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Kosice Airport Košice

Kosice Airport

Košice (region: Kosice and surroundings)

Kosice Airport is a public civil airport for domestic and international air traffic. It provides regular and irregular air transport. Immigration and customs control is available 24 hours. The operation is carried out according to the rules and instrument flight rules for visual flights. History Košice airport started to be constructed on the space behind the city district Barca in 1950. Three years later, runway in the length of 2000m and taxiways were put into operation. In 1954 first part of the building for passengers, hangar later tower for air traffic control were built. In the...

Airport Bratislava (BTS) Bratislava

Airport Bratislava (BTS)

Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

M. R. Štefánik Airport is the international airport of Slovakia. The airport lies 9 km from the city centre and is very easy to access. Bratislava Airport contains elements of modern transport infrastructure, which offer not only technologically advance capacities for airline companies but also pleasant, customer orientated surrounding for the passengers.

Poprad-Tatry Airport Poprad

Poprad-Tatry Airport

Poprad (region: High Tatras)

Poprad-Tatry international airport (718 metres above sea level) is all year round visited by private and business flights, mainly from Germany, France, Belgium and Austria, as well as aeroclubs and flight training schools. Thanks to the geographical location Poprad-Tatry airport has got excellent weather conditions, it is often above fog layer and therefore utilized by diverting planes formerly heading to Košice, Sliač, Žilina or even to Bratislava as an alternate airport. The airport is surrounded by beautiful nature (four National Parks are in the vicinity), mountain creeks and lakes, caves,...

Zilina Airport Dolný Hričov

Zilina Airport

Dolný Hričov (area: Maple Mountains, region: Upper Povazie)

The Žilina airport is a public international airport for the air transport. It serves for the region of northwest Slovakia with approximately 1,2 mil. inhabitants. The airport Žilina is used for the air transport of Slovak and foreign companies, flights of firm and private aeroplanes, flight training and sport flying, air ambulance flights, special flight works and activity of the Slovak republic Army. Business usage, providing of operation services and technical handling of the Žilina airport are realised by the Airport company Žilina, company limited by shares, which is an operator of...

Bratislava Train station - Main station Bratislava

Bratislava Train station - Main station

Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Bratislava Main Station is a major railway station in Bratislava and you can find it on the border of Old Town (Staré Mesto) and New Town (Nové Mesto), which are the parts of the city. The station is located on the forecourt square (Predstaničné námestie), a street leading to the station, which is connected to Šancová Street. If you are coming to Bratislava by train, it may be convenient for you to stay as close to Bratislava main station. You will find accommodation facilities around stations and other accommodation in Bratislava.

Funicular Stary Smokovec - Hrebienok Starý Smokovec

Funicular Stary Smokovec - Hrebienok

Starý Smokovec (area: Hrebienok, region: High Tatras)

The new funicular from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok facilitates transport for tourists since December 2007 when its operation was launched and replaced an older lift. Approximately five to ten minutes for you to lift exports to Hrebienok altitude over 1200 m above sea level. The funicular runs every half hour.

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