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HINT Escape Game Žilina Žilina

Escape Game Žilina

Žilina (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Zilina Airport Dolný Hričov

Zilina Airport

Dolný Hričov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The Žilina airport is a public international airport for the air transport. It serves for the region of northwest Slovakia with approximately 1,2 mil. inhabitants. The airport Žilina is used for the air transport of Slovak and foreign companies, flights of firm and private aeroplanes, flight training and sport flying, air ambulance flights, special flight works and activity of the Slovak republic Army. Business usage, providing of operation services and technical handling of the Žilina airport are realised by the Airport company Žilina, company limited by shares, which is an operator of...

Ski resort Čertov Lazy pod Makytou

Ski resort Čertov

Lazy pod Makytou (area: Čertov, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski resort Čertov is situated in the mountains Javorníky, Kysuce PLA, on the Slovakia-Moravian border. The resort with an altitude of 600-900 metres AMSL is located in the village of Lazy pod Makytou. It fetures 5 ski lifts - Lamže (A), Balúchovec (B), F10 Kriva F10 (C) and 2 lifts for beginners. Lifts covers 7 slopes with a total length of 3.3 kilometres, of which 1000 m is with artificial snow. Trails are suitable for experienced skiers as well as beginners. The total number of tracks is seven. Lifts have a transport capacity of 2800 persons per hour. Under the lower station there is a bar...

Ski resort Čičmany Čičmany

Ski resort Čičmany

Čičmany (area: Rajecká Valley, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski resort Javorinka in Čičmany comes with 6 ski lifts with a capacity of 3850 persons per hour. Its area offers ideal conditions for family skiing. Skiers and snowboarders can use 3 tracks of varying degrees of difficulty, from the most demanding to the ski slopes suitable for ski learning. Advanced skiers and beginners will surely enjoy the slopes of the resort. Most slopes are artificially covered with snow. Downhill and cross-country trails are regularly maintained. During the season, ski service, ski equipment rental, ski school and storage are available in the resort. Lovers of cross-country...

SKI area GAVURKY Terchová


Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski lifts Gavurky is located near the centre of the village Terchová, in the district Biely Potok. The area offers easy ski slope with 2 ski lifts with length of 350 meters and a children's ski lift with a length of 100 meters. During the whole winter season, the slope is artificially snowed and every day groomed, which guarantees great skiing. The transport capacity of the ski lifts on Gavúrky is 450 persons per hour.

Ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone Terchová

Ski resort Vrátna Free Time Zone

Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

The entry location Stary Dvor to the Ski resort VRÁTNA offers 4 ski zones. The first is the popular Paseky with a 4-seat chairlift and children park KIDS ZONE which comes with great family skiing possibilities. Poludňový Grun has extended ski trail, artificial snow and higher altitudes. Sought-after with snowboarders, the Príslop resort features undisturbed surroundings and beautiful views. And finally sunny Tížinka resort for beginners and sledges.

BUDATIN Castle Žilina


Žilina (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Budatin Castle is a historical and architectonical site in Zilina. It was built in the second half of the 13th century. In past it used to be a water castle protected by river streams and water dams. The oldest part of the castle is residential Romanesque tower used by Matus Cak Trenciansky. In the beginning of the 14th century during his reign the tower was fortified and one-wing castle was built. After 1545 the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style and later amended with Baroque changes. The most famous owners of the castle were the Szunyoghs. During their ownership 1487-1798 the castle went...

Bytča Manor house Bytča

Bytča Manor house

Bytča (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Renaissance mansion in the city centre of Bytča is one of the most important and architecturally most impressive feudal settlements in Slovakia. The National Cultural Monument consists of a Renaissance palace so-called Wedding Palace as well as economic and residential buildings. Originally there was a small castle built in the 13th century, belonging to the Bishopric of Nitra. In 1563 Francis Turzo took possession of the Bytča estate together with the castle. He built on the site of an old Gothic castle new castle - fortified complex multi-functional structures in the years 1571- 74. In the...

Dino Adventure & Rope park Terchová

Dino Adventure & Rope park

Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Dino Adventure Park is located in Terchova in a pine grove next to the Vrsky Guest House. You can find there a variety of adrenaline attractions suitable for children but also for adults. The most prominent part of the area includes one of the most interesting children's rope park in Slovakia and of course the permanent exhibition of moving and static sculptures of giant dinosaurs. Opening hours May, June - weekends and holidays: 10:00 - 18: 00 July, August - open daily 10:00 - 18:00 September, October - weekends and holidays: 10:00 - 18:00 Price list Rope Park (persons...

Escape room Jánošíkov príbeh Terchová

Escape room Jánošíkov príbeh

Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Escape room Po stopách in Považská Bystrica Považská Bystrica

Escape room Po stopách in Považská Bystrica

Považská Bystrica (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Escape Room in Považská Bystrica currently offers two rooms. This interactive fun game is designed for groups of friends, colleagues, or families to trouble their headers. In the room you have to find hidden tasks, solve puzzles, cooperate and communicate with each other. Only then will you get back from the room to freedom. But be quick because you only have 60 minutes to do it. Sherlock Holmes story You are trapped in apartment 221 / B on Baker Street. Can you get out of the sinister Professor Moriarty's trap in time to save the best detective in history, Sherlock Holmes? In this game is...

Farm PRÍSTAVKY Rajecké Teplice


Rajecké Teplice (area: Rajecká Valley, region: Upper Povazie)

Farm Pristavky, located only 1.5 km from the spa town Rajecke Teplice, is situated in the surroundings of Rajecka valley. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, carriage rides or just spend a pleasant time on the farm, perhaps with coffee in the cafe, or you can try shooting from the bow, or try milking goats, or learn to prepare goat cheese. On the farm in addition to horses live different animals - goats, pigs, cats, hares, ducks, peacocks or dogs. The farm offers horseback riding in a circular enclosure, horse-drawn carriage (in a sleigh in winter), horseback riding in the countryside, the...

Golf Park Rajec Rajec

Golf Park Rajec

Rajec (area: Rajecká Valley, region: Upper Povazie)

Golf Park Rajec is situated in beautiful countryside, which in addition to the golf course offers many opportunities for spending leisure time. Golf Course is located in Rajecká valley, 23 km south of Žilina. You will here find high-quality courses for all levels of gaming. Golf Resort has a separate clubhouse with reception, bar, sporting equipment and service for golfers. Quality service and professional services are an obvious part of the golf resort.

HRIČOV Castle Dolný Hričov


Dolný Hričov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The ruins of the castle perk on the steep hill above Hričovské Podhradie. Originally, it was a Roman royal castle that stood at the road along the river Váh already before the Tatar invasion. It has been famous since 1265. It has been built on steep rangy rocky hill, on the left bank of the river Váh and it belongs among the oldest castles on the middle part of Váh. The castle is rather small and it is being built into the rocky uneven terrain. The first written reference about settlement on the territory of the Hričovské Podhradie dates back to the era of Matthias Corvinus. The castle...

LIETAVA CASTLE Lietavská Svinná - Babkov


Lietavská Svinná - Babkov (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The castle was built in the second half of the 13th century, the first reference about it dates back to 1318. In the second half of the 16th century it was gained by the Thurzos and they owned it till its downfall in the years 1698-1770. Since that time, it has continuously run riot. The fortifications, the walls of the donjon, remainders of palaces for living and of the chapel have been preserved. At the beginning of the 18th century the castle burnt down, it lost its defensive function and it ran riot. At present times, ruins stand on its place, however, conclusive evidence has been preserved...

STREČNO Castle Strečno


Strečno (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

The romantic ruins of the Strečno castle dominate above the ribbon of the river Váh as the symbol of feudal powers on the middle part of the river Váh. Although being in ruins already for three centuries, its preserved architecture is proof of development of mediaeval fortress from the period of Gothic until the period of Baroque. Although the history of the castle began only in the middle of the 14th century, the first inhabitants came here far earlier – the archaeological findings proved the settlement of the castle hill already in the earlier Bronze Age. The explicit written proof about...

Jánošíkove diery Terchová

Jánošíkove diery

Terchová (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Chateau Krasnany Varín

Chateau Krasnany

Varín (area: Little Fatra, region: Upper Povazie)

Kostolecká Gorge Kostolec

Kostolecká Gorge

Kostolec (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Kostolecká Gorge is located near the town of Považská Bystrica in the Súľov Mountains near the northern edge of the Strážovské Hills. This strait, lined with rock walls, was created by water erosion by the Manínský brook into the limestone bar. Under the rock walls a large area of triangular shape was created, filled with talus cones on the top with a large rock overhang, the walls of which are formed by streaked limestones. The rock, which forms the left side of the gorge, is called Kavčia rock and the top of the right slope is called Drieňovka. The Manínska gorge is located downstream...

Letné kúpalisko Púchov Púchov

Letné kúpalisko Púchov

Púchov (area: White Carpathians, region: Upper Povazie)

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