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Sokolia dolina Spišské Tomášovce

Sokolia dolina

Spišské Tomášovce (area: Čingov, region: Spis)

Sokolia Valley, interesting also because it is the largest waterfall (75 meters high Veil Waterfall), the Slovak Paradise, is also called the wildest distress of this national park. The gorge is accessible by the yellow tourist trail from the Tomášovská Belá valley. While passing through the valley, tourists can also see the Side, Rock and Vyšný waterfall, where you can climb with ladders, bridges and belay chains. The hiking trail through Sokolia Valley will be a stunning experience and leave you with unforgettable memories.



Spišské Tomášovce (area: Čingov, region: Spis)

The Tomášovský View is a terraced rocky outcrop located on the northern edge of the Slovak Paradise National Park. It offers a beautiful view of the valley of the White Stream, the Prielom Hornad, the Devil's Hall and in good weather also the High Tatras. Tomášovský's view is formed by a continuous rock, which, thanks to its width, achieves respectable dimensions. In the Slovak Paradise, Tomášovský View is one of the most visited parts of the National Park. It is a popular climbing area.