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Smrdáky (region: Zahorie, District: Senica)

Spa Smrdáky is 80 km northwest of the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava. The medical resort specializes mainly in treatment of skin diseases combined with diseases of musculoskeletal system using the unique natural sources - sulphurous mud and hydrogen sulphide mineral water, what you cannot find anywhere else in the world. It contains up to 680 mg hydrogen sulfide per litre and it is used to recover the body and helps in treating not only skin diseases. Hydrogen sulphide mineral...

Dermatological diseasesJoint diseases

Property type: Spas

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Health Spa Piestany

Piešťany (area: Považský Inovec, region: Lower Povazie, District: Piešťany)

Piestany Health Spa is specializing in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as bones, joints, muscles and connective tissue, as well as central and peripheral nerves, without which it is impossible to control motor functions. The main objective of treatments is especially restoring motor functions of complex musculoskeletal system. Medical Spa in Piešťany offers more than 60 different therapeutic treatments and methodologies. The basis consist of the treatments using...

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Hotel PARK Piešťany

Piešťany (area: Považský Inovec, region: Lower Povazie, District: Piešťany)

Located in the famous spa town of Piestany, Hotel Park, in addition to accommodation, also offers spa treatment services. The city is situated in western Slovakia, from Bratislava it is 80 km away. Spa treatment in Piestany using thermal mineral water with high sulphur content focuses on treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Hotel Park Piestany, as non-state outpatient health facility, comes with medical rehabilitation, balneology and physiotherapy. Hotel's doctor who is on weekdays...

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Hotel Magnólia - Medical & Rehamed Centrum

Piešťany (area: Považský Inovec, region: Lower Povazie, District: Piešťany)

Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation clinic focusing on diagnostics in the field of rehabilitation for musculoskeletal disorders provides medical rehabilitation using a range of specialized manual medicine methods, physical therapy for diseases of the joint-muscular system (painful muscular insertions, joint inflammations, arthrosis, traumatic injuries) joints and muscles), spine disorders, preoperative and postoperative conditions, and kinesiotherapy focusing on functional muscle disorders. Among...

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Piešťany - Banka (area: Považský Inovec, region: Lower Povazie, District: Piešťany)

Hotel Harmonia *** on the bank of Sĺňava reservoir near the town of Piestany offers besides accommodation also medical services in the hotel's relaxation centre. It is located in a quiet relaxing area surrounded by a small park belonging to the village Banka. From Piestany's town centre it is 2 km away. Wide range of treatments in its Relax area includes various massages, such as classical, reflex or lymph drainage massage. There are herbal, peat or even cinnamon wrap. Furthermore, you...