railways in Slovakia. Kysuce permanent exhibition gives a survey of the historical development...

Lookout tower at Bobovec Stará Bystrica

Lookout tower at Bobovec

Stará Bystrica (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

The lookout tower on the Bobovec hill in Stará Bystrica was built in 2011 and opened on 27 August 2011. It offers you a beautiful view of Radôstka, Klubina, Nová and Stará Bystrica, as well as Malá Fatra. The lookout tower is brick, so visitors who are afraid of swaying wooden lookout towers do not have to worry. At the lookout tower there is a fireplace and a shelter with seating as well as information boards. The lookout tower and its surroundings are landscaped, upstairs there are brick spiral stairs. During the tour through this beautiful Kysuce region, be sure not to miss a visit...



Skalité (area: Kysucké Beskydy, region: Kysuce)

Slovak Astronomical Clock  Stará Bystrica

Slovak Astronomical Clock

Stará Bystrica (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

The Slovak Astronomical Clock is the largest wooden statue in Slovakia. Located in Kysuce, in the center of Stara Bystrica, in the district Cadca. It represents the sitting Madonna, the Seven-Sorrowed Virgin Mary, the patron saint of Slovakia. The Astronomical Clock was completed in 2009. It was designed by the academic sculptor Viliam Lovišek and reworked into the drawing documentation by architect Ivan Jarin. Astronomical clock face is the heart of the astronomical clock. astrolabe, which is specially designed for the geographical location of Stara Bystrica. Part of the astronomical clock...

Reservoir NOVÁ BYSTRICA Nová Bystrica (Čadca)


Nová Bystrica (Čadca) (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce)

The Nová Bystrica reservoir is located in northwestern Slovakia in the district of Čadca, in the area of Kysúc in the Žilina Region. It was built in the years 1983 - 1989 on the river Bystrica below the confluence of the river Harvelka and Riečnický stream. The construction of the dam created a large water reservoir for the surrounding region. There is a sidewalk on the dam of Nová Bystrica, from which there is a nice view of the water reservoir .. The surrounding picturesque nature with adjacent forests is very attractive for tourists.

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