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Zilina Airport Dolný Hričov

Zilina Airport

Dolný Hričov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The Žilina airport is a public international airport for the air transport. It serves for the region of northwest Slovakia with approximately 1,2 mil. inhabitants. The airport Žilina is used for the air transport of Slovak and foreign companies, flights of firm and private aeroplanes, flight training and sport flying, air ambulance flights, special flight works and activity of the Slovak republic Army. Business usage, providing of operation services and technical handling of the Žilina airport are realised by the Airport company Žilina, company limited by shares, which is an operator of...

Ski resort Čertov Lazy pod Makytou

Ski resort Čertov

Lazy pod Makytou (area: Čertov, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski resort Čertov is situated in the mountains Javorníky, Kysuce PLA, on the Slovakia-Moravian border. The resort with an altitude of 600-900 metres AMSL is located in the village of Lazy pod Makytou. It fetures 5 ski lifts - Lamže (A), Balúchovec (B), F10 Kriva F10 (C) and 2 lifts for beginners. Lifts covers 7 slopes with a total length of 3.3 kilometres, of which 1000 m is with artificial snow. Trails are suitable for experienced skiers as well as beginners. The total number of tracks is seven. Lifts have a transport capacity of 2800 persons per hour. Under the lower station there is a bar...

Ski Kasárne Javorníky Makov

Ski Kasárne Javorníky

Makov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce)

Kasárne Javorníky Ski resort is situated near the village of Makov, part Kasarne at the border betewen Slovakia and the Czech Republic, in the region of Kysuce. The slopes of resorts belongs to the mountains Javorníky in the altitude of 900 to 1050 meters above sea level. The ski area features 3 lifts and 4 trails for skiers and there are ski runs with a total length of 1.4 km. Ski slopes are suitable for advanced skiers as well as beginners. Thanks to the high altitude of ski resort the enthusiast need not worry about a lack of snow. During the winter season there is plenty of natural snow...

Ski Makov Makov

Ski Makov

Makov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce)

The village Makov together with the ski resort SKI MAKOV lies 21 km north from Bytča, 27 km west from Čadca and 7 km from the state border crossing to the Czech republic, about an hour car drive from the centre of Ostrava. Arrival is possible  by bus, by train (route Žilina – Čadca – Makov ) and by car. The train and bus stop is about 2 km away from the ski resort. A parking lot with the capacity of 200 cars is located right next to the ski lifts. Next year, a highway will be build around Bytča, connecting Bratislava and Žilina, this year the nearby airport at Dolný Hričov started...

Bytča Manor house Bytča

Bytča Manor house

Bytča (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Renaissance mansion in the city centre of Bytča is one of the most important and architecturally most impressive feudal settlements in Slovakia. The National Cultural Monument consists of a Renaissance palace so-called Wedding Palace as well as economic and residential buildings. Originally there was a small castle built in the 13th century, belonging to the Bishopric of Nitra. In 1563 Francis Turzo took possession of the Bytča estate together with the castle. He built on the site of an old Gothic castle new castle - fortified complex multi-functional structures in the years 1571- 74. In the...

HRIČOV Castle Dolný Hričov


Dolný Hričov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The ruins of the castle perk on the steep hill above Hričovské Podhradie. Originally, it was a Roman royal castle that stood at the road along the river Váh already before the Tatar invasion. It has been famous since 1265. It has been built on steep rangy rocky hill, on the left bank of the river Váh and it belongs among the oldest castles on the middle part of Váh. The castle is rather small and it is being built into the rocky uneven terrain. The first written reference about settlement on the territory of the Hričovské Podhradie dates back to the era of Matthias Corvinus. The castle...

Kysuce Museum in Čadca Čadca

Kysuce Museum in Čadca

Čadca (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce)

Kysuce Museum in Čadca is specialized regional cultural institution for the museum documentation on the development of nature and society, science and technology, culture and art in the territory of Kysuce, from the earliest traces of settlement until the present day. It comes with a permanent exhibition documenting the history and nature of the region Kysuce, as well as temporary exhibitions. It is also a specialized museum with a nationwide scope in the field of documenting the development of forest railways in Slovakia. Kysuce permanent exhibition gives a survey of the historical development...

Letné kúpalisko Púchov Púchov

Letné kúpalisko Púchov

Púchov (area: White Carpathians, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski Park Dešná Lysá pod Makytou

Ski Park Dešná

Lysá pod Makytou (area: White Carpathians, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski Podjavorník Papradno

Ski Podjavorník

Papradno (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

Ski Ráztoka Horná Mariková

Ski Ráztoka

Horná Mariková (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

SKI Šerkov Ochodnica

SKI Šerkov

Ochodnica (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce)

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