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Ruská Nová Ves, ruins of castles and forts

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Zbojnícky Castle Ruská Nová Ves

Zbojnícky Castle

Ruská Nová Ves (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

The remains of the ruins of Zbojnícký hrad or Soľnohrad are located in Slanské vrchy at the western foot of Tri chotáre hill in the cadastre of Ruská Nová Ves. The castle was probably built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries and was accessible only from the east. The remains of the stone castle are on a rocky ridge measuring 45x35 m, which has steep slopes on the north, south and west sides. Its descent to the east created two natural terraces during the construction of the castle. The upper castle on the edges of the rock plateau was protected by a stone perimeter fortification,...

Find Ruins of castles and forts in the surrounding area of Ruská Nová Ves:

Distance: 11.77kmKAPI CASTLE Kapušany


Kapušany (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Kapušiansky castle is the ruins of the castle above the village Kapušany, over the road to the town of Bardejov and is situated on a rocky outcrop of Zámčisko hill. The castle was built in the 13th century on a steep hill, on the site of an old Slavic settlement. The castle was supposed to protect the royal road leading from Prešov to the north. Its first owner was the genus Moglód. In 1312, during the fighting between Karol Robert and Csák Máté destroyed the castle. Around 1410 it got...

Distance: 18.70kmObišovce Castle Obišovce

Obišovce Castle

Obišovce (region: Saris, District: Košice)

The ruins of Obišov Castle are situated on a rocky hill 360 meters high, in the village of Obišovce, north of the city of Košice. Nearby is the confluence of the rivers Hornád and Svinka. The Abovci had a fortress built on the site of the castle in the 13th century. From the former marching castle you can only see the foundations today. The castle can be reached from the village of Obišovce in about 15 to 20 minutes on foot. At present, in 2019, the ruins are being reconstructed.

Distance: 18.70kmŠARIŠ CASTLE Veľký Šariš


Veľký Šariš (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Distance: 42.48kmČIČVA Castle Vranov nad Topľou

ČIČVA Castle

Vranov nad Topľou (region: Upper Zemplin, District: Vranov nad Topľou)

Čičva Castla Ruins stand on a hill in Ondavská Highlands above the village Sedliská. The castle was built in the 14th century and became a guard fortress at the "Polish Gate". It was the centre of the vast estate, which included more than 60 villages. In 1527, during the reign of Drughet family it was a meeting place and headquarters of the archive of Zemplínska stool. In the same year John Zápoľský conquered the castle and set it in fire. During the fire also the archive of...

Distance: 46.37kmRuins of Bačkov Castle  Bačkov

Ruins of Bačkov Castle

Bačkov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Lower Zemplin, District: Trebišov)

The ruins of Bačkov Castle are located near the present-day village of Bačkov under the ruins of the manor house. The village is located 8 km behind the Dargovsky Pass, 5 km from Sečovce. The now defunct castle was built directly in the village at the beginning of the 14th century. After losing the battle, the original landowners of Bačkov lost their property by confiscation and the new owners built a new castle in the village of Bačkov. The first known owner and probably also the founder of...

Distance: 48.09kmKAMENICA Castle Kamenica


Kamenica (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Sabinov)

Distance: 51.94kmBrekov Castle Strážske

Brekov Castle

Strážske (area: Vihorlat Mountains, region: Upper Zemplin, District: Humenné)

Brekov Castle was a medieval castle whose ruins can be easily seen from afar when travelling between Strážske and Humenné. It was built in the Middle Ages as a guard castle, along with other nearby castles - Jasenov, Vinné, Čičava. They were built in the 13th century and belonged to the system of castles in Hungary - Poland route. In the first half of the 15th century its walls were strengthened and shortly afterwards the castle played a significant role in internal political fights, especially...

Distance: 53.76kmSLANEC CASTLE Slanec


Slanec (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Kosice and surroundings, District: Košice)

Distance: 57.22kmZBOROV CASTLE Zborov


Zborov (region: Saris, District: Bardejov)

Ruins of Zborov Castle (Zborovský hrad, also called Makovica) are situated near the village of Zborov in East Slovakia. The oldest written mention of the castle comes from the 13th century but older fortification had existed before.

Distance: 60.01kmJASENOV CASTLE Humenné


Humenné (region: Upper Zemplin, District: )

Distance: 63.48kmPLAVEČ Castle Plaveč


Plaveč (region: Saris, District: Stará Ľubovňa)