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PLAZA BEACH Resort Solivar Prešov

PLAZA BEACH Resort Solivar

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

Exotic Summer Pool Plaza Beach Resort can be found in the town of Presov on Solivar. The area features several swimming pools. There is double-lagoon pool for adults with a maximum depth of 1.90 meters. For children there is a children's pool with rock castle, cave, water cannons and slides. Both pools are disinfected with salt. Swimmers may enjoy swimming pool (dimensions 25 x 12.5 m) with a maximum water depth of 1.80 m with a four-digit lane and landing pool (depth 0.90 m). Each visitor gets a lounger and sun umbrella in the zones with umbrellas. The area comes with a landlocked lighthouse...

Aquapark Prešov Delňa Prešov

Aquapark Prešov Delňa

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

Open all year round indoor water park Delňa Prešov offers many attractions and pools including pool for children, swimming and sitting pool, as well as Jacuzzis and water slides. The complex features 1500 square meters of water surface. The length of water slide is 100 m and 30 m. The swimming pool is 25 m in length and 8 m in width. There are also water attractions as waterfalls, jets and breakwaters. The water park comes also with a wellness area, restaurant, terrace and bar. Water temperature Relaxing pool 30°C Swimming pool 27°C Jacuzzis 36°C Children's...

Ruins of Bačkov Castle  Bačkov

Ruins of Bačkov Castle

Bačkov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Lower Zemplin)

The ruins of Bačkov Castle are located near the present-day village of Bačkov under the ruins of the manor house. The village is located 8 km behind the Dargovsky Pass, 5 km from Sečovce. The now defunct castle was built directly in the village at the beginning of the 14th century. After losing the battle, the original landowners of Bačkov lost their property by confiscation and the new owners built a new castle in the village of Bačkov. The first known owner and probably also the founder of Bačkov was Miko resp. Mick (o). In the 18th century, Baček was owned by the Fischer family, the Semer...

Observatory and planetarium in Prešov Prešov

Observatory and planetarium in Prešov

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

Observatory and planetarium in Prešov is engaged in popularization of astronomy and related scientific branches. The activity concentrates on students and schoolmasters of all kinds school, nursery-age children and various interest groups as well as individuals from the rank of general public. The scientific and educational programs centre on observation of solar photosfere. Interesting, sometimes almost untraditional views on the Universe, stellar sky and our and Earth are presented to the public in the form of audiovizual programs in the planetarium and lecture hall, videoprojetions, exhibitions,...



Kapušany (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

Kapušiansky castle is the ruins of the castle above the village Kapušany, over the road to the town of Bardejov and is situated on a rocky outcrop of Zámčisko hill. The castle was built in the 13th century on a steep hill, on the site of an old Slavic settlement. The castle was supposed to protect the royal road leading from Prešov to the north. Its first owner was the genus Moglód. In 1312, during the fighting between Karol Robert and Csák Máté destroyed the castle. Around 1410 it got Andrej Kappy, who built a new fortified building. Due to the danger of Turkish invasions, the castle...

Ski area Zámutov Zámutov

Ski area Zámutov

Zámutov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Upper Zemplin)



Slanec (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Kosice and surroundings)

Slovak opal mines  Zámutov

Slovak opal mines

Zámutov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Upper Zemplin)

Slovak opal mines can be found in eastern Slovakia on the territory of Slanské vrchy. They are situated 20 km southeast of Prešov, between the villages of Červenica and Zlatá Baňa. Opal mines have been known around the world since the 16th century. The largest opal called Harlequin was found in 1775 in a stream in the village of Červenica. Its weight is almost 600 grams. It is currently housed in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. The golden age of opal mines near the village of Červenica today is reminiscent of the reconstructed entrance to the tunnel. Slovak opal is stored in...

Zbojnícky Castle Ruská Nová Ves

Zbojnícky Castle

Ruská Nová Ves (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris)

The remains of the ruins of Zbojnícký hrad or Soľnohrad are located in Slanské vrchy at the western foot of Tri chotáre hill in the cadastre of Ruská Nová Ves. The castle was probably built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries and was accessible only from the east. The remains of the stone castle are on a rocky ridge measuring 45x35 m, which has steep slopes on the north, south and west sides. Its descent to the east created two natural terraces during the construction of the castle. The upper castle on the edges of the rock plateau was protected by a stone perimeter fortification,...

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