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Liptov castle

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Kalameny - area: Choč Mountains - region: Liptov

Type of interest: Ruins of castles and forts

Liptovský hrad (Sielnický hrad or Liptovský Starý hrad) is a ruin of a castle in the Chočské vrchy, on the Sestrč hill at an altitude of more than 900 m above sea level. m. The remains of the castle are located above the villages of Kalameny and Bukovina. It was the highest castle in Slovakia and was also one of the highest in Central Europe. The castle was built by King Belo IV. and performed a defensive function. It was destroyed several times and subsequently expanded, and later became the seat of Liptov County. In the 15th century, after the suppression of the anti-royal uprising, the castle was conquered by King Matej Korvín, who had it completely destroyed.

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Address vrch Sestrč,
034 82 Kalameny
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GPS N49.14787°
Date of last change 12. 05. 2020
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