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HINT Sunny Lakes Senec Senec

Sunny Lakes Senec

Senec (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Sunny Lakes Resort in Senec are among the most visited summer resorts in Slovakia. The area, which is divided into northern and southern bank of the lake, is located approximately 25 km from Bratislava. The lake is about 2,200 long, the average width is about 400 m and its area is 100 ha. Visitors will find great opportunities for accommodation, which is providing by hotels, pensions, various cottages, as well as campsites. For lovers of sport activities there in addition to swimming are available beach-volleyball court, tennis courts, sport equipment rental, playground, and football field with...

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Distance: 22.14kmZLATÉ PIESKY Bratislava


Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings, District: Bratislava)

The Area of Zlate Piesky (Golden sands) is the largest recreational and sporting resort in Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. It is located on the north-eastern outskirts of the city, near the main highway to Zilina. The Bratislava region has very good climatic conditions for summer recreation. In addition to recreational and sporting facilities, this location offers a wide range of possibilities for social and cultural activities. Zlate Piesky is a lake that is used as a natural swimming pool...

Distance: 38.91kmOREŠIANSKA RESERVOIR Smolenice


Smolenice (region: Lower Povazie, District: )

Distance: 41.43kmKráľová Reservoir Šoporňa

Kráľová Reservoir

Šoporňa (region: Lower Povazie, District: Galanta)

The Kráľová water dam, built on the Váh river, provides opportunities for windsurfing, yachting and water skiing, as well as recreational fishing. The Kráľová waterworks, also called Cascades, is located between Sereď and Šaľa on the river kilometer 44.2–78.6. The work was completed in 1985 for the purpose of energy use of Váh, flood protection of the adjacent area, for the extraction of gravel, as a reservoir of irrigation water, for navigating the section of Váh, for fish farming...

Distance: 48.11kmRESERVOIR BUKOVÁ Buková


Buková (region: Lower Povazie, District: )