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Jasov (area: Slovak Karst, region: Kosice and surroundings)

Jasovská Cave is located in the Medzev Upland in the western part of the Košice Basin. The cave became the first show cave in Slovakia in 1846, however the upper parts had been known as early as the 13th century and the inscription from 1452, which records the victory of Ján Jiskra’s from Brandýs military force, represents the oldest written mention in Slovak caves. It is located on the most eastern projection of the Slovak Karst, in the Medzev Upland close to the eastern edge of the Jasovská Plateau, on the western side of the Jasov village. The lower entrance to cave is on the right...

Gombasecká cave Slavec

Gombasecká cave

Slavec (area: Slovak Karst, region: Gemer)

It is located between Rožňava and Plešivec in the Slovak Karst National Park and Biospheric Reserve. Dominant elements in the Gombasecká Cave are thin and hollow straw stalactites reaching the maximum length of about 3m and in some places they are so dense that they remind a stone rain. It is situated on the western foothill of the Silická Plateau in the Slovak Karst National Park. Cave entrance is located 11 m above the Black Resurgence  at elevation of 250 m above the sea. The cave is located 10 km southerly from Rožňava, on the left hand side of the Slaná River canyon, between Rožňava...



Dlhá Ves (area: Slovak Karst, region: Gemer)

Close to the state boundary with Hungary there is the Domica Cave, forming a single genetic unit with the Hungarian Baradla Cave. Except for the typical flowstone shields, drums and rimstone lakes, the visitors admire underground boat ride on the Styx River. Located on the south-western edge of the Silická Plateau in the Slovak Karst National Park, 10 km to the south-east from Plešivec (village between Rožňava and Tornaľa), close to the state border with Hungary. Cave entrance is on the southern foothill of Domica Hill at elevation of 339 m. The short tour is 780 m long, the long tour (without...