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Airport Golf Club Šurany

Airport Golf Club

Šurany (area: Thermal bath Podhajska, region: Lower Nitra )

Airport golf academy was built near Šurany on an area of 8 hectares. It is the first golf club in the Nitra region. The golf resort features a full 9-hole course, par 35 with a length of 2,500 metres, the new covered and lighted driving range with a length of 220 m, chipping area and putting green. Each season on the field several golf events and tournaments are held here. So do not miss the best golf experience. After a game of golf, you can relax in the comfort of a newly renovated clubhouse with 70 seats, where you will be greeted by a friendly helpful staff. From here you will enjoy...

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Distance: 11.26kmTermálne kúpalisko TVRDOŠOVCE Tvrdošovce

Termálne kúpalisko TVRDOŠOVCE

Tvrdošovce (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

You can also find the thermal swimming pool in the village of Tvrdošovce, which is situated in the south of Western Slovakia. Since the village is located in the Danubian lowlands, its surroundings are flat. It is located 12 km north of the district town of Nové Zámky, towards the town of Šaľa. The area of the Tvrdošovce thermal swimming pool offers two pools - one swimming pool and one children's pool. There is a possibility of refreshments, you can rent a deck chair, but also wardrobes....

Distance: 13.96kmEMIL TATARKA Thermal baths Nové Zámky

EMIL TATARKA Thermal baths

Nové Zámky (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

Emil Tatárik's Thermal baths in Nové Zámky offers its visitors a varied offer of leisure opportunities on an area of ​​approximately 8 ha. The thermal swimming pool is located on the outskirts of the town of Nové Zámky in the southern part of western Slovakia. Thermal water springing from a borehole from a depth of 1506 m contains little sediment - sand. Water is of low hardness, high mineralization, hydrocarbon character with iodine content. The entrance to the complex is via a wooden...

Distance: 15.95kmThermal Spa in Podhajska Podhájska

Thermal Spa in Podhajska

Podhájska (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

This popular thermal spa is called a small Slovak sea. Its thermal water is salty and has miraculous healthy effects to rheumatism, arthritis, back pains, joints diseases, vascular system, eczemas, diseases of bronchial tube and respiratory system. It contains sulphates, lithium, iodides, bromides, calcium compounds and beneficially affects to after-treatment procedures of fractures, reduces pains and stimulates thyroid gland. Spa resort in Podhajska is suitable for weekly stays, package tours,...

Distance: 16.10kmAdventure MINIGOLF Podhájska Podhájska

Adventure MINIGOLF Podhájska

Podhájska (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

The 9-hole Adventure Minigolf Podhájska course can be found on Senčianská Street 2/130 in Podhájska. The attraction is suitable for all ages - children, youth, adults and seniors. If you come on holiday to Podhájská, be sure to try this game and have fun in a pleasant environment.

Distance: 16.19kmFarmhouse BRANOVO Dvory nad Žitavou

Farmhouse BRANOVO

Dvory nad Žitavou (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

The Gazdovský dvor Branovo complex, located near the village of Dvory nad Žitavom in the district of Nové Zámky in South Slovakia, is focused on agrotourism, a narrower form of rural tourism. It offers visitors and tourists the opportunity to spend their free time in a rural environment that will surely be enjoyed by animal lovers. Furthermore, it offers local gastronomic specialties, agricultural products such as goat and sheep cheese, and the possibility of organizing events for schools in...

Distance: 16.98kmThermalPark Nitrava Poľný Kesov

ThermalPark Nitrava

Poľný Kesov (region: Lower Nitra , District: Nitra)

Open all year round Thermalpark Nitrava is located near the city of Nitra in the village of Polny Kesov. Pleasant environment area full of trees and greenery is waiting for visitors. Beneficial thermal water is a few chlorinated. Its often-replacement guarantees minimum contamination. The water has a beneficial effect on the locomotor’s system, central nervous system, the regeneration of joints, rheumatism and post-traumatic conditions. Modern swimming pool hall offers several types of pools: Adventure...

Distance: 17.36kmEducational trail Trávnica Trávnica

Educational trail Trávnica

Trávnica (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

The educational trail "History and present of the village Trávnica" is situated in the urban area and in the area of ​​the village Trávnica. The walkway will take you through 24 stops equipped with information panels. Thematically, it focuses on the historical, natural and contemporary attractions of the village Trávnica. Undoubtedly, the attractions include four mansions, parks, two ponds and many other attractions of the village. The terrain is undemanding and is suitable for hiking,...

Distance: 21.38kmRanch TRILOBIT Čechy


Čechy (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

Distance: 21.49kmSki area PALLAG Čechy

Ski area PALLAG

Čechy (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nové Zámky)

Distance: 26.49kmThermal Nesvady Nesvady

Thermal Nesvady

Nesvady (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

Thermal Nesvady is located in Nesvady in the district of Komárno in the Danubian Lowland in southwestern Slovakia. Nové Zámky is 9 km from the thermal swimming pool, and Komárno is 23 km away. Geothermal water in Nesvady with its composition and properties have a positive effect on the human body, especially on the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, skin and to strengthen the immune system. The thermal pool has 4 year-round pools and two more during the summer season.

Distance: 31.48kmWATERMILL KOLÁROVO Kolárovo


Kolárovo (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

Natural camp has already been predestined for its location for the most various activities. It is situated in the closeness of the town Kolárovo /ap. 500 meters ../ on the east border of „Rie island„. Natural camp lies on the foreland, which borders are formed by Small Danube and Váh from one side and by dried arm of Small Danube from other side. Since a half of the 15 th century belongs to the unthinkable part of the territory a Castle of peace its rummage /ground wall/ has been well...

Distance: 32.72kmObservatory Hurbanovo Hurbanovo

Observatory Hurbanovo

Hurbanovo (region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

To a lot of institutions in our country which have important place in the history of scientific culture not only on our territory, but au over the world, belongs also the Observatory in Hurbanovo. It was founded in the second half of the 19 century and its uninterrupted activity till nowadays, has significantly intervened in the lives of several generations. It‘s observational activity, production of the new cosmic notions, their popularization, has always served to the development of practical...

Distance: 33.17kmKalvária Nitra


Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nitra)

Distance: 34.24kmObservatory Nitra Nitra

Observatory Nitra

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nitra)

Distance: 34.38kmAgrokomplex Nitra Nitra

Agrokomplex Nitra

Nitra (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Lower Nitra , District: Nitra)