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ČIČVA Castle

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Vranov nad Topľou - region: Upper Zemplin

Type of interest: Ruins of castles and forts

Čičva Castla Ruins stand on a hill in Ondavská Highlands above the village Sedliská. The castle was built in the 14th century and became a guard fortress at the "Polish Gate".

It was the centre of the vast estate, which included more than 60 villages. In 1527, during the reign of Drughet family it was a meeting place and headquarters of the archive of Zemplínska stool. In the same year John Zápoľský conquered the castle and set it in fire. During the fire also the archive of Zemplin Stool had burned. However, the castle was renovated and repaired again.

In 1684 it was captured by the Thokoly troops. In 1704 it was seized by troops of Francis II Rákóczi. The damaged parts were repaired and secured the castle. It was until 1711 in the hands of the Rákóczi insurgents. Then Count Francis Barkóci gave it to imperial troops, who put him to demolish.

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Address Sedliská,
094 09 Vranov nad Toplou
Phone +421 915... Show contacts
Phone +421 915 102 117
GPS N48.91438°
Date of last change 20. 05. 2019
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