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Museum of Slovak Village Martin

Museum of Slovak Village

Martin (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec)

Museum of the Slovak Village is the largest ethnographic exhibition in nature in Slovakia. The open-air museum offers a comprehensive picture of traditional building culture and housing throughout Slovakia with the various types and regional building specifics. It shows the way of life in the Northwest Slovakia during the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Museum of Slovak village is located in the southeastern part of Martin in Jahodnícke háje. Opening hours May - June daily except Monday 9:00 - 18:00 July - August daily 9:00...

Winter Park Martinky Martin

Winter Park Martinky

Martin (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec)

Located directly above the town of Martin in the Martinské hole recreation area, Winter Park Ski Resort Martinky is one of the few city ski resorts in Slovakia. It is located in the Little Fatra Mountains at an altitude of 1150 - 1456 meters. The resort is known for its ski trails, beautiful forested countryside and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the town of Martin. Winter Park Martinky is characterized by plenty of natural snow, and until 2008 the resort had no need for artificial snow. In case of the completion of the 8-seater cable car, the resort Martinske Hole will...

National cemetery in Martin Martin

National cemetery in Martin

Martin (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec)

The National Cemetery in Martin, Slovakia is the final resting place of many important personalities of Slovak history. The list includes writers, poets, national activists, pedagogues, etc. The reason why Martin was selected as the site for the National Cemetery was its role as the center of Slovak culture during the years of formation of the Slovak nation (19th century).

Slovak Chamber Theatre Martin

Slovak Chamber Theatre

Martin (area: Martinske Hole, region: Turiec)



Valča (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec)

SNOWLAND ski resort is located at the foot of the Lúčanská part of the Malá Fatra Mountains in the Valčianska dolina valley. It is 12.5 km from the town of Martin. The SNOWLAND area focuses on family skiing with a high level of complementary services. The resort with modern architecture was built as a suburban centre with simple access for motor vehicles. Free parking places are prepared for 500 cars and 10 buses. Favourably orientated north-east slope provides good skiing and snowboarding conditions from December to March. Regulated and artificially snowed ski slopes lie 510 – 830 metres...

Turčianska Gallery Martin

Turčianska Gallery

Martin (area: Martinske Hole, region: Turiec)

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